New rumored specs for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 include 5.68-inch screen, 3GB of RAM and more


samsung galaxy note 3

It seems like the rumored spec sheet for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 3 changes by the week. Another rumor has made its way through the mill. This time, the folks at SamMobile have it on good authority that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 won’t be a 6-inch device. Instead, it’ll come with a full HD 5.68-inch Super AMOLED display. That’s not a huge distance away from 6 inches, but it’s closer to the 5.5 that Note 2 users are used to.

The device is also said to be coming with 3GB of RAM, which would be unheard of for a smartphone. The device will also be outfitted with the same 13 megapixel camera we’ve seen on the Samsung Galaxy S4 this year.

The leakster actually notes that there is a second device, though the final spec list for it isn’t yet known. The SM-N900, the base model without LTE, will house a 1.8GHz Samsung Exynos Octa-core processor, though word on a processor for the LTE model is not yet known. We should also note that the 3GB of RAM mentioned above is only confirmed for the LTE version of the device. There’s no good reason to believe the base model won’t have 3GB of RAM, but no one can be certain either way.

Finally, the Galaxy Note 3 is said to be coming in storage variants of 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB, though some of these may only be available in certain markets. The 32GB is said to be coming to “most of the market,” which hopefully means it’s the one most carriers and retailers will carry. Oh, and there’s a 3,200 mAh battery inside, which is just a smidgen bigger than the original’s. We have just about three weeks and some change until the unveiling, so it won’t be long until we know exactly what’s up with this thing.

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  1. Best phone of the year 2012-2013. Note 3 will carry on that torch. If Sammy made this alike to the Xperia Z phones (water resistant, dust resistant) and threw in multiple variation of material (Plastic, metal); that would take them even farther than where they are now in the competition.

    Just my 2 cent.

    1. I think we could see a Galaxy Note 3 Active with AT&T though.

      1. It would be nice if they would just make the G-Note 3 water resistance just like the GS4 Active…but with out the physical navigation buttons and just add a dedicated camera button.

    2. Looool dude iPhone 5 was best phone of 2012-2013. Just as usual, iPhone wins.

  2. The phone on the left is supposed to be the note 3? Why the increase of bottom bezel when they decreased it for the note 2?

    1. Pretty sure that’s the Galaxy Mega 6.3

      1. who knows, they all look the same.

        1. yeah like the htc one vs one maxx

          1. Yep just like the one vs the max but those are two devices compared to the galaxy mega 5.8, galaxy mega 6.3, galaxy note 2, galaxy note 3, galaxy s 3 and galaxy s4(and lets face it there are considerably a lot more devices that I didn’t even mention). More than likely I will get the note 3 over the one max being that I am ready for phablet but lets be real about one thing, samsung has rehashed their designs more than most other oem’s out there and no one can deny that.

      2. Looking at the image above it actually looks like it could be the mega 5.8 being that the 6.3 has less bezel at the bottom above the home button compared to the 5.8. This further proves my previous comment that they really all do look the same.

    2. Right. That looks horrible. Hopefully this is an old prototype.

      1. its the freakin galaxy grand or soemthing, one of those big ones, it’s not the note. Quentin tring to be a lil shady lol. No images of Official note 3 is out.

    3. I don’t think that image is the Note 3, perhaps the Mega. They may just want us to believe it is the Note 3, to get a reaction from us. The Note 3 isn’t going to be that much larger that the Note 2.

  3. Last report I read was the battery was going to be 3450 mAh

    1. I read the same.

      1. watch them bless us with 4k mAh lol

    2. Same here

    3. At that size, the battery could be a bit stronger. The battery life will probably go down since it is a full hd display on a bigger screen unless Samsung can use their software optimization to mitigate it.

  4. Fn ridiculous. When will too much be enough? Watch them put a physical button on that biotch thereby not reducing the bezel at all.

    1. The note is for a niche market so it’s not for everyone. If you don’t like it don’t get it, it’s that easy. Please stop bitching about the phone being too big though, there’s so many people that would love a phone with this display. I’m tired of these self-centered people, just get a Moto X, RAZR M, S4 mini, there’s lots of options so there’s no reason to complain.

      1. I agree, and if the screen is supposedly going to be 5.66″, that’s not much of an increase from the Note 2 at all. I don’t care what size it is, I will be getting it…even if it had been a 5.99″ or a 6.3″ screen! The whole point is, it’s a “Phablet”, most people who have the Note 2, love the screen size and wouldn’t mind it even larger.

  5. why do they still put a hard home button on there? and why did these idiots make the button even smaller? It already cramps the sh*t out of my hand any time I try to reach my thumb down to the home button on my note 2… so stupid

    1. Personally, I prefer hard buttons over on-screen. The on-screen buttons take up too much real estate.

      1. Capacitive buttons are the bomb

      2. The on-screen buttons can usually be hidden when it matters most (full-screen video, etc), so it’s mostly a moot point. However, if you’re not running a custom rom that has customizable s/w buttons and an expanded desktop mode w/ pie controls (<3 CM), then there are times where the on-screen buttons could be annoying.

        Hopefully KeyLimePie bakes in some of some of CM's features to make the on-screen nav less obtrusive.

  6. If the bezel is not decreased and the design not updated even the slightest bit, I know myself and others will be disappointed.

    1. Can’t blame ya there. But at least it will be some nice internal upgrades. Seeing as how wonderful the Note 2 is the lack of major design changes the the Note 3 wouldn’t be that terrible.

    2. If you haven’t already noticed, Samsung changes their phone designs every 2 years. (i.e SGS 1&2 = Design 1.0/SGS 3&4 = Design 2.0) and they’ve already confirmed that Design 3.0 will be next year.

  7. Almost certainly upgrading my S3 for this Note 3 beast as soon as the US 4G is available off-contract (t-mobile). I just hope that the “high end” version isn’t ONLY going to be in metal as has been rumored. I want polycarb.

    1. Same here. Retiring my S3 to the wife and getting this beast. Lets hope the US gets the 8-Core that works with Tmo on the newer LTE! Heres also hoping they have a 64GB option

  8. I dunno, my 5.5″ Note 2 is tough to navigate with 1 hand. If that phone in photo really is the Note 3, I’d say it’s too big.

    1. You can navigate 5.5 with one hand? It’s tough for me to navigate 4.5 with one hand. LoL!! I’ve gotten used to using 2 hands.

      1. It requires alot of shifting, and balancing.

        1. oh yes lol i know all about that!

      2. Ummm…come on…how has no one else posted “That’s what she said” yet?!?

        1. wait for it…..

        2. Because wii knew it would bother you. LoL!!

    2. How about 5.7 with a thinner, narrower, lighter phone. Just like S3 versus S4. Even better, Hey.?

      1. If the external dimensions are the same or smaller, I will buy it.

    3. thats the only thing Im concerned about. One handing is a necessity when commuting on the subway here in nyc. 5.7 may just be too much but 3GB of ram sure as hell aint

    4. Good news is that you can buy an alternative in the HTC One Max. The Note II is a good phone for another year anyways. 1.6 GHz quad core processor with 2GB of RAM can certainly work for awhile. And we get Android 5.0 on it when it launches. So hooray for Team Samsung.

    5. That’s not the Note 3, that’s the Mega 6.3. But hopefully they can do like the SGS4 and make it smaller than the previous version.

  9. 3GB of RAM!? Sweet mother of Jesus!! Open ALL the apps!!

    1. I’m sure you will steal it from somebody, n*****!

      1. Pretty gay

  10. Spec whores around the world whip out there e-penix and now suddenly feel bad ass!

    BTW: This will go nicely with my 70″ LED TV, 17″ Asus G74SX Laptop, and my stupid insane water cooled PC! Keeping up with the Jones’s. First world problems are spectacular!

    1. I feel your pain. My phone is only quad core.

      1. Jelly! Mines only a dual-core S3

  11. If its any bigger than the current Note 2 then I wont want it.

    1. Same here. I recently got me a Note II, and it gets difficult to navigate sometimes. I cannot imagine trying to use THAT thing on the left, with 1 hand.

      1. Its almost too big, but I love the big screen, I’m sure they’ll do it like they did the GS4; less phone, more screen.

    2. yup, unless they stick to the same size or have some options im not going any bigger either. It’s the perfect size as it is imho.

    3. You guys can get the HTC One Max then? The Note is not the only deluxe 5+ inch size phone. Albeit, you give up the S-Pen and some nifty TW features.

      1. I have my eyes on the Max too, I’ve read rumors it may also have a stylus.

    4. They managed to make the S4 smaller than the S3, so I don’t see why they wouldn’t be able to do the same with the Note 3.

  12. Why is there a tablet next to that Note 2? LOL

    1. To make it look smaller?

      1. it’s galaxy mega 6.3

        1. More garbage from samsung.

      2. It’s a joke…. did you not see the “LOL”

        1. Oh yea

  13. Whatever the specs, it’ll be my next phone. My gs3 is over a year old. Still works perfect and smooth. I just want something newer.

    1. Me too I will be giving my son my GN2 and get a GN3 and then next year the GN4 :)

    2. Most newer phones are pretty dam smooth regardless.. i’m going off of sexyness. LG G2 looks pretty damn nice

    3. I have a gs3 too. I’m still deciding to upgrade to the lg g2 or moto x.. CHRIS what do you think I should upgrade too? And when will the moto x review come?

      1. The Moto X has a great battery from what I’ve heard. And it seems incredibly fast.

  14. thats not a tablet next to the note phone. its actually a note 2 next to the s3. know what you’re talking about before you speak.

    1. That’s us not as s3 I’ve had one for a fully year now the bezels are more rounder and think

    2. um, it’s note 2 next to galaxy 6.3… and we need more smudges

      1. Actually that is a Chinese phone by the company orient phone…. it’s not the mega I know as I’m typing this message in mine..and I own 2 megas.

  15. Have my Note 2 since November…rooted it within hours after getting it…had a S2 and S3…skipping the S4 to get the Note 3 soon as it hits American soil…No phone right now competes with my Note 2…mine is totally custom runnin an AOSP ROM…or custom TW…its OCD’d @1.92…also running Zero Lemon battery @9300 mah’s…also has a Fly Grip to make it easier to hold…this phone is a Beast…And with what I read about the new Note 3…it will blow the Note 2…Sony and HTC away…and after I’m done moddin it…nuthin will touch it…for awhile…It’ll be the phone of the year and the phone to have…hands down…

    1. I’m glad you’re enthusiastic about your Note 2. I really like what Samsung has done with TouchWiz on the Note series. Not for me, but the Note series has been a huge influence on the market. There’s no denying it. I’m an Android purist myself, but I won’t be surprised if one day stock Android borrows/develops further some features currently exclusive to Samsung’s TouchWiz and Note series.

    2. Ohhhh iv never heard of fly grip until now Thanks! :)
      YES I agree I am in mad love with my note 2!! I’ve had it for 6 months!! I have the a ASOP illusion ROM zero lemon battery with a otter box defender case nodded to fix the zero lemon :) yep not switching unless I can do this all over again with a note 3!! What kernel are you running?

    3. How’s that 9300 mAh battery? Is it one of those batteries that can be problematic like the recent rash of battery fires from non OEM batteries? Is it affordable?

      1. I get around 12 hours of batty screen time on!! So right now I’ve only used 7 hours screen time on 10:26PM and I’m at 50 percent and yes very its only like 43 dollet’s so yes very affordable

      2. Zero Lemon sell quality batteries you noob.

    4. with all of that info given about your custom phone. is it safe to say that you have yet to have sex?

  16. Not enough gained to step away from the note 2, that’s screen and under the hood.

    1. What would be enough? I mean I don’t really care for the Note 3 but those are still some impressive specs so far

      1. I need at least 6 inches full hd and 800 snapdragon, adreno 330 gpu.

        1. oh god lol pick your words better… no man should ever say “I need at least 6 inches” of anything :-)

          1. Wahaha! That’s totally hilarious, dude.

          2. Seriously man… i stopped going to subway because it felt weird saying/hearing 6-inch or footlong lol

        2. That’s what she said

  17. 5.68″ display, stopped reading there. At 6″ I would upgrade, at 5.9″ I would consider it, at 6.1″/6.3″ I would pre-order it the day it launches.
    The Note III was the only present and near-launch smartphone I was interested in to upgrade from my Note II. If these specs are true it looks like I will be waiting for the Note IV or will get something different if something better comes along before the Note IV…

    1. Sounds like you want the Xperia Z Ultra.

      I’m relieved that they’re not making the Note larger. I definitely don’t want a larger phone than my Note 2. It’s right at the limit of being able to handle with one hand for me and it doesn’t feel absurdly large in my pocket or against my face while talking. So I may consider upgrading to the N3 if the overall dimensions are the same or smaller.

      1. “Sounds like you want the Xperia Z Ultra”

        I might if it hadn’t a fucking integrated battery.
        Integrated battery = useless POS.

        1. A maddafukkin intergrated battery. Comon son… it aint that bad

          1. It is.

  18. Worst phone ever!


    1. What does the iPhone being the worst phone have to do with the NOTE lll?

      1. LOL owned

    2. Typical Apple Sheepie. Phones not even here yet but according to you it’s the “Worst Phone Ever”. Go back to sleep sheepie…..

    3. Apple wins.

      1. Not compared to the Note 3, trolling and cloning isn’t going to stop anyone from buying a Note 3.

    4. stop using samsung parts you thief

    5. Like I am going to listen to someone with that screen name

  19. I have a Note 2 and I shouldn’t have upgraded, but I think I made the right choice. This phone is impressive with a 2.3 GHz S800 and 3GB of RAM, but my Note 2 does its job and I am getting a PS4 instead of the latest and great phone, so it’s all good.

    1. Oxymoron, moron. “shouldn’t have, but the right choice”? We want bigger, faster, smarter and sexier. How big is too big? JUST MAKE IT. …….DON’T TELL US, WE’LL TELL YOU!!!!

    2. you waiting for the ps4 eh? you getting it at launch?

  20. The kernel I’m running is the Plasma kernel…

  21. This is a major let down for a lot of us waiting for the note 3…. such a small increase in screen size will be negligible…. As for the specs while good are basically standard to many other phones coming out…. basically this is an updated note 2 without many differences given the real world speed won’t be much different between note 2 and 3…. it’s not like going from note 1 to note 2 where the specs made for a major increase in performance…. The main benefit of note 3 was to be the size and samsung has dropped the ball…for what it’s worth anyone wanting a true tablet phone should look into the mega 6.3 I have a note 2 and bought the i9205 mega and its amazin…. so fast and smooth plus the 6.3 inch screen makes it the absolute best device I’ve ever owned. I haven’t touched my note 2 since I got then mega to the point I actually bought 2 megas…. shame bout the note 3 guess I’ll have to wait for note 4 or even 5 at this rate before well get a true tablet phone with the s pen…. I’ll be sticking with my mega till that happens…. for what it’s worth this is coming from the biggest note fan out there owning note 1 note 2 note 10.1 and note 8

    1. You blabber on too much. Shut up.

      1. Hahaha sorry your both too stupid to comprehend big words….ill talk slowly and deliberately…that means with directed intention so you dont have to look it up lol fools don’t fucking read the comment then duches…easier for your tiny brain to comprehend? Lolol

        1. You need to replace your keyboard. Looks like your shift and period keys are malfunctioning.

          1. Biatch please…you dont deserve to breathe the same air as me………enough periods for you???? Peasent

          2. Everyone disagreed with you and thumbed up my comments, don’t you think you’re the one with the problem?

    2. I stopped reading after the first sentence. Dont buy the device please.

  22. My only concern, given how underwhelmed most were when they released the S4, is that from a design standpoint, we are going to see much of the same. I would love it if Samsung used the Note 3 to usher in a new design model. The nature UI is now over and Life Companion has begun. I really hope Sammy redefine their designs and show us something completely different. I bought the Xperia Z Ultra, design wise LOVE IT. But will also buy the Note 3. If it WOWS me ;)

    1. I agree, but I think the design language is dictated by the S-phones, the true flagship device. I would love to see something new out of the note 3, but I doubt it. Look for the S5 to introduce a new look, that the rest of their phones will emulate design-wise. That being said, I absolutely love my note 2, and I hope there will be some way for me to get the 3….maybe some creative upgrade juggling with my kid’s lines on the family plan…

    2. How do you like using the Xperia Z Ultra? I think the design is amazing but I’m concerned about its ability to take notes…

      1. G’day Mate, Admittedly, I have only used it for one day. I am waiting for an aftermarket flip case, so I can use it as my daily driver. The problem with the size, or should I say challenge. Is that when slipping it in and out of your pockets, the grip can slip, meaning I would drop it. I think once I have the slim flip I will feel more comfortable using it. As far as notes. I honestly have not tested the screens ability to be able to use a pen or pencil, but when i do, I shall update my “user experience” In all honesty, I did not use my S Pen that much and ask the questions, how many people with the note 2 would and do? I think if the rumored S Pen functionality is upgraded with the Note 3, I may reconsider or find a greater use..Shall update soon. Michael

  23. 5.68 inch is not that bad after all. Seriously considering the ultra tho :)

  24. Just another laggy gnote 2. I’m getting iPhone 5.

    1. GO F YOURSELF!!!

    2. I’ve never seen lag on my gn2

    1. Excuse me sir, but your image says “Crapple”. So SHUT UP!!!

    2. Mr. Crapple, have you seen this article also posted by The Daily Mail?


      Hmmmm… not even sure of the validity of your article nor this one. My point is, if you’re going to pick a supporting article for your grossly over-sensationalized phone, the least you can do is pick a newspaper that has their mind made up about that consumer product.

      1. Haha got em!

  25. Why did this leaker decide to smudge the crap out of the Note III and take the time to clean the screen of the Note II? And is it just me or does he appear to be using an iPhone 5 to take this picture?

    1. When you are taking spy shots you don’t have time to pose your subject, it’s not a photo shoot you know. Also this is an old photo and not confirmed its even the GN3 to begin with. Notice how much bigger it is to the GN2, it was likely the Mega 6.3.

      1. I can agree with some of this, however, we’re not sure what environment the shot was taken in or how this phone came into the leaker’s possession. That being said, it is possible that he may not have had time to clean the “GN3” or Mega, but in reality, a quick 3 second rub down on his shirt would’ve been more than sufficient.

  26. every time i hear people complain about phone sizes being to big i think of that burger king commercial with the guy with the small hands. lol

  27. Normal people upgrade their phones every 2 years. If you have a Note 2 and are considering an upgrade, there is something not normal about your situation. The fact that all you people are up in arms over this refresh is to be expected. They did this exact same thing with the S4. Bump the screen size and processor up a tiny tad so that the people who didn’t already have one can have one that’s better.

    Just be a normal person and don’t upgrade for the standard 2 years and by then the new version of the phone will actually be worth buying. How bout that? You like the way that works? And if the GN2 can’t handle your needs then you obviously need more than a phone to do the job.

    1. He is being a normal person, a normal tech enthusiast person and like me I will be considering upgrading to the GN3 when it arrives on Verizon. Since that will likely be end of November (based on GN2 launch) my GS4 will be what 3-4 months old so I must be truly abby normal (Young Frankenstein). It’s normal for me, I buy, use, sell and buy again. Why should I wait for technology to arrive in 3 years when I can have it NOW.

      I won’t be pre-ordering, I need to see it in person first but with such a minor screen bump I suspect they did something to reduce bezel width to gain that extra space without changing the size.

  28. My Note 2 will only be replaced by a Note 3. Period.

  29. That extra bezel between the physical home button and the screen looks ugly. I hope this is a fake/prototype design lol.

  30. Call me crazy, but my GS3 STILL does everything I need…and does it well. I feel no need to upgrade to a GS4/GN3.

  31. The whole Samsung Note series sounds like a phone that will actually last a whole year without feeling like your phone is out dated and now with the Note 3 it sounds like it’s going to insanely powerful under the hood!

    So excited for all the phone hype that’s going to be coming this fall!


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