LG G2 soars to the Earth’s stratosphere in a balloon, shows off 13MP camera footage (nobody was hurt)

Yesterday, we showed you guys a product overview video of the upcoming LG G2. The video covered many of the G2’s unique hardware and software features, but for those wanting to see some actual sample footage of the device’s 13MP camera, LG is happy to oblige.

In another video uploaded to YouTube, LG has tied the G2 to a balloon where it was quickly shot down by onlookers the device soared all the way up to the Earth’s stratosphere, taking video and picture samples along the way.

Unlike many smartphone shooters, the G2’s 13MP camera features OIS (optical image stabilizer) for keeping shaky shots nice, smooth, and clear. Just another marketing stunt? You betcha. But at least this time, nobody got hurt

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  • MG83

    I thought of Soarin at Epcot watching this.

  • Roaduardo

    OIS is the tits.

  • simpleas

    I buleeeeveeee i can fly. That space shot was pretty awesome.

  • remister

    So wherever the balloon landed, they got to keep a phone. I hope more of these type of advertising goes out :P

    • Alan Shearer

      They likely had gps tracking software and followed it to where it landed using that (you can get third party apps (or maybe they made one) that allows you to track a phones location from another internet terminal.

    • BrianB

      if u watch the video properly it shows when they pick it up after it landed, right before it shows the footage the phone took

  • lolwut

    Good marketing

    Plus it didn’t make me cringe like Samsung announcements

  • Alan Shearer

    I wanted to see the decent video stream as well :P
    Good job really neat.
    Marketing stunt through and through, but nicely done

  • taz89

    Didn’t Samsung do this with the galaxy s2 while back

  • chumawumba

    I want a new ios 7 be- oops wrong website.

  • guitarist5122

    I guess my g2x wounds haven’t healed. I still wouldn’t touch LG with a 39 1/2 ft pole.

    • Crickerman

      I agree, my worst android experience still belongs to LG….

      • Ulfredsson The Vanquisher

        I’ll bite the curiosity bullet and report back.

      • steveb944

        My worst experience belongs to Galaxy S. To each his own.

        • ari_free

          That’s because you didn’t have a Samsung Behold 2 :)

    • Carlos

      What happened exactly?

  • dhinged

    Great! This will work well when taking pictures from space.

    • ari_free

      What kind of phandroid doesn’t dream of taking pictures from space???

  • mikexilva

    In the end they say low light but unless the sun had aleready set, I don’t see how there can be low light there during the day.

    • Carlos

      Well see , there are these things called clouds, rain, shadows. You should come join the world. It’s a cool place.

  • Carlos

    Ok. I read the issues with the LG G2x or Optimus 2x.

    I think we should give them the benefit of the doubt. Seems like they’ve come a long way, and this phone and the Optimus G Pro have gotten wonderful rebiews, especially the software and how smoothly everything runs

    Look at HTC. They were able to turn their image around, lets give LG a beak. Seems like they’re putting a massive effort into this.

    The Optimus 2x or G2x in the USA, was the total opposite.

    • jnadke

      LG has been terrible at software support in updating their phones to new versions of Android.

      I will not buy one until they demonstrate otherwise.

      • steveb944

        Better get that inexpensive Nexus 4 if you want updates and LG hardware.

      • Carlos

        Well. I guess you can accuse most of them of that. It is Android after all.

        I get an Andriod phone that has the latest OS at the time I buy it. Then I just accept the fact they may never update it.

  • Benjamin Mackie

    Ill be frank, not a fan of LG, but that was an impressive video

    • simpleas

      I wanted to see the video while the phone was free falling

  • John Andrew Stuart

    So what would’ve happened if the balloon and phone accidentally floated into the path of an airplane? O.O

  • Robert Castles

    Nokia has a phone with four times this resolution?

    • ari_free

      yeah, Nokia has great hardware but Windows kills it for them. I’ve been saying all along that a minimalistic UI gives the impression of minimal specs and people aren’t going to pay a lot of money for that.

      It’s the same for Windows 8. Aero may be gaudy but at least it shows off the hardware that people paid good money on. Metro looks like something I had on my Commodore 64!

  • Me

    If I was going to sign a contract this would be the phone I’d get. Unfortunately arthritis runs in my family so Im not big on signing things. Great phone none the less.