HTC begins teasing HTC One Mini announcement for tomorrow

HTC One Mini teaser

It’s been a long time coming, but after numerous leaks it seems HTC is finally ready to make the HTC One Mini official. The Taiwanese manufacturer took to their UK Twitter account to tease a “little bit of news” coming tomorrow. This was followed by the above image of something that looks an awful lot like the HTC One, but tucked away neatly in a pocket.

While the “regular” HTC One isn’t huge by any means, it could still be a little large for many. Even with a 4.7-inch display, there is enough bezel along the top and bottom to make the device taller than other devices with the same screen size. We can’t wait to see how this device compares to its other tiny rival, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini which by most accounts, shares more in common with low-end offerings than the actual S4. Expect the One Mini to come equipped with a 720p display, 1GB of RAM, and 16GB of internal storage.

If we’re really lucky, who knows. Maybe they’ll release a Google Play edition of this device as well. ;)

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    If the 1GB RAM spec holds true,I’d opt for the HTC AMAZE instead,which is similarly spec’d,plus has a removable/extended battery + SD Card slot.

    Put a JB ROM on it,& save the $.

    • Caleb Loop

      Noo way dude, I wouldnt say these phones has similar specs at all. Dont let the fact that this doesnt say quad-core fool you into thinking this is a low end phone.

      • KOLIO

        Not at all.Neither phone is low-end,but,if the HTC ONE MINI is premium priced,I’d still opt for the HTC AMAZE,if given a choice.

        Almost forgot about the MOTO X,another phone to compare to the MINI.

        I already have the HTC ONE & love it,just a bit disappointed that the MINI doesn’t have the same internals…………………

        • Caleb Loop

          Oh well of course. I dont understand why they make mini phones with different specs.. I suppose to cut on manufacturing costs and yield a higher profit margin. But Id definitely put the HOM higher up there than the Amaze for sure. That phone is severely dated. Plus the one mini has all the things the average consumer will recognize from the one( boomsound,blinkfeed, ultrapixel etc).

          • Chris Chavez


            Mini will have a MUCH better hardware and software than the Amaze.

            Amaze was pretty badass when it came out though..

  • HeatFan305

    Let it come to T-Mobile.

  • shujia