Verizon officially announces the Motorola DROID Ultra, coming August 20th for $199

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Verizon has officially announced one of the latest additions to its DROID line. It’s the Motorola DROID Ultra, and unlike what our source told us before, this thing will be available with full red glossy Kevlar back-coating for all customers.

The 5-inch device features Motorola’s 1.7GHz “X8 computing system” which gives us two application processing cores, 4 graphics processing cores, a contextual computing core and a natural language processor core (whatever that means). It’s all said to come together to create a faster mobile computing experience.

Other specs include 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage, Motorola’s 10 megapixel RGBC camera sensor, Android 4.2, LTE, WiFi N, Bluetooth 4.0, aGPS and more.

That aside, let’s jump right into some of the new software features being touted:

  • “Touchless control” for eyes-free / hands-free operation of the device
  • “Active Display” will only light up a certain portion of the screen to show advanced notifications while the device is sleeping
  • Quick photo capture
  • DROID Zap, a feature to share photos to anyone with a DROID within 300 feet using a two-finger swipe gesture

The Kevlar pattern has a sort of 3-dimensional effect to it. The device will be available August 20th for $200. Those interest can pre-order starting today over at Verizon’s website.

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  • LiterofCola


  • Jerel Butler
  • David Narada Brown

    im curious as to what the specs will be. will they use the latest and greatest to compete with S4 and HTC one? or will Moto go the X route and focus on the experience? Im curious because these are verizon influenced phones and i want to see what they think consumers want.

    • Daniel

      For $200 it should be latest and greatest. Moto X should be close to free on contract.

  • Jerel Butler

    11:02Touchless control allows you to search from something. Active display lights up a portion of the display. Quick capture launches the cam11:02Motorola X8 Mobile computing system – 2 apps cores, 4 graphics cores, 1 contextual computing core, & 1 natural language core.11:00All products have 24% faster CPU, 100% faster GPU, and twice the RAM with all models over predecssors


  • MG83

    Cant wait to read about the Droid Ultra HD, Droid Super Ultra, Droid Super Ultra HD, Droid Super Ultra Maxx, Droid Super Ultra Maxx HD, Droid Super Ultra Mega Maxx, and the Droid Super Ultra Mega Maxx HD.

    • Jerel Butler

      better patent that name you could get some cash

    • Jason Farrell

      Hahah… that’s exactly what was running through my head. Brand confusion. Same with the Galaxy.

  • frankie

    Lady with the glasses: “Dat ass” lol

  • Booker

    DROID Zap sounds like an android stun gun or something…

  • toomuchgame441

    What’s the screen size tho?

  • TheRealBBOX

    No screen size but I know it’s rumored to be 5″ and I otherwise like what I see and I absolutely LOVED my RAZR MAXX . . . now the question becomes do I give up some screen size that the Note 2 has in order to get back the battery life and Smart Actions that I’ve never quite been able to replicate with the Note 2.

    • rabidhunter

      The Maxx and Ultra is 5′
      Mini is 4.3
      It’s official

      • TheRealBBOX

        Five FEET? SIGN ME UP! ;)

        Oh well, I just checked and my next upgrade isn’t until the end of September so Samsung will have time to counter-punch with the Note 3 by then, so hopefully I’ll have two compelling devices to choose from. Really wish Motorola would get in to the big phone game though.

        • rabidhunter

          Crap and I should have known better. I totally forgot to hit the shift key.

  • basschica

    Meh. =| I’m only mildly impressed over my original Droid Razr I’ve got…. still leaning towards HTC One.

  • Jordan Caviness

    Droid please stop going to Verizon. They cant treat you as good as T-mobile!!

    • bob

      What??? Droid IS verizon.

      • Jordan Caviness

        ummm yeah thats what i saying stop being an exclusive and let tmobile get some Droid love! Ya dig?

        • johnny989

          Verizon pays Lucasfilms (and now Disney) for the Droid branding. So that’s why “Droid” = Verizon.

          • Jordan Caviness

            i am aware of that. i feel the same models can be released at other carriers and be named differently. like HTC One X/sprint evo 4g LTE

          • TalkingMoose

            No, they can’t. Exclusivity means only VZW gets that device whether you name it Droid, CoolPhone or Clarence.

          • Adnoxaei

            You can by a GSM “Droid” model, just not here because Verizon paid for part of the development of these devices. Motorola almost always has an international version of the Droid products. That is your option so long as Verizon sinks boatloads of cash into tailoring the devices to their own specs, promoting the Droid brand, and marketing specific Droid models here in the US.

          • Jordan Caviness

            now that is news to me.i did not know that..thanx for info..

        • bob

          Uhhhhh no I don’t “dig”. DROID doesn’t “GO” to Verizon it’s owned by Verizon. Why would Verizon send a VERIZON branded product to Tmobile? If you’re saying you wish in a imaginary world you could get this phone on tmobile I get that. Its also possible that Moto could release the same handset with a non Droid branding in the future (more then likely in Europe if they do) With the X in the pipe line I think that’s unlikely though since they don’t want to dilute their marketing campaign.

          • Jordan Caviness

            lol okay guy! and btw, Verizon does not Own Droid. they are a licensee by LucasArts/Disney to use the Droid name..Own and License are two different things johnny989 can school you further. *drops mic on stage, walks away*

  • Jerel Butler

    i wonder if those 8 cores really mean anything to guys who know about specs

    • WickedToby741

      Well technically speaking four of those cores are GPU cores, so it closer to a quad core than an octo core. Think of it as a quad core that has two cores optimized for background activities.

  • Jerel Butler

    I also wonder if that 8X systerm is respoible for the motoX’s benchmarks as well

    • WickedToby741

      It should be. It’s already been confirmed that Motorola is using a Krait CPU and GPU so that explains why the benchmark saw it as an 8960T S4 Pro.

  • Jay Holm

    16GB’s of internal storage? So another words, nothing!

    • Jerel Butler

      i could work with only 8

  • addicuss

    hrm, when was the last time I was excited about a droid announcement…. I mean I guess this one counts if only because It’s hopefully the last of a dreadful line of motorola verizon schill phones.



  • TheAtheistReverend

    I’m sorry, but that is hideous.

  • contraus

    Looks really wide and boxy. I think it’s ugly as hell. I wouldn’t buy it simply on looks alone. HTC One is MUCH better looking.