Google now allowing some Glass Explorers to invite a friend, would you want in?

Google Glass Invite a friend 2

The Google Glass Explorers is about to get a little more crowded. After opening up invites initially to Google I/O attendees, Google later ran the #ifihadglass campaign that allowed regular Joe-Schmoe’s the chance at “winning” their own pair. Now, Google is allowing select Google Glass Explorers the opportunity to invite a friend in a move that feels a bit like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

As usual, there are a few requirements, first off the person invited must be a US resident, be 18 years of age or older, and have a way to pick up Glass in either Google’s San Francisco, Los Angeles, or New York locations. Oh yeah, and one more thing…. the person will need to have $1,500 of expendable income and be prepared to live a life of Glass-induced celibacy.

Yeah, you’re probably going to want to wait for the consumer version to launch next year before joining up with the Glasshole crew.


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  • Mitchel White

    I want in

    • Chris Chavez

      No. You don’t.

      • Mitchel White

        Lol why is that

        • Chris Chavez

          They’re cool, don’t get me wrong. Just nowhere NEAR $1,500 cool. :P

          • Mitchel White

            True but look at it like 4k tvs. There cool. But nowhere near $8,000 cool

          • spicymeatball

            If you are going to develop apps for them then it’s an investment. For everyone else it’s bragging rights.

          • a)

            You know what IS cool? $1,000,000,000.00

        • demmo86rt

          He wants to be special

          • Mitchel White

            I am already ;) lol

  • jaredgreenwald

    I love how winning just means you get the opportunity to pay Google $1500.

    • Chris Chavez

      Upcoming Phandroid contest: Win a new Nexus 7…. you just have to pay us 3x’s what it’s worth.

      • Aztec713

        If I win, I want 20!

  • Matthew Blank

    Pretty awesome though. I’d take one.

  • Juggals

    well duh

  • Cory Skelton

    Pay $1500 to wear something that looks silly despite being cool, when like maybe 1% of the people I know IRL would even know what they were…yeah, I’ll pass on that, if Google wants that much of my money they should directly manufacturer a smart Google TV. :)

    • Lou

      If the first two things you think of are how they look and what others will think of you for wearing them, then you’d be silly to pay $1,500. Then again, it’s silly to worry about those things for any amount.

  • John Ligons

    $1500, good lawd….how about I pay 200 and you just give me a google intern to take pictures for me and provide me directions

  • jman

    Not for 1500 bucks! I would rather get know more about Recon and apps under development for under $500…


    Chris, we’re friends, right???

    • Robabobbob


    • Chris Chavez




  • Dan

    Haha… I’d never pay 1500$

    • Dan Doughty

      Wanting to pay and having the ability to pay are two different things buddy

      • Dan

        priorities also factor in, buddy.
        Try selling a 1500 expense to the wife for this junk.

  • outkastz

    I’d buy in.

  • Ben Lutgens

    God now. I fail to see the advantage.

  • Scott Stafford

    For $1500, yes. For $1500 and I have to go get it? No.

  • BaldyPal

    I could probably get $1500 for my left kidney. I need the right one. I’m a righty, you know.

  • hemipw54

    If someone that calls me a friend wants me to spend $1500 on something as lame as GG that relationship will end quickly. That’s not friendship.
    Google really thinks a peripheral is worth $1500? Like PTB said — there’s a sucker born ever minute.

    • Dan Doughty

      You ever seen the cost of a developer board, or how about a developer edition xbox/playstation. Youre not a sucker, youre paying for early access/build rights to something. If you wrote and app that was awesome and was available day one on google glass for .99 could you imagine how many people would buy it.

  • spicymeatball

    If someone invited me right now I would hardly say no, but I would know that i’m paying $1500 for bragging rights and a great conversation piece. Those who have an invite did you get the hint?

  • Rick Boza

    I would absolutely participate. The investment would be well worth it to me.

  • nick miles

    I would definitely make the investment to participatr

  • Jeff B.

    Not interested at any price.