NVIDIA SHIELD open source materials and recovery image available for download, makes custom ROMs possible


It was last Wednesday the NVIDIA Shield officially hit the ground running, carrying with it a $300 price tag. Our own Rob Jackson put the Shield through the paces, revealing just about everything you would ever want to know about the¬†Android gaming handheld in our full hands-on review. In a nod to the Android modding community, Nvidia was even nice enough to pack the Shield with an open bootloader, opening up the possibility of custom ROMs in the handheld’s future.

Of course, an open bootloader will only take you so far and Nvidia is finally ready to make available the necessary “Open Source Materials and Binary Driver Release”. Now, Android developers can officially jump in and tweak the Shield’s software to their liking. The best part? Nvidia also provided the recovery image, giving ROM flashers the added security of knowing they could always return their device to its original factory state, should things get hairy (or in the event of a resale).

Bravo, Nvidia.

[NVIDIA Developer]

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  • PooPooTron

    I hope those boys at xda make something cool for this

  • XtremeMorph

    looking forward for something that help map games control like six axis controller onto Shield, hopefully without need for root.