Kit Kat 4.4 video pokes fun at Apple’s Jony Ive and nails it

Kit Kat American Android wrapper

We posted this earlier to all our social networks but wanted to circle back and make sure no one missed it. Following Google’s Android 4.4 KitKat announcement came Kit Kat with a tasty announcement of their own. Uploaded today to the official Kit Kat YouTube channel was a funny little video spoof parodying Apple’s painfully over dramatized iPhone/iPad videos.

In typical Jony Ive fashion, Kit Kat’s spokesperson takes you on a tour of KitKat 4.4, covering every ounce of their candy bars in meticulous detail. It’s a jab at Apple for sure, but one that fits in surprisingly well when talking about confections. Kit Kat mentions that their bars come in 2 mega bites, 4 mega bites, or chunky mega bite options — but without expandable SD and removable battery, I’m not so sure I’ll be picking one of these up.

You can watch the full video below and don’t forget to let us know if you think they nailed it, or if the ad fell short.

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  • Jose Antunes

    i was first to comment!!! :D

    • Covert_Death

      I was first to downvote you!!! :D

      • Fel Pe


      • Jose Antunes


      • OtisFeelgood


      • CerealFTW

        goddamn I love the internet

    • Fel Pe

      And I the first to reply :P

  • Fel Pe

    OMG !!! Take that Apple!!!! This is getting more fun every second!! Cant wait to buy a whole lot of kit kat with android logos on it!!!!

    • Roaduardo

      The irony coming from this marketing move is already showing itself. True supporters of Android who may be a bit nuts are already declaring their devotion to a candy bar because of its connection to Android and using this as some kind of one-upmanship to Apple supporters. This, after often criticizing the fierce loyalty of those crazed Apple consumers.

      • ari_free

        but it’s fun!

        • Roaduardo

          Fo sho.

      • Fel Pe

        The devotion is not to the candy bar itself (even tho kit kat has always been my favorite), the devotion is to the fact that Google can use such a candy bar to score big in cash and publicity and it does that mocking Apple at the same time. Thats just genius. Much more Genius than increasing the screen from 3.5″ to 4″ and pretend that this is out of this world…. Now believe me, I wont be forming lines in front of the grocery store to be the first maniac to have the pleasure to open and eat the first kit kat with android logo on it. Nor will I close myself to all the other candy bars out there just because of this partnership between Google and Nestle…

        • Roaduardo

          Lot of people are going to be getting fatter either way… Hehe.

  • ngo93

    Pure. Genius.

  • simpleas

    what da hell… waste of time

    • Jordan Caviness

      what da hell…u are waste of life

    • KrisDiss

      Time and place mate..Time and place..

  • Juan Luis Caloca Silva

    I’m gonna be buying KitKats like crazy!!! xD

  • barondebxl

    Android is awesome. I absolutely love this name!

  • Jordan Caviness

    give me a break of that Kit-Kat Tablet!

  • atomikpunk

    confectionary perfectionary. friggin awesom!

  • CerealFTW

    Just got kit kat on my nexus 4

    • CerealFTW
      • shonangreg

        Nestle and the Mountain View Chocolate Factory, eh?
        I had never understood google’s nickname, till this partnership catalyzed me to look for the answer:
        It is Willy Wonka.

      • Aztec713

        I am so Jealous :(

      • remister

        That’s the Easter Egg. It will make a KitKat appear, ready to eat. I’m all for it.

  • AMbro86

    Kind of funny that I didn’t quite see the parallels to Jony Ive in the Ubuntu Edge video until after I watched this. Now I’m seeing it though and it’s fascinating. Take a look to see what I mean:

    And heeeerreee’s Jony!:

    Maybe it’s just the accent though.

    • John Andrew Stuart

      I watched the video of Jony and as soon as he said “… but for the first time ever, with an increased size of the display…” I couldn’t help but LMAO hahahahaha!

  • donovan shore

    LOL, we going to get a Kit Kat Kang Rom?

  • Peter

    I can’t see the video, there is no link..?

  • kenyee

    Hilarious… Used to love these as a kid.
    When I tried it a year ago, I thought the cookies were soggy and the chocolate wasn’t great. :-P

  • Brian Menius

    I can’t wait to see the Easter egg in Android 4.4. That, and I have to imagine we will be getting a particular new ringtone as well.

  • thatcrazyone


  • John Toxworthy

    Is this any different from Michal Jordan endorsing Nike? Jordan got paid a ton of money to sell shoes and a mountain of shoes sold.

    Android, with 1 billion activations, is contracted to endorse a candy bar. Vintage Jordan and Android probably have similar global awareness.

    I have always liked Kit Kats and now more so.

  • androidscales

    need a link

  • androidscales
  • xdapao3

    Awesome´╗┐ play on Apple’s cloying advertising of their software and hardware garbage.

  • hasan

    Really Awsome

  • John

    lmfao that was perfect. Bravo KitKat!

  • delahaya

    “confectionary perfectionary”. lol. love it!

  • CryptoNoel

    Did anyone else notice that that guy is a grown up Charlie Bucket?

  • John Andrew Stuart

    Nailed it!

  • Chris Chavez

    And what kinda name is “Jony” anyway? Get outta here with that mess, man. It’s Johnny. Your name is Johnny, Jony.

  • CalypsoArt

    I for one will refer to the OS as 4.4. I will not be manipulated into being an add for Nestle every time I discuss my phone. The money that changed hands was between Nestle and Google. None of it ends up in my hands. I will not work for free.

    • Google_Is_The_Higgs_Boson

      Call it 2K…

  • KyleRay

    SONY……. I mean JONY IVE invented EVERYTHING and Steve just stole the credit is probably seething with anger and about to blow his own arrogant head off, after viewing this!!! ;-P