Official Nexus 7 sleeve disappears from the Google Play Store

Nexus7 Sleeve

Since it was never actually officially available, we can’t say we really missed it. But for those looking to outfit your Nexus 7 (2013) in official gear might be disappointed to know that the Nexus 7 Sleeve (black/gray) has been taken off the Google Play Store. Once listed as simply “Coming Soon”, the sleeve is no longer listed under accessories on the Nexus 7’s Play Store listing.

Jumping onto an old link for the accessory now shows the sleeve “not available in your country”. While we’re not sure if this means it’ll ever come back, or if it’s still coming soon in other areas, but you might want to start exploring other options if you’re looking to protect your Nexus 7 on-the-go. Anyone find any good deals on cases? Shout ’em out, peeps.

[Nexus 7 Sleeve Black/Gray]

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  • TheRealBBOX

    The “official” Asus one is kinda crap for $20, but I wasn’t gonna bareback with my shiny new tablet. Still, I’m just marking time til CruzerLite has their Nexus 7 FHD cases available, which I’ve heard will be August 18th. They’re pretty much the only company I’ll use at this point.

    • wickets

      Logged in to ask if anyone knew when cruzer was coming out with a product…. Thanks for the info

  • SkyPira

    there are like a billion available on amazon if you dont mind not having official accessories…

  • Kyle Cordiano

    More than half of the 3rd party cases people have reported that after 2 or 3 months of use they seem to fall apart. (poetic the main company). Still for $5 for a case I’d give it a try.

    • rageboardr

      The unit has only been out for two weeks, how can people be using the cases for three months? Curious.

      • Younanomous

        I thought the same thing but these were reviews for all sorts of other tablets. The companies may have gotten better in terms of quality, but their history will be tarnished for a while.

      • Kyle Cordiano

        I mean people who have the OG Nexus 7 and using cases for them.

    • AintNobodyLikeJesus

      My Nexus 7 case has been going strong for 8 months or so…

  • morjoie

    I am continually surprised at how bad Asus is with making and distributing accessories for their hardware. They seem not to have a clue about the crucial tie-in between customer loyalty and those add-ons that make products fun to use. I was so shocked that official cases were even available close to the Nexus 7 launch. Still skeptical, I thought it wise to check out reviews. True to form, the reviews are mostly scathing for the “official” cases and screen protectors. I’m so glad I decided to order my case (iBlason) and screen protector (Supcase) from Amazon!

    • gelewunitidy

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      More than half of the 3rd party
      cases people have reported that after 2 or 3 months of use they seem to
      fall apart. (poetic the main company). Still for $5 for a case I’d give
      it a try.

  • Roaduardo

    Can anyone explain why accessories for Nexus devices lag so far behind the device’s actual release?

    • hkklife

      Because Google, while a cool company, cannot hold a CANDLE to Apple for sales/marketing/retail presence + know-how/customer care . I’m no Apple fan but they wrote the textbook on how to launch stuff in quantity with oodles of accessories. Google acts like it’s some kind of a hardship to offer even a simple case or two and a desktop dock for their flagship products.

      • Roaduardo

        Brilliant input, thanks for that!

    • paco cornholio

      Because every company has some group where they stuff all the buffoons on their way to being fired, and for Google it’s the Play store.

      • Roaduardo

        Wicked burn Paco.

  • nbdynprtcular

    Poetic Revolution! I snagged one from ebay awhile back for $19.99.

    • Nick

      Just hope you never have an issue with it. They refuse to honor their warranty. Shady shady company!