Custom OUYA mods are already here [VIDEO]

People love customizing their stuff. It is identical to thousands (or millions) of other products in the world internally, so being able to change how it looks on the outside is quite important to some people. That’s why we were glad to see someone with such a passion for customization happened to hook it up on his OUYA unit.

User modder420 over at has posted a nice video of his extreme makeover. Dubbed “Hellraiser,” the OUYA chassic has been outfitted with some nice, gold-ish trim to make it stand out. The modder made sure to leave room for the device’s include ports, as well as slits for its ventilation. What’s really cool is the LED lighting embedded inside. He used an independent source of power for the lighting, so he can keep the unit illuminated while it’s shut off.

Other mods made to the OUYA include a touch-sensitive power button, as well as some Hellraiser theme music whenever it’s powered on. That extra bit of uniqueness is pretty insane.

The controller wasn’t left alone either, with the modder using golden trim around a majority of it with blood spatter patterns on the back and images from the Hellraiser movie gracing the front. I’d certainly say the console would be worthy of praise from anyone involved in the Hellraiser franchise. You can get a full look at the user’s handy work on his quick video above.

PS:┬áIf you’re interested in knowing how he went about all this, be sure to check out his worklog videos (1, 2, and 3) to be taken along for the ride throughout the customization process.

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  • Russ

    The chassis hasn’t been “outfitted with some nice, gold-ish trim to make it stand out” it’s a replica of the puzzle box.

    • Quentyn Kennemer

      I’m sorry. I’m not real big on Hellraiser. Regardless, it’s still nice, gold-ish trim.

  • raw666

    I’d sell my soul for it. Just sayin =)

  • sc4fpse

    Next: Companion Cube? <3

    • jbo1018

      You know it will be done eventually. I would imagine someone out there is already working on it.

  • bbaker505

    that’s pretty sweet except I think he needs to change the battery in his smoke detector…

  • sdrawkcab25

    what’s that saying?… you can polish a turd, but in the end you just have a shiny turd…

  • Marty

    I hope someone makes a GameCube mod.

  • Max

    It’s pretty nicely done, but I bet the buttons on that controller stick.

  • Richard Lowery

    I want some mini classic consoles.

    Can you imagine a miniature NES/SNES/Megadrive shaped case?

    Or how about a mini arcade cabinet with custom decals on the sides?