Google Glass survey mentions non-existent YouTube app, coming soon in XE8 update?

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Like most things Google, when Glass finally launched for I/O attendees back in May, it was kind of…. “beta”. But we knew that going in, and while the future of Glass was filled with near limitless possibilities, there were a few core functions and must-have apps missing. One of those? YouTube.

Okay, at first, I wasn’t quite sure how Glass would even handle streaming video, let alone the impact on battery life. But after experiencing the CNN app, I decided it could be done, and needs to be done and YouTube needs to be streaming on my face. At all times.

Google Glass Survey YouTube

Looks like I might finally get my wish. In a survey sent out earlier today to Google Glass Explorers, Google had a section to rate Glass’ currently available applications on a satisfaction scale of about 8 points. One of those apps in that list? The non-existent YouTube.

Of course, this is by no means any indication that Glass will soon receive YouTube in the near future, our fingers are crossed we’ll see implemented in the upcoming XE8 software update, due out sometime this month.

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    She’s quite the eye candy….

    • Kurt

      Yes she is. She is also the lady that came up with “OK, Glass”

      • Chris Chavez


        • glass anonymous

          They might mean playing youtube videos within the web browser, which you can get to by google search on glass. Its a great addition in XE7.

  • JMcGee

    So I assume you rated that “Extremely dissatisfied.” Right?

  • hemipw54

    An addition to your cellphone, won’t work without it, or has limited usage without one.
    Still not impressed and still think $29.95 is a fair price for this device.

    • Scott Stafford

      This isn’t some china made POS device. $30? Seriously? Who doesn’t have their phone with them all the time these days? Plus the device has wifi, so you don’t technically need your phone, just wifi.