Use the “Call My DROID” command with Verizon’s latest DROID phones to locate them [VIDEO]

One of the cooler things Verizon and Motorola were able to add thanks to the advent of the “always listening” nature of the latest Motorola software is the ability to find your phone using nothing but your voice. I’m sure you’ve come across this problem before: you misplaced your smartphone somewhere in a room or a car, and you just know it’s nearby, but can’t seem to pinpoint where, exactly, you put it.

While tools like the Android device manager make it far easier to ring your phone from a remote location, you won’t always be near a computer to activate that feature. As an alternative, Motorola has implemented a “call my DROID” command for Verizon’s latest DROID phones — the Ultra, MAXX, and Mini — that you can issue after activating the phone’s touchless controls using the “OK Google Now” command.

The phone will let out a loud, continuous ringtone and show a cool DROID-esque animation until you tell it to stop. It’s one of those small things that you probably don’t think you’d ever need, but will ultimately prove invaluable once the need to use it arises. Go ahead and watch our quick video showing off the feature above.

PS: we’re not sure if there’s a similar command for Moto X devices, but we’ll be looking to find out. In the meantime, let us know of any more Motorola-specific commands you may have found either on the Moto X or the latest DROID devices.

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  • Jerel Butler

    he loves his motorola phones

    • Quentyn Kennemer

      I was once accused of being a Samsung fanboy (I had only owned one Samsung phone at the time). I’ve owned phones from all the major manufacturers. I love all my phones.

      • Jerel Butler

        lol I often accused you of such, and will continue to do so. if you ask me doesn’t seem like a bad thing so today you are a motorola fanboy like me, maybe soon an Lg fanboy like me or an htc fanboy like me. when you praise samsung or oppo (which I hope you have used because I want your opinion om it) i will call you out as such….don’t take it personally because i will know the truth

  • PooPooTron

    whats to the senior stop someone else from hijacking your phone with This?

    • Jerel Butler

      your voice?

  • PSarge

    curious….. if you have more than 1 of these in the room (with different owners) will they all ring when you use the command or just yours?

    • dizel123

      Only the ones trained to your voice will go off

      • PSarge

        Ahhh ok good to know. Imagine the chaos otherwise ;)

        • Quentyn Kennemer

          It’s interesting, I actually played this video back with a fan and a TV show blaring in the background, and the video initiated my “OK Google Now” and “Call my DROID” commands on my phone just fine. However, no matter how much my brother-in-law and sister tried to activate my phone using their voices yesterday, they just couldn’t. I didn’t expect the feature to be that accurate.

          • Max Struever

            wow that’s awesome. I was just thinking you could really easily mess with a friend by making their droid go off like that

  • feztheforeigner

    It’s a cool feature but I don’t get why it’s a Verizon exclusive…

    • tomn1ce

      Maybe because Motorola built this into the new Droids with their X8 soc…I’m wondering if the Moto X has this as well…

  • CerealFTW

    cool feature and all but why does moto get love for added features but others’ features get downplayed? if I wanted features id go with the gs4 imo btw is the always listening feature a battery hog?

    • Quentyn Kennemer

      Not a battery hog at all.

      • ITCanWork

        Because Moto X’s cpu chip is designed that way. You cant get this feature from a simple app, it will kill your battery. Only Moto X has this feature hardware built in

  • chumawumba

    Google servers always listening? NO THANKS!

    • ITCanWork

      if you think google servers are decoding the microphone on your phone 24/7, you’re dumb. and you can install a bandwidith monitor to prove it to yourself.

      • Ruel Smith

        If he thinks Apple is innocent, he’s naive…