People still use the Motorola Xoom? Android 4.1.2 rolling out now


Verizon just announced Android 4.1.2 for the Motorola XOOM. No, not the Xyboard series. For the Motorola Xoom. The original Xoom. The tablet that introduced us to Android 3.0 what feels like so long ago. Because it was so long ago. But apparently Motorola felt it necessary to build out Android 4.1.2 for the device. Go figure.

It’s even more surprising because the Xoom is no longer supported under AOSP. So this update actually took some effort from Motorola. Effort they could have applied elsewhere, but who am I to judge the decisions the company is making? I guess they need to do something to keep busy when the only thing they have developed in the past year is a handful of Droids for Verizon and the recently unveiled Moto X.

Just curious, though. Is anyone out there still using a Xoom? I’d really like to know. If you are, expect Android 4.1.2 to drop sometime in the next week or so.

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  • Peter Elder

    I still use mine!

  • RLJSlick

    Starting to sound like JZO54M is 4.1.2 not 4.2. Oh well.

  • Jaké Mourinho

    I can see why. Out of every Android tablet I’ve had, the Xoom was the best. Was also faster than a quad core tab.

    • RLJSlick

      I agree with that. I tried the Galaxy Tab and hated it.

  • V.A.N.

    I use it. Though I own a Nexus 10 and Galaxy Note 10.1, my Xoom functions as a glorified alarm clock, newspaper, magazine, etc….. It’s my device-bedside companion.

  • fishermanners

    So they have time & resources to update this, but no resources to update the Atrix, Photon or Electrify?

  • Defenestratus

    I use mine. Wife wont let me get a nexus 10.

    • RLJSlick

      Our wives must know each other. LOL

  • Vanakatherock

    Yes. Every time I get one in stock here at the office to sell on eBay, it sells within a week. Last had one on 6/12 and it sold for $200

    Otherwise, the first generation iPads & Galaxy Tab 10.1’s take forever to sell.

  • rabidhunter

    Crap, I just saw these things elcheapo on daily steals

  • jak_341

    Xoom user here. It’s still alive and well and used on a daily basis.

  • gpatrick15

    Just because its old and dropped from AOSP means that the manufacturer should stop supporting it? Really? There’s a sentiment among apple fanboys that Android manufacturers don’t support old hardware, and here we are scoffing at a product still receiving updates years down the line. When did this become a negative idea?

    • Brandon Watkins

      Thank you!

    • Unorthodox

      Because the article is written by an Apple fanboy. Kevin, why do you bother, jealous much?

  • Jake Roeder

    My Xoom is still my perfect in-flight companion. The fact that it’s 4G LTE, on Verizon’s network and still supported (and, in case you forgot, a fork-free bastion of vanilla Android goodness) just makes it an even better tab. As a matter of fact, it’ll also be my default ChromeCast host, so it just keeps getting better with age. The only thing it’s missing is front facing speakers.

    • Michael Beck

      Headphones. Too much noise in my house. We all have our own headphones lol.

  • Glenn

    I use my Xoom as a clock sitting on a side table in the living room…..?

  • Kyle Fisher

    Its old and slow but I still use mine. Wife was next up for an upgrade (got the Nexus 10). So I am stuck with the Xoom. It is terribly slow compared to the Nexus. Cancelled my contract with Verizon. Anyone know if I will still get the update?

    • jak_341

      The JB update does a world of good for it. Mine was nearly unusable on ICS anymore. I can deal with this on JB. Probably not as snappy as a GNote 10.1 or Nexus 10, but it will do for now.

    • Michael Beck

      You should. It is a certain range of MACs that were sent to VZW. Did you get the LTE update?

      • Kyle Fisher

        I did. Cancelled the data plan associated with it in April though.

  • atodman

    I use mine all the time when I travel.the hdmi out works great in hotels to catch up on shows

  • lamphan

    Yeah i have one. I put it in the wardrobe.

  • Erik Miller

    Still have mine. Probably upgrade when Key Lime Pie comes out, if that ever happens.

  • NotTheTodd

    I use mine all the time. Granted, I’ve been running CM10.1 for ages, but might give this new MotoBean update a try

  • toomuchgame441

    I considered buying one last year, then I was like… meh

  • Blake Michelsen

    I received the soak test today. And it’s actually 4.1.2 not 4.2 that I received.

    • Michael Beck

      How is it working so far?

      • Blake Michelsen

        Working smooth so far. May be a tad more snappy than it was but that could just be in my head. Google now works solid just like other devices. Not a whole lot of obvious changes, but I’ve been running 4.1.2 on my Maxx HD for quite a while now so the changes may not be jumping out at me.

  • Brandon Watkins

    Why so bitter? At Least one company is keeping up on their older devices!

    • hfghgfhf

      so true. Every update is welcome

  • Bob F

    I use my WiFi Xoom everyday.. though its rooted with EOS 3.0 (4.1.1)

    • CerealFTW

      why not update EOS? I forgot my version of EOS but it’s on 4.2

      • Bob F

        It was the only stable release at the time. Is your version pretty tight?

  • harold

    Why would you care one way or the other.I loved my xoom and I would still have it didn’t buy a nexus 10

  • RajivMote

    I use my Xoom every day. Ebooks, digital comics, Netflix (with HDMI-out), HBO Go, Google Docs, social media, music, note taking, Web browsing… It’s my non-business travel laptop that I don’t have to take out of the bag going through security. I can SSH into my work servers and do troubleshooting on the go. And I can get on Verizon’s 4G. It’s less than a 3 year old device, and it’s working just fine for me.

  • Guest

    Yep, use my WiFi Xoom daily. Had it since launch date. Mostly for Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and web surfing. No root. Kept it as is. Still works great.

  • Christopher Robert

    The Xoom is still a solid tablet, and the HDMI port makes it great as a media hub for a TV.

  • Guest

    Use mine (WiFi Version) every single day still. Haven’t felt the need to root and/or upgrade to a newer device.

    • CerealFTW

      What’s that clock widget u got? I like your setup

      • Dan

        that’s either beautiful widget or fancy widget, or even hd widget, they all have similar htc style clocks ;)

  • Michael

    Yup, still using my Xoom. Mostly use it for surfing while watching TV on the couch…but do bring it with me on trips to watch shows/movies on and play some silly games.

  • rsp323

    It’s a conspiracy to break your Xoom, so you’re forced to buy a new tablet. I bet this update will be full of bugs.

  • Jordan Caviness

    i think if a device will no longer be supported, the OEM should just OTA stock android.

  • Fuelman60

    Still use mine everyday and looking forward to 4.2.

    • phinn

      It says 4.1.2. No worries, 4.2 was a disaster on the Nexus 7, so unless it’s 4.3 with trim support i wouldn’t be excited.

  • J M Ehrlich

    I use mine too. I haven’t considered an upgrade as it performs fine for what I need. Not rooted.

  • oldtaku

    Nexus X is my primary tablet, but the Xoom is still working great as a backup, and it’s actually gotten much faster since launch thanks to the upgrades. My only complaint is how bad the screen looks outside, so I just don’t take it outside.

  • Matt Virus

    i use my xoom regularly. Bought the clearance priced docking station for $15 or so a long time ago. Running cyanogenmod nightlies, works absolutely perfectly for everything I want.

  • rcrow490

    Use my Xoom Wifi every day.

  • Itchy_Robot

    This post seems very strange for Phandroid. What gives?
    Is this device really so old that you would consider it a useless tablet? What do poeple use tablets for … web, email, pictures, video, casual games, etc. Why would this tablet not be worthy of these tasks? Have we really become such a throw-away culture that a tablet that is only a few years old is now worthless? Motorola should be commended for this, not ridiculed. I am still using a Windows 7 notebook that is 4 years old. And it continues to get updates.Until it breaks it is hard for me to justify a tablet purchace … maybe I’m just frugal …
    *still scratching my head at this post*

    • CerealFTW

      Kevin Krause has been strange like this since switching(downgrading) to iOS. and I’ve had my Xoom since the year it released(forgot when). and I have no plans to upgrade. it still works fine, I just wish it could handle 1080p videos better so I could have full HD streaming to my TV

  • Randy

    I have a WiFi xoom an still love it. Great tablet.

  • Kevin Hart

    My xoom recently broke and I bought a nexus 10. The display wasent as good and it was a little slower but it never crashed. It was still a FANTASTIC tablet when I had to give it up.

  • Nick Mantzoros

    And here I am still waiting on Jellybean for my HP TouchPad. Get TO IT Google!

    • Alek Tritt


  • Oleg O.

    Yup, use my XOOM. I love how easy it was to use Google’s root tool.

  • vincero1979

    I’m still using my Xoom, mostly because I can’t afford to just go out and buy a new tablet every time some shiny new one comes out. It gets the job done!

    • phinn

      Agreed, a $500 purchase should last years.

  • Marc Baker

    Of course this tablet is worthy… I love mine…4g mounted in my suburban it’s the best info tainment you could have… Been using it everyday for years and have my nexus 7 for the couch… USB otg HDMI to rca for the head rest monitors

  • dephyre

    I still use mine everyday, I’ve got the HD speaker dock and the OEM folio, it’s pretty much an allrecipes and youtube device, cancelled my plan like a month after I bought it, should have waited on the Wi-Fi. Have been using Cymod for the last 8 months or so.

    I’s clunky and slow but for both those things it’s great.

  • CerealFTW

    Kevin, go back to I just to respect ur articles but now its just an annoyance. you were complaining about fragmentation last week and now that an older device got an update, you’re talking trash about how it’s too old for updates. damn bro, make up your f**king mind

    • snapper.fishes

      Exactly. People keep on bitching about how Motorola doesn’t update their older devices, but now that Motorola actually releases an update you complain about it? Give me a break.

  • wykael

    Actually just bought my Xoom slightly used. Will probably add it to my Verizon plan in the near future. For what I need, it does a great job! Just updated like 30 minutes ago to 4.1.2. We’ll see what difference that makes.

  • flashfast2000

    Bought it. Hated it. Sold it. Don’t miss it.

  • Gustavo Bruno

    I still use mine, now that I have my chromecast I will keep it in the living room to cast video, movies and music.

  • Shawn Pierce

    Mine just pulled the update and is installing now>

  • Schaweet

    I still use my Xoom. It may be a bit heavy, but still works like a charm.

  • Wendell

    Still use my 4g lte Xoom daily. Bought mine first day available and it just keeps on ticking like the old Timex watches!

  • Jeff

    Only bad thing with the Xoom is its little charging pin. Was stationed overseas when the 4g upgrade happened but still love it in 3g. Bought it day one and hasnt failed yet. Best investment in technology I have made in the last 5 years.

    • James Patillo

      I don’t like the charging pin either, but it is much faster than USB.


    good deal, that means xyboard updates are on the way too.

  • Jessica Owens

    I still use mine everyday, and it’s the only tablet I have. I rooted a long time ago and use the latest EOS. The kids love it, it gets everything I need done, and my husband is just happy that I didn’t lose interest in it after 3-6 months.

  • veccster

    I use my Xoom all the time. It’s a consistent performer.
    Glad to see it’s still getting updated.

  • Squeak

    I have a wifi Xoom that I bought at launch, it’s not rooted, and is already on 4.1.2, so it must be something that vzw finally got around to passing on to the users. My Xoom runs better than my galaxy nexus and is used daily. It replaced a netbook when I bought it and handles everything I need it to, with only the occasional browser crash. Even though it works well I would love to upgrade to a nexus 10, especially if they release a new one this fall.

  • James Patillo

    I have a Verizon Xoom that I use more than my phone (GNexus). It is a little heavy, but with pure Google experience, sdcard, and LTE, I can’t justify buying any other tablet.

  • fly’nfree

    my moto zoom 604Z is updated to 4.1.2 jb one week since the announcement of this update. I thought all Motorola Zoom had this update. The most compact size of 10.1 android tablet, except the thickness.

  • San Diego Real Estate Agent

    For those that still love their Xoom…how do I stop my battery from draining when I’m not using my Xoom?

    • vyduxawanuxe

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      Working smooth so far. May be a
      tad more snappy than it was but that could just be in my head. Google
      now works solid just like other devices. Not a whole lot of obvious
      changes, but I’ve been running 4.1.2 on my Maxx HD for quite a while now
      so the changes may not be jumping out at me.

    • Lactose_the_Intolerant

      What have you looked into about the draining? Are there apps running rampant in the background? Does the draining stop if you put it in airplane mode? I have a launch day wifi Xoom and the battery lasts for *days* if I don’t use it — and it lasts a solid 8-10 hours on days that I heavily use it.

  • Jordan Long

    wifi xoom (US) has been on 4.1.2 for a long time. todays update is only to VZW LTE version.

  • Blake

    I had the Xoom and had to do an insurance claim so Asurion sent me a xyboard about a year ago. I really liked both those tablet. The other day my xyboard stopped charging so I did an insurance claim on that and they sent me a galaxy tab 2 10.1. The xyboard fells a lot better, but the screen is nice on the galaxy.

  • Joel Joseph

    I still use xoom daily…

  • jaiotu

    I love my Xoom and use it daily. It still performs all of the tasks that I bought it for.
    And rolling out 4.1.2 on the Verizon Xoom model is not surprising at all and wouldn’t have required great effort from Motorola. I’ve had the update for ages on my WIFI-only Xoom. Motorola has probably had this update pending now for a while… just been waiting for Big Red to give their blessing is my guess.

  • Mac_Jedi

    I still use my Xoom as a night clock…

  • Debian Dog

    yep mine is still running Baked. I personally can’t find a good reason to justify buying a new one.


    just checked the update page, both xyboards are getting soon as well.

  • Donnie

    Still have my Xoom and I use it all the time. Does anyone have any tips on the Xoom? I’ve never rooted mine and just wanted to know what you could do if you did root it.

  • Jeff Messer

    Yup, just used mine yesterday to Chromecast some Netflix to my TV, and I’ll keep using it for that until Google and Netflix figure out what’s causing the Netflix app to crash on the Nexus 4. I bought my Verizon Xoom on launch day because I wanted to support Android’s first step into the tablet world, and beyond Verizon’s stubbornness and slowness it’s still been a great tablet. I’ve ROM’d and modded the heck out of it, gone back to stock and back again to other builds and it hasn’t failed me yet.

    I’ve actually been on the Verizon forums for the past few months harrassing them about when Jelly Bean would come out since it’s been out for the wifi model for over a year – that was promise made, that it WOULD still get Jelly Bean “at some point.” It took way, way too long, but I just might go back to stock again to get my LTE connectivity back. About a month ago I finally gave up after one of their moderators modded me for commenting on moderating…yeah. I’m running a Wifi AOSP build on 4.2.2 that has been great. It’s not the fastest tablet around, but it’s sturdy as hell, I still love the original Motorola case, and the battery life is great.

    I’m waiting for the Nexus 7 LTE this year but I’m pretty sure my Xoom is still sticking around!

  • Vadim Marchenko

    Finally… Good timing)

  • John oakes

    I use mine every day! Never hooked it up with Verizon, and it’s just 3G. As of today, no ipdate available to me. Does anyone know if the 3G version will get the update?

  • chris420o

    hey my mom lovess her 3g xoom uses it everyday along with her dumb phone instead of buying a smartphone

  • Joe Mayfield

    Got a Xoom, got the 4G upgrade, and the free media kit because I was in the first 5000 upgrades. I have been extremely happy with my Xoom

  • spicymeatball

    Great PR for Motorola. This is what wins fans.

  • snapper.fishes

    Because some of us don’t buy a new device every time something new comes up, and instead prefer to save up the money for more important or profitable purposes.

  • tom mullin

    i still got my xoom and it still works great. I am looking forward to seeing how 4.1.2 makes the xoom better.

  • Geoffrey Moran

    My xoom has become a glorified alarm clock. Although I do still use it with my camera to transfer pictures to g+


    I bought my xoom on launch day and have loved it since. I’ve been through countless phones but my tablet has held strong. This is the best news I’ve heard from Motorola since the OG droid!

  • brawndo

    Author seems like a hipster elitest.

  • Mikeybob

    I still use my xoom on a daily basis. It is still a very capable pad.

  • Von

    I still use my Xoom. I recently bought a Surface RT. My wife has an iPAD 2 and I have my Galaxy Note 2. I just had to recharge it earlier because we use it all the time.

  • VI

    I have two wingrays which street used nightly. Seriously, just root and put 4.2.2 and it hold up well even against my nexus 7.

  • Betsy

    This is good news. Although I now have a Google Nexus 7, my husband will be taking over my Xoom so we are anxious for this update. Thanks!

  • Dugrhill

    Bought mine on launch day and have used it everyday since. Very capable. I have the WiFi version though.

  • 1stkorean

    My Verizon Xoom got upgraded to Android 4.1.2 last night 8/5/13 @ 1115PM

  • Bob Mai

    yes, i still use the xoom. it was the original google experience tablet device. don’t be such a whiner. i’m glad they gave it an update, even if it’s not the trim-enabled 4.3

    canadian wifi model for me. still on 4.0…

  • nDroid

    I have just installed Jelly Bean 4.1.2 on my Xoom. Google gave it to me at GDC in 2011. The build quality is far superior to the Galaxy Note 10.1. It’s only 2 years old, and looks as if it is new. My Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 has developed micro cracks after less than 1 year. The plastic used is not durable. I don’t like being seen with the Galaxy because of the cheap plastic. However the S Pen is amazing.

  • Michael Beck

    Got the update last night. It is smoking fast so whatever moto did that google could not do they did it well. Kudos to those at the moto team. Now to figure out how to set up multi profiles.

  • Genuine Realist

    The Xoom is a terrific tablet. I am going to switch to the Nexus 7 4G LTE, but only because it’s a little smaller and more portable. Motorola screwed up the marketing, not the engineering.