HTC One to skip Android 4.2.2 in the US, will receive Android 4.3 by Sept (Canada and Droid DNA as well)

HTC One M7 thin case DSC01079

With the HTC One being HTC’s premier flagship device, there’s no questions smartphone maker is doing their best to not only promote the device, but support the device with timely firmware updates. Originally launching with Android 4.1.2, we’ve since seen the device receive updates to Android 4.2.2 in Asia and European markets, but as so often is the case — it seems US One owners are lagging far behind. While this isn’t entirely HTC’s doing, it seems the company is now focused on delivering Android 4.3 to the HTC One US variants, leap frogging over Android 4.2.2 entirely. Can’t say we saw that one coming.

In a statement made on Twitter, HTC’s president of global sales Jason Mackenzie says that all US variants of the HTC One (and even those in Canada) can expect Android 4.3 — the absolute latest version of Android available — to be available before the end of September. What’s more is the HTC DROID DNA will also gets in on the 4.3 action as well. Oh, and for those wondering, it seems the Verizon HTC One will be the only US model to see 4.2.2, coming with the update already ready out of the box.

Mackenzie mentions the motivating factor in this being that Android 4.2.2 was only a “minor” update from 4.1.2, offering only a “limited customer benefit” (something we completely disagree with). Whatever the case, it seems HTC might even get the jump on Samsung, who has yet to reveal any plans to update their current flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S4, to Android 4.3.

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  • troyintn

    I’ll believe it when I see it….

  • Lennatron

    Samsung also failed to reveal plans for their “old” flagships such as the Galaxy S3 and Note 2…

    • DavidVarghese

      It’ll most likely be announced as we get closer to the unveiling of the Note 3

    • simpleas

      Note 2 is gettin klp

  • yankeesrule587

    Now that is what im talking about. I was just mentioning this last night in that article about the Developers ONE leapfrogging to 4.3, that we dont care about the Developers or the GPE, we want it on standard ONEs and now we’re getting it within a month ! Awesome.

  • CerealFTW

    it will release in September… 2016

  • JoeyKhache

    They’ll have the update available at the time but carriers will start their testing phase once its ready, then the waiting game begins for another 6 months, if not longer. Yay!!!(Extreme Sarcasm)

    • mcl630

      For Verizon, 6 months doesn’t sound sarcastic at all.

  • violator702

    The DNA getting 4.3 next month? Someone better tell Verizon that.

    • HeatFan123

      Maybe the original Butterfly will get it way before the DNA?

      • Unknown21

        Maybe, the DNA will get it. December?

  • Kyle Cordiano

    Will the One in the US get KLP. That is the big question. HTC needs to get that sweet pie on this phone if they want continue to have loyal fans.

  • DavidVarghese

    Very nice, since 4.3 isn’t much of a bump from 4.2.2.

    • phatmanXXL [15,500+ posts]

      Battery life is significantly better.

    • phinn

      fstrim alone makes it worth it.

    • Dean Politis

      I am looking forward to Android finally support Bluetooth 4 LE.

  • np6s4x

    makes sense, otherwise it would probably be next summer if ever

  • PooPooTron

    I wonder if Verizon HTC One will launch with 4. 3

    • Butters619

      Oh, and for those wondering, it seems the Verizon HTC One will be the only US model to see 4.2.2, coming with the update already ready out of the box.

      • Dean Politis

        With 4.3 coming six months later!

  • blest

    Oh HTC and their promises lol.

    • KOLIO

      Here’s hoping HTC’s promises are actually worth something,unlike MOTO w/the ATRIX/PHOTON/ELECTRIFY……………….

      • schitzengigles10

        instead of the android updates they’re giving us $100 off a new phone, I fail to see the reason to whine

        • KOLIO

          Speak for yourself,still waiting 3+ months for my rebate,…………..

        • scoter man1

          That’s better than giving someone an update how…? They said they were going to do it, then left us in limbo for a year, then said no. That’s lame AF.

        • Andzzzz

          yeah works wonders when you’re under contract and the $100 expires before that. snoogins

      • Butters619

        Moto has been pretty upfront about updates since Google has taken over. By my god they were awful before that.

        • KOLIO

          Granted,MOTO has improved.Nevertheless,for those of us who had the abovementioned phones,upgrades to 4.0 were part of the sales pitch,posted in black & white on MOTO’s website,only to never see promised upgrades,stuck on GB 2.3.X………….

          So,until we actually see such promised upgrades,a lot of us will continue to be skeptical.

          • Butters619

            I owned the Atrix, but I gave up on it long before they officially announced it wasn’t going to be updated.

          • yankeesrule587

            Thats the point I was trying to make, but i get downvoted.

          • yankeesrule587

            MOTO got to change that horrible MOTO name. This isnt kindergarten. Motorolla is an adult name for an adult company. MOTO sounds like ill be able to drive around the building in a motorized tricycle eating jelly beans while waiting for my pubes to appear.

          • No_Nickname90

            Really? But you’re content with “Google Play Store”? Where’s the complaint about that? MOTO doesn’t sound childish to me. I have neutral thoughts about it actually.

            I still kinda hesitate saying “Google Play Store” in normal conversations, though. And I can’t really say Google Market since it’s not called that anymore.

        • yankeesrule587

          I love how you people are stroking Motorolla. Cant wait till youre waiting for that first update on that mid level Moto X and crying about it.

          • Butters619

            What will be the test is how fast they update the version they will sell through Google Play. You can’t judge an Android OEM by how fast they get updates to Verizon or AT&T phones because those carriers create insane delays.

  • feztheforeigner

    4.2 isn’t big enough to update to but 4.3 is? Really?

    • malcmilli

      i think they are referring to the jump from 4.1 to 4.3 makes it worth it

      • feztheforeigner

        I know, I just thought it was funny that in the same announcement an executive said 4.2 is too small to update to and then announced the 4.3 update

        • casualsuede

          No because ppl will complain right after getting a 4.2 upgrade when they will get 4.3. Why waste time with 4.2 when 4.3 is right around the corner?

  • BigCiX

    Support for my One X just went like this: BOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!

    • Butters619

      I wonder when the US One X will get 4.2.

      • Michael

        4.3 CM is blistering fast on the One X. No more random reboots or heat like with other 3.4 kernel ROMs. No bugs really in the nightlies that are huge issues…

        • Butters619

          Last time I tried to use CM 10.1 (4.2), it was a mess. Crazy battery drain, apps (particularly camera) crashing, tons of random reboots. Granted, that was a several months ago, but it wasn’t stable enough to use for any extended period of time,which was surprising since 4.2 had been out for some time. Perhaps I’ll give 10.2 or 10.1 a try again and see how they are.

          • Michael

            I experienced those issues as well and was on RebelRom until yesterday morning. I haven’t had any camera crashes or random reboots. Battery seems solid . Only bug I’ve seen is Focal pic taken in landscape appear upside down in the gallery.

          • Butters619

            I’ll have to check it out then. After my rough luck with CM 10.1 I went back to Sense based roms. However, unfortunately Scot doesn’t support CleanRom anymore and even ViperXL hasn’t been updated since April, but I’m using Viper because it’s better than the last version of CR.

          • Michael

            Yeah that’s why I was on RebelRom, on the exterior it looked like CM with the Blue in the status bar and CM lockscreen but Sense stability.

      • phinn

        You seem to be laboring under the impression Android devices more than 6 months old actually get support if they aren’t a Nexus.

  • bvoak

    Due to my Rezound hangover….I have my doubts.

    • Andzzzz

      rooted shortly after getting the official ICS update MONTHS later. HTC is horrible.

      • Dean Politis

        I’m sure Verizon also had something to do with this. Verizon can ruin the Android experience like nobody else — just ask their Samsung Galaxy Nexus customers.

    • yankeesrule587

      Your fault for getting a REZOUND

      • Dean Politis

        The Rezound was a great phone. It just needed a more powerful battery.

        • NightAngel79


  • Delmar

    well im jelous …xperia z user here, well at least it was announced

  • master94

    here is hoping its not another htc thunderbolt blunder

  • domatau

    need to take this announcement with huge grain of salt as it’s coming from their head of sales. sales ppl can say all they want but when it comes time to deliver…..

    • phatmanXXL [15,500+ posts]

      ……the pizza is cold

      • toomuchgame441

        Lol u win

  • KamilG

    As much as I love my HTC One, I can’t imagine that it would get a 4.3 update within the next 6 weeks. I hope HTC proves me wrong.

    • Andzzzz

      HTC has a piss poor history of timely updates.

      • yankeesrule587

        When HTC announces an update for a specific phone it does get done in the time frame, or close to it. Only when they dont announce and other phones are getting updates is it slow.

      • phinn

        Yea but in their defense 4.2.2 was almost meaningless. The jump right to 4.3 makes sense if they can do it as soon as they claim.

        • DJ Lawless Oneā„¢

          4.2.2 was buggy crap on the Nexus 7.

      • EarlyMon

        And yet a few years back, it was the other way around – HTC led the industry in timely updates.

        I wonder why that changed??

      • No_Nickname90

        Samsung used to have horrible timely updates. They’ve changed.

        HTC wasn’t so good, apparently. Now they’re trying to change back. Though, I do understand that trust has been lost.

      • Dean Politis

        At this point in time, I would rather have them work on 4.3 than 4.2.2 because it would be several more months before we got 4.3. And by that time, we will be wanting Key Lime Pie.

        • KamilG

          Definitely agree that it is nice to see them at least making the attempt to go ahead and skip 4.2.2. That’s something every company needs to start doing.

    • yankeesrule587

      I have a huge imagination. Im sure it will get done.

  • Philly Jim

    Counting the days…….Simply counting the days , i’ve held off from rooting my One this long i can wait another Month ………..But thats it after September its ROOT ROOT And some more ROOT …….

  • Greg Huddleston

    HTC are a bunch of lying liars when it comes to OS upgrades… As example: my HTC Evo 4G View which they promised at launch was supposed to get OSs upgrades out to Jelly bean and month in they did an about face and reneged on their promise for upgrade when the product didnt make projected monies (sound famillar). Let recent history be your guide here to their honesty level here. Just sayin. //GH

    • VersedNJ

      I think I’d blame the bozo’s who ran Sprint as much if not more then HTC. Carrier phones get upgraded through the carrier.

  • Kmac

    I just can’t wait to get the HTC One! ….*Verizon Customer*

  • Tom mason

    you know what’s funny? when each and everyone of you got your phone it was perfect. Now that there is an update you all act like a bunch of whining babies because you can’t have it right now. Your childish obsessions have turned a good experience into a total cry baby fest. Relax!