Watch this heartwarming promo for the new Nexus 7 [VIDEO]

In case you didn’t catch it during the live event, Google crafted up a new video showing how useful the Nexus 7 could be in the life of your average, ordinary person. They used the new one that was just announced, of course, and showed a boy with stage fright who wanted to know how he could get rid of his fears to do a class presentation.

Most of it highlighted Google Now and the voice-activated access to information. The video caps off with a cute little situation at the end, but you’ll have to watch it to find out just what that situation turns out to be. Go ahead and hit the play button above.

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  • PooPooTron

    That was brilliant.

  • Seth Forbus

    What wonderful marketing! In other news. Typo in the article. Needs to say “what the situation turns out to be” not “bee”. Thanks for the update phandroid!

  • Pic889

    *sigh* why does everyone have to copy Apple and make pretend videos about how their entertainment devices will somehow fix everything in our lives and make us so awesome? It’s just an entertainment device…

    • PooPooTron

      I disagree. No Apple ad I’ve seen goes this far as to describe the full potential of an app by telling a story

    • Caleb Loop

      Alot of googles device ads are like this, always have been since the Gnex.

    • Jordan Caviness

      just an entertainment device? ur joking? right? Was it an entertainment device when i used StudyDroid to get an “A” in my Philosophy Exam? or when i used GoogleWallet to buy food when i left my wallet at home? or when i use hangouts to collaborate with my production team to meet a deadline? or how about to read all my textbooks instead of having to carry them in my backpack? or submit résumés for jobs on-the-go? u my friend, are ignorant.

    • lolwut

      Because it actually makes your life more awesome and does all sorts of cool and useful things.

    • Alexei Watson

      yeah because apple invented emotional adds…

      that’s just an example.

  • Jordan Caviness

    now that is my favorite promo thus far…..

    • androidisawesome

      I have a messed up mind! I read promo as something else if you know what I mean

      • Jordan Caviness

        ROFLMAO !!!!smh. Get ur mind out the Gutter!!!!

        • Lactose_the_Intolerant

          To be fair, that’s how one could start :p

          • Jordan Caviness

            not with the kid in it..someone going to jail!lol

          • Lactose_the_Intolerant

            yikes! yeah, not what I meant. /shudder.

  • androidisawesome

    At the end of the video you can see the kid has dash clock!

  • Marsg

    I called it last week when i said the side bezel on the Nexus 7 was a bit smaller >.>i have a keen eye for bezelness

    • scoter man1

      It was still funny how they made it sound like a big deal that they shaved off .5cm horizontally/vertically. I bet I won’t even notice.

      • Marsg

        It just looks a bit slimmer, might be because they removed that silver trim as well.Wish they had removed some from the top and bottom

        • scoter man1

          That’s exactly what I thought. I just figured ‘oh they removed the silver trim’. Yeah, it really should have been an 8″ screen with the same bezel size, or the top/bottom should have been reduced to what the sides were.

  • Daniel Gardner

    When he is watching the video and it had the circle around Colin Firth.. what feature was that?!

    • Ryan Paredez

      I’m with you man!

    • jnt

      In Play Movies you can tap on the screen and it’ll bring up info on the actors on the screen – I’m sure there are some limitations to what I said, but that’s the gist of it.

  • steveb944

    This reminds me of the Google story telling we had on YouTube in which you could make a video of a series of searches. I forget the exact name.

  • NexusMan