Watch the NVIDIA SHIELD get blown up in this unique “tear down” [VIDEO]

While we’ve already gotten a look at a traditional teardown of the NVIDIA SHIELD before, there’s nothing quite like the one NVIDIA’s put together for themselves. The chipset vendor took it upon themselves to hire a few guys to blow up their NVIDIA Shield gaming handheld, the Android-based wonder that we reviewed not too long ago.

The deed was done starting with a hardcore drill, but that thing was only used to make a hole big enough to fit a small explosive inside. The crew lit the thing and captured the entire affair using a slow motion camera.

I was expecting a mess, but they were actually able to identify several of the tiny components that make up the SHIELD as they floated in mid-air. Not only is it destructive, but it’s educational — what more could you want?! Set aside a couple of minutes and watch the exciting video above.

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  • Steven Cannan


  • aeok18109

    lmfao that thing went everywhere

  • Alan Shearer

    You made me cry!!!

    Awesome vid, always fun to blow things up!!


  • Roaduardo

    The subtle crotch shot and his reaction was priceless.


    This is so evil…Just like the guys that torture cats.