Lookout and Samsung partner up to provide secure devices


The main area folks say Android needs to improve in is security, something that’s been holding the operating system back from being a favorite among the IT departments of the enterprise world. Well, Samsung’s KNOX security suite is getting a bit more bolstered, with Lookout announcing that their own mobile protection package will be offered on phones with Samsung KNOX.

Lookout says they will be wherever KNOX will be. Lookout provides protection against mobile malware threats, and gives users the ability to do things like locate, lock and wipe their devices from remote locations. This all comes with the announcement that Lookout for Business will be expanding soon, with the company looking to invite a great deal of businesses to use Lookout for their BYOD programs to help secure their mobile employees.

It’s not surprising to see these two teaming up, with Lookout becoming a bit of a rock star in this space as of late. It almost seems like the perfect marriage, and it’ll be interesting to see how the two will live happily ever after.

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  • squiddy20

    Oh joy, more (most likely) uninstall-able and undisable-able bloatware…


      Lookout is a great app. I can delete mine at any time, not sure how that will work if it comes prepackaged with the phone. Usually carrier apps are the only ones that are unistallable.

      • The Phenom

        I have it and because I carry the insurance T-mobile bumped me to the premium version.

      • guitarist5122

        any apps that your phone comes preinastalled with are un-deletable

        • guitarist5122

          well, while un-rooted that is

  • rustygh

    One more app to freeze, no worries.

  • The Truth

    While lookout does its job, its a huge resource hog (60+mb!) and ugly. I use prefer Advanced Mobile Care. Its light on resources (~5mb) and looks great.


    Love Lookout, ever since i discovered it years ago, i always download it to my phone when i get a new one.

    • Arieos

      Did it ever find a virus?

      I used to have a virus scanner on my phone but it never found a virus and so far I am doing fine without one.


        never, but it does scan every single app i download before it installs it on my phone.

        • Max

          doesn’t google play do the same thing now? It even says its scanning when i sideload.