Moto X camera UI leaked, shows off gesture functions and settings wheel


The Moto X is still set to be formally announced on August 1st and after all the leaks, we can’t help but wonder if there will be anything left of the device we haven’t already seen in hundreds of leaks. Take the camera UI for instance, which we initially got a look at via a leaked Rogers video. In the video, a woman demonstrated how the Moto X’s 10MP camera could be triggered using a unique wrist flicking gesture. From there, taking a picture was as easy as tapping the screen, or holding on it for burst shots.


Today, we get a clearer look at the Moto X’s camera UI, along with the settings wheel, accessed by pulling from the left bezel of the display. Really, Motorola did a great keeping the UI very clean and uncluttered. When in shooting mode, there’s only 2 small buttons along the bottom that can be pressed to switch to the front facing camera, or go into video mode. You’ll notice a few new features like slow-mo, and auto-HDR inside the settings wheel but other than that, it’s pretty standard photo stuff.

Moto X camera UI

Word on the street is the Moto X will feature “Clear pixel” technology, a fancy way of saying better camera hardware than we’re typically used to from Motorola devices. Of course, we’ll have more once we get an official look at the device come August 1st.


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  • Damon Lewis

    The twist gesture looks so awkward. A simple icon on the lock screen is much better.

    • TheDave1022

      Think it’s more about you can do that gesture anytime you want (in game, in app, etc)

    • Qbancelli

      I disagree. A twist gesture would be faster since you can do it as you take the phone out of your pocket.

      • Jordan Caviness

        i agree, gestures always beat physical inputs…just about all the time.

      • Marsg

        Could have jsut added a dedicated camera button like the old Motorola Droid devices.

      • Anthony McKay

        I can really see someone showing off this phone and be like..

        “Yo dude, check out my new Moto X phone!.. You can launch the camera app simply by flicking your wrist!” (looks like an idiot doing so) *phones flies out of hand into a precipice*

        • Pratik Thakkar

          You would always have the option to not use the gesture & do it the standard way. People who want to show off can do so.

    • scoter man1

      Yeah, I’m absolutely sick of the 4.2 Jellybean crap that we have right now. The touch and slide stuff is so cumbersome. Oh, whoops, I wasn’t close enough to the center to slide right to adjust my white balance. Let me do that again… *facepalm*

  • gtbarry

    I wonder how much of this is hardware and how much is 4.3

    • DavidVarghese

      You mean how much is Moto Blur and how much is 4.3 right?

      • gtbarry

        No. The half circle settings interface is something I have seen a lot for 4.3 camera ui. But the wrist to launch camera appears to be very unique to Moto X leaks.

        • Joshua Hill

          Except for the whole Samsung thing already discussed in these very same comments. It’s been available since 4.0 or 4.1 using the accelerometers available in phones for ages.

          • Joshua Hill

            Silly me, Moto is German company bought out by USA company so they’re the good guys. Samsung is Korean, enough said ^.^

        • DavidVarghese

          I’m sure it’s just an accelerometer and some software tweaks to react to that twisting motion. Won’t be surprised if it came on/already on a ROM.

          • Joshua Hill

            Geez dude did I already say that in the very same discussion???

          • DavidVarghese

            I’m using the mobile app and not all the comments load on it. F**k me right?

          • Joshua Hill

            If you weren’t known to be a touchwiz hater which has had many of these features for ages I probably would have let it slide.

          • DavidVarghese

            And I should care whether you let it slide or not? I’m in no way praising this feature, so I’m not sure why you brought up TouchWiz.

            TouchWiz isn’t my favorite Android skin, and I stay constant to what I believe in. The only thing that can change my mind is Samsung themselves; when they overhaul TouchWiz to be less bloated, and more minimalistic.

          • Joshua Hill

            You don’t like Touchwiz and you’ve been very vocal about it in the past yet you don’t even know the features Touchwiz has had for the last few years.

            The relevance, well it makes you an uninformed hypocrite. Probably not too bright either if I had to point the relevance out to you.

          • DavidVarghese

            I really don’t understand where your anger is spewing out from.
            I guess I shouldn’t expect much from a known Samsung fanboy preacher: preachin’ the good word of how TouchWiz had this feature before anyone else.

            Here’s the thing: No one brought up TouchWiz but yourself! No one exclaimed how this twisting motion was revolutionary, or a super good idea. Take your pulpit somewhere else, cause it’s not doing any good here.

          • Joshua Hill

            While you agreed with my estimation of you and hating Touchwiz I’ll have to disagree with your estimation of me.

            Yes I like Samsung smartphones. Some may even call me a fanboi and I probably wouldn’t protest. However I am most certainly not a fan of Touchwiz or Samsung’s tablets as another example.

            Plenty of tech sites and individuals commenting have described the Moto X as revolutionary or words to that effect. Of course Motorola and google have been saying the same thing hyping their product.

            To claim you are unaware that the Moto X is supposed to be some revolutionary smartphone shows your either ignorant or deliberately ignoring the truth to favour your argument/viewpoint.

          • DavidVarghese

            Hate is a strong word, but okay.

            Other sites have called it revolutionary? Cool, go comment there. Phandroid has never called it revolutionary, I, or no one in the comments called it revolutionary. The only person claiming that it is it you, and how Samsung had this feature since 4.0 (I believe Cyangenomod 7, a gingerbread ROM, had this feature long before Samsung).
            I’m not making any argument at all! All I’ve said, that you seem to be mad at me for saying, is that “I’m sure it’s just an accelerometer and some software tweaks to react to that twisting motion. Won’t be surprised if it came on/already on a ROM.”

            Isn’t that a statement rather than an argument? You’re blowing things way out of proportion, which lies in your inter-dwellings of hate towards TouchWiz “haters” and the holy word of TouchWiz invoking your every comment. Please in the future, keep your comments relevant to the article (Samsung article, praise Samsung. Moto X article, keep it shut), which in all your comments below, isn’t.

          • Joshua Hill

            ‘Won’t be surprised if it came on a ROM’ Of course you wouldn’t because you’ve just admitted this was in CM based on gingerbread. Another example of you ignoring facts you know because they don’t fit with your current argument.

            I doubt anybody that has bothered to read our exchange will believe anything you have to say again.

            Yes I get angry and frustrated that you seem to willingly mislead people with your statements.

          • DavidVarghese

            Thanks for not quoting me fully by the way. I said “…Won’t be surprised if it came on/already on a ROM.”
            In another comment, you said, “They might have been in the S1 too for all I know.”

            The problem is, you DON”T know. And just for your future knowledge, it wasn’t in the S1.
            Another example of you nitpicking to favor your argument and your ignorance to jump at certain things without knowing what you’re getting yourself into.

            Please, go blow off some steam, go watch the 24/7 watch for the unveiling of the Royal Baby, and let this go. You seem quick to point out the speck in other people’s eye when there’s a plank in yours.

          • Joshua Hill

            You criticise me for playing it safe and saying it may have been in the S1 but only confirming it was in the S2 and newer. Previously you had a go for me saying something was in 4.0 or 4.1 when in fact it was around from at least 2.3 which I did suspect but didn’t want to misinform people.

            The more you talk the more you contradict yourself and come across as a hypocrite.

          • DavidVarghese

            That didn’t make sense to me, but okay. You believing I’m a hypocrite is cute since your opinion isn’t valued to me after seeing you like this.
            Obviously two hard heads going at it in the forums isn’t gonna do anything.

            Let me know how cute the Royal Baby is.

          • Joshua Hill


            P.S. I’m Australian not English although we do use the Queen’s English not American.

      • schitzengigles10

        MotoBlur died like a year and a half ago

        • DavidVarghese

          What is it called now?

          • Timbo1

            Still called Blur in the software….last time I looked at the Droid Razr it was still called Blur anyway.

  • BulletTooth_Tony

    oh my god… gestures? Things nobody will ever use like all the geeks were saying when Samsung started throwing them in Touchwiz with the S3 and expanded on in the S4? How dare Google copy Samsung again and put such useless features in stock. What’s next, a T9 dialer?

    • Jordan Caviness

      well technically u cant say “nobody” because you do not know “everybody”. i know alot of people who have samsung devices and use gestures.. the top three gestures i see people use are:
      1)swipe across screen to take screenshot.
      2)turn phone over on face to silent ringtone.
      3)pull up phone towards face when texting to automatically call that person.
      so to be fair…not all gestures are useless…and like other “geeks” they also say that it is good to have them avaialable even if they are not widely used.

      • Sean Royce

        Such a perfect comment.

      • Minja Miketa

        I think he was being sarcastic.

        • Joshua Hill

          I think he also missed the point. Like this is NOT new. Instead @jordancaviness:disqus focussed on a single word: “everybody”.

        • Jordan Kinsely


          • Joshua Hill

            & dumber ^

          • Jordan Kinsely

            & Even more Dumb ^.

          • Joshua Hill

            Not a movie reference, you lose :p

          • Jordan Kinsely

            Oh, I thought you we’re intelligent enough to understand. I guess i’ll cut you some slack.

          • Joshua Hill

            Oh I thought you were intelligent enough to use disqus oldest first not newest first. But seems as your arrow points to the wrong person using one of those methods I decided to hound you :)

          • Jordan Kinsely

            ^Looks Dumb

          • Joshua Hill

            Are you pointing at yourself. Yes you do look…

            Apparently my post went missing???

      • BulletTooth_Tony

        Thanks for the long reply, but I’m not one that thinks gestures are useless… In case you missed the entire point of my post. I’ve long stated that Touchwiz offers much more than Google does, and more often than not Google copies them. Nobody ever wants to hear it tho.

        • Joshua Hill

          Dude people love to hate Samsung. Surest way to get downvoted other than saying how good HTC is, is to say how good Samsung is. They’re the apple of the android world and us android sheep are big haters.

        • Jordan Caviness

          lmao ok.

    • Joshua Hill

      Samsung had a lot of these gestures in the S2 too. Well before the S3 launched from memory. They might have been in the S1 too for all I know.

    • No_Nickname90

      This is Stock Android? I thought it was running MotoBlur? Explain the translucent NavBar. That’s a MotoBlur design.

      And gestures are lovely. When I had my E4GT (GS2) I would use gestures quite often. Especially lifting your phone to your face to call the visible contact. I actually forgot how to call people any other way. LoL!!

      I will admit the S4 has a lot of “unusual” gestures. Like that look to slide gesture is just… no. LoL!!

      • BulletTooth_Tony

        I love gestures, thank you very much. All the geeks don’t tho. They think the turds Google lays in stock smell the sweetest and any deviation from that is punishable by death. Yet release after release, Google copies more and more from their OEMs.

  • Travillion

    This phone is looking pretty rad, except for the hardware specs. Here’s to hoping that the optimizations make up for it. Really considering it for the wife.

  • ryan rochford

    I love the transparent nav buttons!

    if it comes out at $199 on contract here in the U.S. it will do “OK”. As in HTC OneX ‘ok’. its nothing earth shattering, and there are a lot of Moto diehards (especally old nextel folk on sprint, they are CONVINCED they ‘have the best radios’ though i think a lot of that is placibo effect from the old days when Nextel ruled the marketplace). Plus, on most US carriers there are not a ton of ~4″ android phones that are problem free and smooth.

    However, If they launch at $99, or $150-50mir i think it will explode. but thats just me.

    • Tarik Husejinovic

      Aren’t most phones $199 on contract?

      • ryan rochford


        Usually flagships are though (t-mo aside). Right now on most carriers the ONE, gS4, ip5 are all marked at 199. but these phones usually drop to around $99 after 6mo-1yr after launch (unless you are on VZW).

        But, carrier branded devices, mid range phones, last years flagships, are usually at $99.

        right now on sprint, the iPhone 5, the HTC One, and Samsung s4 are $199.99 (and the s4 is BOGO, so for $300 with $100 in MIR you get 2 of them). While the HTC EVO LTE (oneX), Optimus G, Galaxy s III, Sprint Vital, iPhone 4s, and HTC 8XT (wp8) are all $99. What group will the MoX be able to better compete with? i think the answer is clear, and hopefully it will be priced that way.

  • Joshua Hill

    Gee Samsung’s only been doing this for like 2 years yet when Motorola finally catches up it’s suddenly a revolution???

    • Anthony Walker

      Well, I haven’t heard anyone claim it’s revolutionary. I think it’s kind of gimmicky like most of Samsung’s gestures.

      • Joshua Hill

        The whole Moto X commentary/leaks/marketing has been: It may not be a high end phone but it’s going to have all these sensors and gestures and revolutionise the way we think about and use our phones.

  • Butters619

    Finally Moto worked on their terrible camera software

  • Sean

    I can just see all the people accidentally throwing their phones and breaking the glass while trying to open the camera app. Then they’ll blame Motorola and Google.

    • blip

      If Nintendo have taught us nothing else, expect an official Moto X wrist strap some time after launch.

  • DavidB23

    If you tap anywhere to snap the picture; how do you manually select an area to focus on? Seems un-intuitive.

    • spicymeatball

      I imagine it will combine the focus and the snap picture into one function. Where you tap to take photo it will focus.

  • kishan

    Is it a camera or Phone they are releasing? Cam is secondary. I want what this mobile “Phone” offers in terms of “Phone” features. Speed, Graphics. Game capabilities, Battery life, sound clarify, etc. Just focusing on Cam is not going to cut it.

    • blip

      Surely your argument is eroded by mentioning ‘Game capabilities’ under the features of a phone? All we’ve learned is that you’d prefer not to carry around a 3DS/Vita as well as a phone.

      I don’t personally game too much on my handset, but don’t always want to be carrying a camera around.

      Your opinion is no less valid than mine, but it’s hardly fair to criticise a company for not catering to your exact needs, advertising-wise. Especially when it’s not even official information from Moto…

  • idongacha

    I think the killer news would be 249-299 no contract.

    • spicymeatball

      That would shake things up for sure. I would love to see another manufacture or phone line enter that price range as long as we still get a nexus device every now and then.

    • Android_1million_Apps_Games

      made in USA? by Motorola that has to start making money? Designed by you?
      Google and Motorola are NOT going to become cheap made in USA charity-like vendor making $2 on a device;) while Apple will sell its made in CHINA products for $650.

      VERY Basic – low end- configuration starting at $299 – MAYBE this is true.

  • No_Nickname90

    Anti-racial demonstration hands. =.3

  • jpio906

    Why is tapping on the screen considered a good method to take a photo? It tends to cause the phone to move and produce blurry pictures. Why is it so hard to have a dedicated button for taking photos? Much more stable method like a real camera. The phone doesn’t even have to have a separate button, why not have the volume rocker become the shutter button in camera mode.

    • Jason Farrell

      Tapping a dedicated camera button causes the same blur as on-screen. The “secret” to non-blurry photos using the onscreen method, btw, is to touch, hold, and then release when you’re ready. (Or use one of the anti-shake camera apps that takes a photo when the accelerometer is nearest zero).

      • jpio906

        The dedicated button (like a real camera) is usually positioned so that you are firmly holding the device with both hands when you push the button, thus not creating any unwanted movement.

        Holding it with one hand, and tapping the screen with another hand is what makes it less than ideal. Although most people that like taking good photos would argue that taking a picture with a phone is already less than ideal.

        • Jason Farrell

          Sure, stabilisation is important no matter the camera used. The extra inertial mass of larger cameras is another factor in their favor.

          With phones, I almost always use two steady hands, and use the release to take the picture VS tap. Pretty good results.

  • Andrew Henderson

    Why not just say ‘Click’ (or ‘Cheese':) to take a picture?
    © Copyright by me :)

  • Mastermind

    Give yourself 2 wanks and the camera app will open. KTHNX #YOLO #SWAG

  • Android_1million_Apps_Games

    Motorola shouldn’t DISAPPOINT US!!!
    made in USA FTW!