Soccer season is here: the must have apps to enjoy the beautiful game

I can’t even begin to describe how much I love soccer. I have spent nearly every weekend evening for the past decade, if not more, in front of the TV watching the English Premier League matches. In fact, the summer is my least favorite time of the year, and I am so excited for the matches to begin.

Understandably, there are far too many games to keep track of yourself. What do I use? Read on.

Google Now sportsGoogle Now

Kind of obvious, but I like it for a couple of reasons. One: the widget. I often forget when my favorite team (Manchester United, for those who care) are playing. Google Now starts showing the match card one day in advance, with my local time for the game visible. While it also shares score updates, they aren’t good enough for fans.

One really important, and probably overlooked, feature is the combination of the News Update and Research Topics card. Whenever any big news comes through, it’s right there for me to see. That’s also where I learnt of Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement, having earlier searched about him when the rumors started circulating.


The oldest and most well known of the live score apps available, ScoreMobile really needs some attention from its developers. I still like their homescreen widget, though, and is probably worth the download just for that.


Some claim that the app provides the fastest notifications. Despite a few head-to-head tests with Live Score Addicts (more about it below), I’m yet to see a noticeable difference, and the UI is pretty bad, too. What FotMob has going for it is their widget: it’s clean, and allows you to keep track of a large number of games. Die-hard fans are going to want this, particularly once the crazy Christmas phase kicks off.

Screenshot_2013-08-12-01-39-44Live Score Addicts

This is one of my “must-have apps”. The notifications are extremely quick, and can be personalized to your needs quite well. For example, while I like to keep track of all notifications for Manchester United, I also track goals and final scores from games involving rival clubs like Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester City. The additional details, such as line-ups, formations, match events and, my personal favorite, live statistics, means I often use the app even when I’m watching the matches.

If I’m right, the Live Score team went without any revenue source the entirety of last season. This year, they’ve added live betting odds from, which makes a lot of sense for them and also adds to the experience of a large chunk of the soccer audience.

Are there any apps that you highly recommend? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Russ

    Google Now ignores my club (Portsmouth) :(

    • James

      Because Portsmouth don’t have money… Google like AND want money… Simple as that

  • Elumes

    Football… Just sayin’ ;)

    • Defenestratus

      You’re right, Football season is here… preseason started this weekend. Hope the Panthers do better this year. Newton seems to be hot or cold…

      • MangoFace

        It’s spelt “Portsmouth” and “Nottingham”.

      • ziplock9000

        If it’s only preseason then then it’s not the season is it? If your going to be cocky, at least get it right.

      • James=Mr.Pink=Frank009=Troll

        American ball should never be called football, but handball.

        • James

          more like eggball if you ask me..:-)

          • James=Mr.Pink=Frank009=Troll

            Stalker du meg? ;)

          • James

            what? I don’t understand ? Please speak English

          • James=Mr.Pink=Frank009=Troll

            Seriøst, du har VIRKELIG lite å gjøre. For en idiot.

          • James

            Did you just call me an idiot? Why???

        • Blkegk

          Nah, we’ll stick with football. Soccer on the other hand should never be called football.

          • James=Mr.Pink=Frank009=Troll

            You’re right because American ball is not played with the hand 98% of the time, while “soccer” is.

          • OptimusKLP

            Except it is so you will have to deal with it lol Handegg should never be called football though, because you play with neither foot nor an actuall ball; hence handegg :)

      • James

        Yeah, it’s much more logical to call a game where basically black obese dudes run around the park with ehh… a giant egg-ish thigy in their hands, no feet involved.. for FOOTBALL then to call a game where players actully kick a round ball with their feet for..well, football, the beautiful game. Only in America

  • zedthegreat

    Football season started last weekend. Love from Scotland!

  • TimmyB44

    GGMU, Raveesh! :)

  • MangoFace

    FourFourTwo’s ‘Stats Zone’ app is the only reason I use my iPod. Once that’s on Android it will undoubtedly be near the top.

    • James

      I wonder why they stil haven’t changed their name to FourTwoThreeOne…

  • Diablito

    Google Now ignores the Mexican league :-(

  • NikAmi

    How did “The Football App” not make the list?

  • ziplock9000

    For 99% of the world it’s FOOTBALL!!!! not soccer

    • Defenestratus

      Actually, last time I checked the US of A was the third most populated nation in the world.

      And its Soccer to us.

      And lets admit it, our’s is the only opinion that matters :P

      • ziplock9000

        Out of around 193 nations..Most of which call it football.

        Your argument is invalid.

        Go play your ‘world’ series with yourself lol

        • master94

          I think he was making a joke but yes true. Could never understand why its called the world series. Though Canada, Mexico, Japan, Puetro Rico, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, and until the cold war Cuba do participate in the world series. Except that title winner is called World Baseball cup.

          edit Baseball world cup

        • Blkegk

          world series? that’s baseball genius. Over here in ‘Murica we watch the Superbowl. Its where real men play and not a bunch little man running around kicking a ball back and forth.
          “oh hey kick the soccer ball to me so I can kick it right back to you” Lame!

          • OptimusKLP

            Real men? They wear body armour.

      • James

        Nobody cares about USA, it’s fotball, not soccer, US is not the emperor of the world even dough you try your very best… Who are you to rename the name of the beautiful game, the unviresal game, with its universal language and also demand EVERYONE else in the world to adapt to you? Please go away. AND Please don’t bomb my house, when I go to sleep, because I said this ^^

      • M0nk

        Ok, soccer… let’s forget that the “other” 6.5 billons called it football and that it’s the most popular game in the world.
        Even rugby (the base for american hand-egg-ball) is more popular worldwide and have a “real” world cup.

      • DYNK

        This is why no one likes America.

    • Kristoff119

      I agree, but since this is more of an American site he was trying not to make it confusing. Go Manchester united!

    • uniquename72

      All spectator sports are for lazy couch potatoes.

      Here’s an idea: How ’bout instead of watching other people enjoying a sport, you actually go outside and play one?

      Better yet, just read a book and discuss it with your family. Or learn to program and sell your own app. Or take a class. Or find a woman. Or do just about anything that doesn’t involve sitting on your ass and watching other people engage in fun activities.

      • ziplock9000

        Who says we don’t?

  • schitzengigles10

    Live Score Addicts rocks. It keeps up with club and international level football

  • Michael Parks

    Only football I care about is the American kind.

    • DinS DerGroße

      Nevertheless i still don’t get y it’s called football as it is played to 99% with the hands ain’t it? Should have been called handball or whatever :D

      • Michael Parks

        Touche sir. Touche

      • Mike D

        American hand egg.

  • Raphael Uduhiri

    Check out 365scores. Amazing app with notifications and video highlights! missing a widget though

  • Bizzle9

    Good article. Way more exciting than your average soccer match.

    • Roberto

      MLS match, yes.

      • BulletTooth_Tony

        Maybe watch it.

  • jack kramer

    its all about Chelsea FC!!!!!! F U C K Manchester United!!

    • BulletTooth_Tony


  • lordmerovingian

    For the shame..!! You didn’t even mention Sky Sports Football Score Centre…

    • saltyzip

      Doesn’t offer alerts, well didn’t last time I looked.

      • lordmerovingian

        “Tis not the point. It wasn’t even mentioned at all.

  • Itchy_Robot

    What’s the best way for cord cutters like myself to watch soccer on the Internet? Any free or pay services that have a decent resolution stream? It seems like the only way to watch sports on this planet is to subscribe to a shitty cable or satellite service :'(

    • MisterMints

      aljazeera.TV. HD streams and every game ever weekend from across Europe. all for $135 per season

    • Helge Jordal

    • Phil Lowry

      vipbox is hit or miss (as far as resolution), but I’ve caught several of the pre-season matches there.

  • BulletTooth_Tony

    Score Mobile FC…

  • VinnieJones

    Have to agree, ‘The Football App’ is the best by far.

    The amount of detail it gives is unparalleled.

    • saltyzip

      Probably not in the list as it doesn’t provide push alerts for goals etc.

  • Gabriel Moura Ferreira

    the football app.

    the best app of scores.

    • saltyzip

      It’s not the best if it doesn’t provide push alerts for goals etc.

  • James

    ALL bend down to the best team in the world, Bayern Munchen !

  • Los

    Fotmob for sure has leagues that I thought wouldn’t be there. Plus let’s me choose more teams than expected as well.

  • cheeto0

    Google now needs to add National teams. Especially with the World Cup coming up this year.

    • Raveesh Bhalla

      I’m pretty certain they’d have it in time for the World Cup.

      • cheeto0

        Yea i think the outcry for it will get strong enough for the world cup that they will add it.

    • saltyzip

      Google Now needs to cover friendly matches for your team too.

  • Vince Longman

    Who cares if Americans call it soccer, its still the same amazing sport

  • saltyzip

    Live Score Addicts seems to follow the same UI as the FotMob Pro version of the App, so I’m not sure why you say it is pretty bad. I quite like it.

    I’ve just setup Live Score Addicts and will try it in a head to head with FotMob Pro which is my present goals alert engine.

    Biggest concern with Live Score Addicts is the Alerts process, it seems to rely on the App polling the LSA cloud to find out who scored, whereas FotMob pro uses push alerts. As I have all the premiership teams in my favorites, requesting goal alerts via a polling method is likely to be a huge battery drain which will result in me uninstalling the app.

  • Sorcerer_MUFC

    No mention of ‘365Scores’ ?? Awesome app to keep tabs on soccer matches ..

  • Maurizio Marrazzo

    sofascore is the best!

  • Sergio Rene Hichos

    Glory, Glory Manchester United!!

  • kwest12

    How about an article comparing universal sports apps that aim to cover as many sports as possible? I miss when Phandroid did app showdowns to help people figure out the best-in-class apps.

  • sabret00the

    “I can’t even begin to describe how much I love soccer.”

    If you really loved it, you’d call it by it’s proper name.

    • Ulfredsson The Vanquisher

      He didn’t want to confuse North Americans. I think he was being nice. Also, even though I was raised on football, *United as well ;)* I still call it soccer in public because I don’t want to be “that” guy.

      Try talking to an average Canadian/American about football, then drop in “united” or “FC” and watch their brains melt trying to comprehend what happened. ^_^

  • dylan84

    Check out the ESPN FC app for news and scores as well.

  • Phil Lowry

    First of all GGMANU. Google’s “interesting calendars” is another great way to keep track of the matches. I’ve got over 10 calendars set up that keep me up-to-date on not only when the matches happen, but it also keeps track of the score. There aren’t any notifications (which kind of sucks), but I have my calendar open in a tab all day anyway…. Glad to see footie getting some proper attention from a tech blog. Cheers, Raveesh. Thanks for tips, this coming from an American with limited access to DFB-Pokal, Champions League, and Premier League.

  • steveb944

    Too bad that my latest team AS Monaco is not on Google Now. I’ll be sticking to ESPN Score center for now.

  • ggrimaldi

    365score! It also gives you video highlight.