Google Hangouts to use VP8 for HD video chats soon

Google Hangouts banner

Not satisfied with the current quality of Google Hangouts? According to GigaOM, things are about to get better really soon. Google is apparently in the process of implementing VP8 encoding for Google Hangouts, which will give Google the flexibility they need to be able to deliver 10-way video calls in HD quality. HD encoding is possible with the current H.264 codec, but the processing power required to facilitate multiple HD streams at the same time isn’t practical for the lightweight experience Google is looking for.

With that, Google is also said to be looking to bring WebRTC support, which is a web standard would allow users to participate in Hangouts without the need to download a browser plugin. We’re not sure how all of this will eventually translate to the mobile side of things, but we’ll definitely be keeping our eyes on Google’s newsroom for any official information in days or weeks to come.

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  • Jon James


  • Weylin

    Sounds like a welcome change. I keep trying to use G+ Hangouts but quality quickly degrades within a call and lag/delay increases. Seems to hog a ton of system resources as the call progresses. I don’t have the same issue with something like Skype. Would love it if this change makes the experience smoother and more consistent.

    • Shane Grimes

      I agree 100 percent! Google needs to improve some things within hangouts. There is just too much lag every time I try to video chat.

    • Chimphappyhour

      Whew! I thought it was my internet or computer mucking things up. Kind of glad to know it isn’t anything on my end.

  • Cesar Ortiz

    Hope they could make MORE visible online/offline status.It is really hard to know when somebody is online or offline…

    • malcmilli

      its so bad

    • Muhammad Ali

      Unfortunately hangouts is barely that kind of service anymore, think whatsapp etc. Though I’d like a clearer distinction of who is using hangouts and who isn’t so I don’t bother sending messages that will never be delivered.

  • Brandon

    More announcement with regards to the future of Google Hangouts and the partnership with Vidyo.

  • mgamerz

    mumble mumble google voice mumble

    • koralroget7yq

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      I agree 100 percent! Google needs to improve some things within hangouts. There is just too much lag every time I try to video chat.

  • JayDelz

    Hey! Now maybe Word and Excel docs will actually be legible when screen-sharing. I believe this is one of the main reasons it’s not more popular with businesses. At least not mine.

  • Cincybearcatfan

    Who cares? Honestly the ONLY thing I care about when it comes to Hangouts is when they will incorporate SMS and MMS. It can’t be that hard. Facebook figured it out, Apple figured it out. Why can’t Google figure it out?