Angry Birds Star Wars 2 announced, coming September 19th


Rovio teased new Angry Birds Star Wars news for today, and the development studio has come through on its promise. Rovio has officially announced a sequel to Angry Birds Star Wars, and we’ve even been given a release date to look forward to. September 19th is the launch date for the sequel to the original, which saw many different characters and places from the Star Wars universe reimagined as birds with great powers and abilities.

Whereas the first Angry Birds Star Wars game covered the original trilogy, Angry Birds Star Wars 2 fittingly takes us through the prequels which launched afterward. The game will feature over 30 Star Wars characters, one of which — Jar Jar Binks — Rovio will neither confirm nor deny (their tongue-in-cheek reference to him has us holding on to high hope).

The game will be compatible with over 30 collectible TELEPODS by Hasbro, which are character figurines you scan with your device’s camera to switch between them in-game. Take a look at the video below to get an idea of how that’ll work.

Alongside all that, Rovio says users will be able to “join the Pork Side,” which we assume is the dark side (or the role that the pigs will be playing), with a certain “emperor” said to be looking for new recruits. Rovio was a bit hush mouth on what, exactly, all this meant, but we’re excited to see what they’ve come up with. September 19th is a long wait, but we’re going to be up bright and early on that day to get a taste of our own.

[via Rovio]

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  • Christopher Cole

    Does anyone still play this?

    • OptimusKLP

      Yes lots of people do.

    • Android Telegraph

      Angry Birds Star Wars got me back into playing it, hadn’t played anything except the first game and the first season release, but the Star Wars stuff got me back into it. Excited for this one, too!

    • TheOtherGuy

      I ain’t bothered unless they introduce cloud saves. I’ve had many android phones since first angry birds and I cannot be bothered to play the same levels over and over again.

      I might do a “one last run” through all of them if and only if they bring persistent saves.

      • lagfest

        They finally put in the cloud saves for the original angry birds. Still waiting for the rest to be updated.

        I’m with you though on how frustrating it is losing all your progress whenever you went to a new device.

    • guitarist5122

      The Star Wars version is the only one worth playing since the original.

  • Robb Nunya

    More crap to buy… Joy…

  • Chris McKeever


  • reznorfan0

    Yay more ads!!! And then some more ads. And also coming soon…even more ads!

  • droi_d


  • TheHowiie

    The original is still in the top 10 games downloaded in the play store.