[UPDATE] Verizon Moto X now available online for $200; use these coupon codes to get a $60 discount

Moto X gaming performance DSC00728

Just as we were told to expect, Verizon’s Motorola Moto X is now available for purchase in the carrier’s online store. Their version will run folks $200 after signing a new two-year contract, bringing folks a made-in-America 4.7-inch 720p device that houses Motorola’s X8 computing system, 2GB of RAM, a 10 megapixel RGBC camera sensor, Android 4.2.2 and more. The Moto X touts unique features such as touchless controls and active notifications, among others.

Of course, Verizon consumers will not have the fortunate opportunity to customize their Moto X through the Moto Maker, a feature that is currently exclusive to AT&T. With that, folks should know that this version of the Moto X will come in 16GB flavoring — nothing more, nothing less. Also, color options are predictably limited to black and white, for now.

To make the deal even sweeter, you can knock another $60 off the price of the Moto X using Verizon coupon codesĀ FIFTYRMN andĀ VERIZON30. Seems pretty reasonable to me. Unfortunately Verizon still doesn’t have these in-store yet, so if you need to check the Moto X out in person before pulling the trigger you’ll need to head to an AT&T store and give one of their models a run. Read our review, make your mind up, and head to Verizon’s website to place your order if you’re interested.

[Update]: The device has been taken down from Verizon’s site for some reason. The front-page banner still shows a link to a page where the Moto X is supposed to be, but the Moto X page itself is gone. Odd. We’ll be trying to figure out why.

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  • MooseCat

    $140 for the 16gb version isn’t too bad. Then again, I’m holding out for the dev version or one with a bamboo back so I’ll be waiting a bit longer.

    • Chris Cosgrove

      I’m waiting for the wood backs as well. Moto Maker better have Verizon support soon!

  • Peter

    2 year contract
    IHow is this a sweet deal?
    Only in America lol

    • NYCHitman1

      Don’t Canadian providers have 3-yr contracts? Lol.

      • blest

        With lower upfront costs for a midrange phone

        • TalkingMoose

          Lower upfront costs because they have another year to leech out the difference from you.

  • Tim Kirkpatrick

    I almost got excited. My wife would love this phone, but I’m not going to be stuck with Verizon for another 2 years. (Or pay over $300) I’m still waiting to see what Google announces for the next Nexus. I have the Nexus 4, and love it, but my wife needs more battery. She forgets to charge her phone quite often…

    • rabidhunter

      DROID Maxx? 48 hour battery life, all the tricks of the Moto X, 32 GB memory and wireless charger.

      • Tim Kirkpatrick

        She currently has the Droid razr maxx, and likes it, but the contract with Verizon is up in February. I’m parting ways with Verizon no matter what.

        • https://plus.google.com/108596272537415356460/posts Jason Farrell

          Seems like a lot of people are ditching the Big Three ripoff carriers for T-Mobile lately… (I only assume t-mobile, since you mentioned nexus4)…

          • Big_EZ

            I hope the onslaught of new customers helps them expand coverage. T-Mobile is were I want to go in a few years when Verizon kicks me off unlimited data.

          • Kaden Liem

            I just moved from Verizon to TMobile. With 4 lines all with unlimited everything and 4 brand new galaxy s4’s on the jump program I am saving a hundred bucks a month from Verizon and that was just for their service!

      • domatau

        what we need is a moto x maxx

        • jenn loren

          what would be the dif. btwn a droid maxx and a moto maxx?

  • CerealFTW

    assembled-in-America* huge difference

    • Chimphappyhour

      Tell that to the car companies. ;)

      • Megatron_Don

        Both of you speak the truth. :-)

    • Covert_Death

      at least its something that creates jobs here in America, i’d take that over what every other manufacturer or something does and just ship it over seas… 3000 jobs is a lot of job growth and the only reason its not MADE in america is because TI dropped out of the chip market so they had to start looking overseas for parts.

  • TalkingMoose

    If an article includes a link to buy a phone, it’s probably a good idea if the link in question points to a website actually has said phone listed…

    • http://www.phandroid.com Quentyn Kennemer

      Well it was working earlier. Can’t blame me for a link going dead.

  • Eric

    I was just at a Verizon store a few minutes ago. They don’t have the devices in store to sell (you can order them there) but they do have fully functional live floor models there to play around with.

  • Covert_Death

    we do have floor models and we also have accessories for the X rolling in.

  • Rob Schoenfeld

    Moto blow it on this one the cost is still to high..

    • Covert_Death

      the cost on EVERY phone is too high… the GS4 costs rougly the same as the motox to manufacturer (regardless of where its made) and they still get away with charging $650 for it… its what OEM’s do

      • Rob Schoenfeld

        Yea but users don’t care about full price. They care about bang for the buck you have a $199 Moto X against a $49 Galaxy S 3 or a $99 Dollar iPhone 5C. What are people going to choose?

        • schitzengigles10

          The moto x. Everyone I know who isn’t a tech geek can’t wait to get their hands on this phone. You lose dude. Customization and optimization beats numbers on a page any day

          • Rob Schoenfeld

            How many people do you know? Rosy Palm’s five friends don’t count.

          • schitzengigles10

            Still more people than you know. Must be lonely in your mother’s basement with only a gs4 to satisfy your urges

          • Rob Schoenfeld

            Actually it’s more mother’s basement. Hello son.. lol

  • http://www.HighResFoto.com/ Mike Wewerka

    Tried to use this, after I had purchased mine online. Called customer support and they said both were for new lines. But since I was patient on the phone, they gave me a $30 credit to my account. Either way, it’s money saved. I’ll take it!

  • http://www.HighResFoto.com/ Mike Wewerka

    Use this link: verizonwireless.com/b2c/device/smartphone/moto-x" rel="nofollow">http://www.verizonwireless.com/b2c/device/smartphone/moto-x

    It works.

  • The_Chief

    I talked to VZW rep at a corporate store not two hours ago who confided that they were expecting Moto X stock to come in “within the next week or two” but that they can’t nail it down for sure because they don’t get many emails from “on high”.

    So there you have it. Quite possibly in store by the middle of September! Hopefully they’ll carry the doggone 32GB model and I’ll pounce.

    Unless the Developer Edition comes out about the same time, then it’s a no-brainer :D

    • Joe C.

      I called my local store around noon and he said they would have the phone in the store tmw the 30th ! We shall see…….

  • dasny97

    haha it was probably taken down after Verizon realized that it hadn’t been out on all other carriers for months yet

  • Darrell

    The delay is more likely to let 14 days pass on anyone who opted for the ultra and maxx on launch day.

  • Kaden

    Just left Verizon for TMobile. Have unlimited data and my family saves 150 a month and we have great coverage.

    • jenn loren

      about to move my sissy from vnz to tmo today! vzn can suck it.

  • Kaden

    The quality of the moto x’s bamboo may be better but I had a real bamboo back for my s4 and it lasted about a week before it cracked for no reason

  • Braylenxoxo

    Beat you to it, just got mine from mefindcoupon.com

  • Quinnux

    Page is back up. Just ordered for an upgrade.

  • OhGodpleaseNooooo

    Coupon codes did not work for me. Ordered the phone anyways.

  • dgarra

    What’s the deal with Verizon’s website not allowing purchase of off contract phones despite listing them as available?