Help us design a custom Moto X and win! [CONTEST]

Moto X wheel cropped

Next week we’ll be taking part in an early preview of Moto Maker, and we’re asking your help to decide on the design of one of the first custom Moto X handsets. We’ll be choosing our favorite design and replicating it as closely as possible using the tools provided on Motorola’s site. It gets better, though. If it’s your design we choose, you’ll be the proud new owner of a tailor-built Moto X.

So you’re itching to find out how to enter? It’s pretty simple. Just head over to Android Forums and tell us the details of your dream design. Remember, the Moto X gives users a choice of 18 rear case colors, a white or black front panel, as well as an accent color for the phone’s hardware buttons. So get creative. Submit a mockup. Tell us the story behind your color choices. Hometown pride? The sports team you cheer for? A favorite flower? Get inspired.

Here’s how to enter:

  • Head over to our Moto X contest thread at Android Forums [Don’t have an account? Sign up now!]
  • Tell us in a post how you would design the perfect custom Moto X
  • We’ll choose a winner on Wednesday, August 14th
  • Check back on Phandroid at the end of the week to catch a video of the Phandroid team recreating your design as closely as possible.

Obligatory rules:

  • The winner must be 18+ years old and be a resident of the United States.
  • Contest entries will be accepted until Tuesday, August 13th at 11:59PM EDT
  • The winner will be selected at the sole discretion of Neverstill Media staff
  • The winner will be contacted through the email address associated with their Android Forums account. It’s important that you use a valid email address (we’re the only ones who can see it)
  • Only one entry per person is allowed. If multiple entries are submitted, Neverstill Media will choose one – at their sole discretion – for inclusion in the contest. If the multiple entries are excessive, entrant may be banned.
  • Neverstill Media reserves the right to disqualify anyone from this contest for any reason at their sole discretion.

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  • louched1

    Incoming article by Kevin about the Samsung import ban in 3…2…

    • Joe Eris

      So you can only customize the color scheme? That’s kinda lame. Why not let us also customize the hardware. For example, the location of inputs & buttons.

      • Jerel Butler

        huh that sounds crazy expensive

  • bbqsfire

    not really sure why there is so much talk about Kevin still. he writes great columns and there are no reason why he can’t keep writing for phandroid.

    • Big_EZ

      Because when he contributes articles they are biased towards Apple. Most of the readers hear are biased to Android/Google. Sometimes his articles are fair, but biased. Other times they sound more like fanboy garbage.

  • SkyPira

    how will phandroid know if people less than 18 years old enter though?

    • Minja Miketa

      It’s a US law thing. Every contest in the US has to say that, and they might need to verify a date of birth if you win.

  • atomikpunk

    wouldn’t really want that phone anyway you dress it up

    • gelewunitidy

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      not really sure why there is so
      much talk about Kevin still. he writes great columns and there are no
      reason why he can’t keep writing for phandroid.

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  • BaldyPal

    I’m really surprised with how many entries are black on black and the accent is the only color.

    • robjackson81

      Me too! I would totally do a purple and orange ravens/orioles phone or green and blue Phandroid phone… But that’s just me :)

      • BaldyPal

        HA! What a coincidence. My entry was blue back green accents. I picked those colors for a different reason (see entry #44), but if it helps me win, you can think of it as a Phandroid reason. GREAT CONTEST idea by the way!

        • tyguy829

          uhh you can’t have green accents. not an option

  • Francisco Enrique Perez Abreu

    “a resident of the United States” …theres plenty of people in the forums that are from outside USA did you know? -_-

    • pbf98

      yes, but the phone is only available in the US on its release. That is why it is needed as a rule in the entry

  • Jerel Butler

    hoping I win