Recon Jet smart glasses sell out early because people can actually buy them [POLL]

We’ve heard a lot about the Recon Jet in recent weeks. It’s a pair of smart glasses that has all sorts of sensors for recording location, speed, elevation and more. The game uses various communication radios to interface with Android phones and iPhones, including ANT+, WiFi and Bluetooth-enabled hardware.

With ANT+, it gives you the ability to track stuff like heart rate monitors during a workout so you can keep track of that stuff without having to look away (think mountain biking or jogging). And more than just fitness, it’ll also keep you up to date on things like incoming SMS messages and allow you to see incoming call data without having to whip your phone out.

Well, this interesting little Google Glass competitor has already sold out well ahead of its February 2014 launch, and there’s a simple reason for that — it’s actually available to buy. Google Glass is very exciting and has a lot of potential, but only a few thousand people were allowed to buy them so far, and the $1,500 price tag for the Explorer Edition made for an even bigger entry barrier than there is for the $600 Recon Jet.

So what does this tell us? It tells us there definitely is a market for these things, and with the right capabilities, marketing and price, Google Glass can tap into this market just as effectively. Consumer production for Google Glass is supposed to ramp up in time for a release either by the end of this year or for early next year, so only time will tell if Glass has people just as excited as they seem to be for the Recon Jet.

With that, I’m curious — while most of you wouldn’t buy a pair of Glass for $1,500 right now, we’re wondering if you’d consider it for the $600 that the Recon Jets are going for. If not, what price would you pay for them? Sound off in the comments section below, drop a vote in the poll, and be sure to check the Recon Jet out in more detail over at Recon Instruments’ website.

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  • OmarKooheji

    I bought one of the Pilot Editions of the Jet, can’t wait for it to arrive.

  • chris420o

    these look way to obtrusive…i can understand while bike riding like they advertise but normal use…no thanks

    • reznorfan0

      +1 this. It nearly blocks all peripheral vision on the right eye. Sure your getting a lot of superfluous info, but if your on a bike and the small detail of A CAR BEING THERE might be something worth knowing.

      • Unorthodox

        I would apply all of the above to EVERY info-Glass there is. Nothing should obstruct one’s vision while driving or riding on a road. Just wait till mass production of things like these will raise road-kill rate drastically. And I don’t feel sorry for those fools.

    • shonangreg

      When will any of these glasses devices have a partially transparent display that overlays the whole lens?

      When this is worked out, these visual obstruction problems will no longer be an issue, and we’ll be able to see more data and people with poor vision will be able to use the devices.

  • GlennStile

    There is no way retail glass will be priced at $1500, I would expect $600 if not less.

  • lav0c

    I must say that the poll question is awful. Of course people would be more interested in something if it cost less. Heck, I could get a poll from people on this sight that would say “yes” to the question of “would you be more interested in the next iPhone if it was free with a two year contract.” The question isn’t even “would you buy google glass for $600?” but simply “would you be more interested.” Even people that don’t care for google glass would be more interested if it was nearly a third the price of the beta units. This is how people stack statistics in their favor.

  • spicymeatball

    Sold out because they had 3 in inventory? Even at $600 it is way overpriced. These are peripherals to my $600 smartphone that already gives me all the functionality, just not on my face. It’s like charging $300 for a gtv box that doesn’t replace anything since you can’t watch hulu and network channels. Google Glass should be around $150-$300. We’re not talking about re-inventing the smartphone we’re talking about an external display in front of your eyes. Peripheral product!!!! It will never take off if it is priced at anything over $300.

    • SuperShrug

      You can’t do AR applications with both hands free with just a smartphone.

      • spicymeatball

        But you can do AR applications. I know they enhance the user experience and make new work flows possible but I don’t think they enhance it more than $300 worth. Just saying that’s my price point. I don’t have GoPro either but I know it provides a value for some people who need hands free video recording.

        • SuperShrug

          “but I don’t think they enhance it more than $300 worth. Just saying”

          Loud and clear bro.

    • Bradha562

      Your $600 smartphone doesn’t have ANT+

      • spicymeatball

        But it does have Bluetooth 4.0. Not well versed in the pros and cons of both technologies but they seem redundant.

  • SuperShrug

    $299, or subsidized with my carrier plan.

  • chuckles87

    Well $600 for glass and I would estimate another $300 for prescription lenses. I would be looking at $900.

  • basschica

    My answer is a nice indecisive “maybe” on this one… To be honest, I think I’ll be interested a few versions down the road. I want to be sure the hardware/durability/battery life/app development is there before I drop down major coin on something. If it’s going to be for sport, they better not bounce around/slide when I’m running. I love my Oakleys because they stay put, don’t fog up, allow air flow, and repel water decently. While the phone stuff is a nice bonus, I’d probably just as soon have a watch I could use for these purposes for fitness so that I can keep the glasses lightweight. The use outside of sport for the glasses is a bit better, but I don’t want a product in its infancy for that that cost for that. I’d love to try some out, but not willing to bite the bullet yet.

  • Haggie

    These are the Bluetooth earpiece for a new generation.

    They are useful in some situations, but there will be “those people” that just wear them all the time.

  • Alex Alexander

    Google is playing be Apple with “cool factor” paying a lot of money to be the first.
    I understand that product is a prototype, but is evident that behind of Glass there is an unique factor been exploding.

  • No_Nickname90

    Hail yea!! I’d snatch them mofos up in a heartbeat!! Ingress integrated with Google Glass? Oh my gosh!! I can already see the possibilities. LoL!!

  • hemipw54

    This is a peripheral a add-on, no way worth $600 and if makers see the trend cellphones will jump in price to extreme amounts, careful what you wish for, for the greedy always take advantage of it.

    • SuperShrug

      Considering it’s taking the place of a cycling computer display, it’s about the same value.

  • Jason Farrell

    Not interested… until it’s mostly invisible, MUCH cheaper (<= ~$200), and integrates seamlessly with just about any pair of prescription glasses.

    Glass has no real killer apps yet 'cept maybe taking natural photos/video quickly, and navigation overlays, so it's mostly for people with OCD who need constant status updates.

    (Also, google killed one of the great killer apps: Facial recognition. So, you'd need 'hacks' for the cool stuff.)

  • TheJunkie

    250-300 range is about all I would pay for a toy.

  • a)

    Look cool but I don’t like the border around the display. I’d rather go to a Glass than the Jet. You’re going to have a lot more DEV support behind Glass than Jet.

  • reynold

    I was REALLY tempted to put one in the basket. I could sell my cycling computer and oakleys to almost recoup the costs… But I love my Oakley Radars way too much :)

  • ThaCooLoser

    I would so Do it to it!

  • LazyGhost42

    Google glasses look absolutely idiotic. However the Jet’s look sleek and stylish. Be great for seeing your snowboard stats and where your buddies on the hill are.

  • Tim B.

    300 would be more the right price IMHO since I have a 600+ phone already.