Pac-Man Dash! now available on Google Play – The Pac is back in a high-speed action runner

Pac-Man Dash banner

The Pac is back and he’s received a fresh new makeover for 2013. It was back during last month’s E3 we ran into Namco Bandai’s huge outdoor booth where a plethora of cute girls were showing off “Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures,” coming soon to consoles. This is a title based off a Disney XD show of the same name and today, the Pac-Man from that same universe has arrived on Android devices.

Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures E3 2013

Pac-Man Dash! — now available on Google Play — is more of a spin-off than a reboot, but one things for certain: this isn’t your grandma’s Pac-Man. Following mobile gaming’s latest trend, Pac-Man Dash features the trademark yellow hero from the 80’s in a balls-to-the-wall, endless running action platformer. There are still thousands of cookies and ghosts to help quench Pac-Man’s insatiable appetite, but you’re going to need to buckle up because things move fast. PMD features 4 save files — complete with Google Drive integration — so your friends and/or family can play at their own pace, without messing up your progress or score.

Pac-Man Dash powerups

Honestly, I haven’t seen an Android title with this level of polish in quite sometime. On a 1080p resolution display, Pac-Man Dash looks absolutely gorgeous. Colors pop, animations are smooth and fluid, and after you factor in blistering fast gameplay and the free entry fee — Namco Bandai really hit this one out of the ballpark. If it looks even remotely interesting, don’t waste another minute and give Pac-Man Dash a download on your Android device right now.  You’re going to love it.

[Pac-Man Dash of Google Play]

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  • Thomas

    I just blew my power pellets all over that pic.

    • Nat


  • Charles Sweeney

    Pac-Man Dash aka Sonic Clone….it does look interesting though, I’ll give it that.

  • ScottColbert

    Not compatible with Nexus7? Really?

    • Chris Chavez

      Interesting. Looks like it’s compatible with every device except Google TV and the Nexus 7. How weird. Maybe they’ll fix it in an update…

      • ScottColbert

        Bad enough I couldn’t play Leisure Suit Larry on my Nexus, and now this? It’s like my adolescence is being conspired against! :P

    • Chimphappyhour

      Try it again, I saw it as an option for the N7 just now when I looked.

      • ScottColbert

        Thanks for letting me know!

        • Chimphappyhour

          You’re welcome. Hope you’re as pleasantly surprised by this game as I am. Not bad for free. (Although I haven’t played it enough to see the I’m sure to come freemium stage.)

          • ScottColbert

            am, it’s not my typical game genre but I’m having a blast with it. Having saves in Google drive is very as well.

  • PD

    Too bad you cant download it yet

  • PD

    Cant download it yet

  • Jody Schoolcraft

    Well HELLO Ms.PacMen!!

  • CerealFTW

    you know it’s a Chris article when there are pictures of somewhat above average girls

  • Tony Hannides

    ……..Do the girls come with the game?

  • RozJC

    Chris does this on purpose.

    Putting pics of good looking women in the article to get more reads…I know your game, Chavez! I got you figured out… O_o

    (I’ll take all 3 please..)

  • Scotsman of Loch Ness

    It there an option to get it with the gals pictured above? ^_^

  • Tony Lai

    Pacman doesn’t have arms and legs… does it!?

  • Jason Stewart

    What a wonderful news for Pac-Man lovers! Now enjoy favorite PC game on Android Phone… Going to download…