Google Maps Street View takes us to the most exotic location yet — inside a carwash?

Street View carwash

After taking us to the top of a fiery volcano, the Great Barrier Reef, and even the White House, Google Maps is finally taking Street View allowing us to travel with them on their greatest adventure yet… inside a carwash. Okay, so it’s not that exciting, but it’s definitely the last place I’d expect to get the virtual Street View treatment. I suppose it makes sense, it is a business after all.

If you want to check out the images from inside Clean Freak Carwash located on 44th and McDowell in Phoenix, Arizona, hit the source link below on either your desktop browser or Android-powered device. In the meantime, I’ll be filling out my resume to become a Google Street View driver.

[Clean Freak Carwash]

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  • Mike

    Awesome! I go through clean freak all the time

  • Steve

    Correction: 44th* and McDowell.

  • supremekizzle

    Oooooo sketchy, Google, should’ve gone to a touch-less wash.

  • Fred Marshall

    Spin your view so you’re looking at the ground. Near the end of the wash you see some odd shadows. What the hell is it that went through the wash? It doesn’t seem to be a car…and it doesn’t seem to be a person.


    • Eric Junior

      Looks like a camera tripod to me.

      • barry99705

        Yea, they didn’t drive a car through, they used a tripod and camera array. Look at the reflection in the tailgate of the ford in front.

        • Nick Fillion

          makes sense… i would think a car wash would severely damage the street view equipment on top of a car

  • ac

    Should’ve been a bikini car wash instead!…LOL