Mobile Roar Podcast: Our thoughts on the Moto X, Nokia Lumia 1020 reviewed, and more

It’s another episode of the Mobile Roar Podcast. The Mobile Roar Podcast is the combination of WinSourcePhandroid, and iSource, where we gather each week we talk about the latest going ons in mobile, and share our unique opinions as users of different platforms. The podcast this week features myself, Joe FedewaKevin Krause, and Edgar Cervantes.

This week we talked about the recently unveiled Motorola Moto X, chatted a little on the newly released Nokia Lumia 1020, iOS 7 Beta 4, and our win and fails of the week. Sit back, relax, and listen to the roars of mobile enthusiasts discussing the top stories in mobile for the week.

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  • Mitranim

    I appreciate the podcast but for the next one, could you please drop that dumb guy who overshouts and interrupts everyone without saying anything of substance…

  • Craig Becker

    Let me just say that “mobile roar” is a dumb name for these and so is the “tough guy” yelling at his phone. Lets be honest, anybody listening to that podcast is not tough.

    • Chris Chavez

      You wanna go, bro? O_O