Moto X available from AT&T, create your custom device now


The highly anticipated (and for some disappointing) Moto X is now available from AT&T. This also means exclusive access to Moto Maker is now possible. Your dreams of designing your own smartphone come true today.

One catch: if you want to purchase a custom-built Moto X, you’ll have to visit an AT&T store at one point or another. In a strange twist, customers must complete the purchase in store. Then they will be provided with a code to complete the order online at home (you can also go through the entire process without leaving the store, if preferred).

Motorola’s Moto X is priced at $199 for a 16GB phone. Upgrading to 32GB comes at a price of $249. Planning to buy? Head over to our Moto X forums today for all the latest discussion, and stick around for our full Moto X review coming later today.


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  • supremekizzle


    • David Gray

      I second that…no excitement here. I’ll wait for the Nexus 5 or whatever Google puts out next. If Google would’ve stood behind this Moto X just a lil more it could’ve been so much more popular but most of these young kids don’t even know who Motorola is.

      • Charles Sweeney

        ^^ This

        • IronHorse01

          Is… Spartaaa!

        • Andzzzz

          ^^ that

      • ari_free

        They know what Drrrroid is.

  • Chris McKeever


  • Jason Farrell

    FYI: It’s $580 off-contract.


    • Dregur

      Actually no. I’m buying it because of three things:

      1) Size

      2) Battery Life

      3) Almost stock google

      I already have a Nexus 4, but it IS slower than a Moto X, and the battery life sucks. The Note 3 is gigantic.

    • Brian Menius

      Yeah, or…

      Made in the US, with US labor. While it’s not a spec king, it’s a solid phone for the market. Where I can buy US-made without sacrificing on quality and content of the product, I will. Sorry, ‘murca… I’m just not there with cars yet.

      I’m tempted to bite, but the screen size is just a bit too small for me. I’m coming up on a year with the Note II, though, so it’ll be time to do something soon.

    • Andzzzz

      “Murica”… if you’re trying to be a hipster quoting Bush.

  • spicymeatball

    If I can interact with my phone strictly through voice commands and not having to touch it I think this phone will be a success.

  • Nick

    I think people are still not realizing that this phone was not necessarily to impress, or wow us phone nerds/geeks. To the main consumer, they could care less about processors and the latest android version etc etc. The ability to customize your own phone in this certain way, will attract people. Sure, to me, not crazy about the device. But its not bad in any way, shape, or form.

    • schitzengigles10

      this guy knows what’s goin’ on ^^

    • Fel Pe

      I agree it is not bad in shape or form but charging 199 or 249 on a 2 year contract is way too much for this phone. How can Google charge 350 for the nexus 4 factory unlocked and this is 579? Hmm… the answer comes in 3 letter: ATT. The most greedy cellphone company out there.

  • Tony Lai

    Not online version of designing yourself? Only can it be done in the stores?

    • Jason Sipes

      No, you can design yourself at home, etc. But you must complete the purchase at an ATT store. They will then give you a redemption card to use on the MotoMaker website.

  • chumawumba


    Said no geek ever.

  • Nick

    @schitzengigles not sure if that was sarcasm (not sure why that would be necessary, or needed) I was just stating what seems to be truth….please correct me of I’m wrong. If it wasn’t sarcasm then, thanks:p lol

    • Milan

      I think you were completely correct in your assessment. If you visit this site you are likely not representative of the typical consumer. This is a mass market phone, not a niche enthusiast phone.

    • schitzengigles10

      wasn’t sarcasm at all, I think you’re right. The moto X isn’t competing with the HTC One or Galaxy S4, it has it’s cross hairs set directly on the iPhone and the general populace at large. I think this phone will put a pretty decent dent in Apple’s sales during the Christmas shopping season

    • Andzzzz

      why do you put lol at the end of every statement? Are you really chuckling out loud? Really?

  • Nick

    @milan thanks :) I guess my statement could be pointless to those here on this site. And it could be unnecessary for me to post it here at a place like this haha BUT…everyone is entitled to their opinion and I believe anyone here (or on any site similar to this) should be able to say something without getting trolled hard. People disagree of course tho and trolling will never end lol

    • Andzzzz

      why do you put lol at the end of every statement? Are you really chuckling out loud? Really????

  • reevos7

    Moto x Please come to uk.

    • Andzzzz

      why? underpowered and only ATT sold their soul to customize.

  • Nick

    @andzzz as soon as I mention the word troll….that is what I get…LOL