Apple, Amazon end dispute over “App Store” name

When Amazon set out to launch its own app store to allow Kindle Fire owners to augment their devices with tons of Android apps, Apple took offense. The Cupertino company argued that its “App Store” was out long before anyone else’s, and that Apple deserved rights to the name and anything like it.

Indeed, the term “apps” was essentially coined by Apple, though the term had become so common to describe applications that it’s become a term used in many different other sectors. From gaming consoles and smart TVs to traditional desktop applications, you won’t find a company using any other word to describe its suite of applications.


That’s why Amazon felt it was doing no wrong in using the term ‘Appstore” to describe its digital storefront. The only difference between theirs and Apple’s is a space, so Amazon was technically in the clear when it comes to full-on infringement. Still, Apple went through with a silly and frivolous lawsuit to try and scare Amazon off the name.

Amazon didn’t back down, fighting back and arguing that it should be able to use the name freely. It seems Amazon was right in the end, as Apple seems to have come to an agreement to get the case dismissed. The two are no longer bickering over the use of the name, though Apple wouldn’t be Apple without getting a quick jab in before completely retiring its case:

We no longer see a need to pursue our case,” Apple spokeswoman Kristin Huguet said. “With more than 900,000 apps and 50 billion downloads, customers know where they can purchase their favorite apps.

Funny, that. Apple thinks its consumers are stupid enough to confuse the iPhone and iPad with the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy Tab, but don’t care about “Appstore” vs “App Store.” Color me confused on that one.

One could say Apple’s words weren’t meant to sting, though we have a feeling that’s exactly what they wanted to do when releasing its quick statement. Regardless, Amazon couldn’t be happier that this nonsense is over, and the company will continue doing business with the Appstore name and nary a bully to worry about.

[via Reuters]

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  • W!LL

    lmao….stupid fruit

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      Smart move by Apple. This case
      was as trivial and pointless as…..well…..all their other lawsuits
      have been. Huge waste of money.

  • Patrick Polish

    Funny how apple stole the name of a fruit, fruits should sue their arses to the ground for that.

    • Chad Vincent

      They have been sued, by the music label of the same name from the UK. Multiple times.

      Then later violate the settlement and get sued again. (iPod, iTunes, iTunes Store…)

    • ntegrit

      On the contrary, I’m surprised that Apple hasn’t figured out a way to get anti-Apple commenters on Android blogs charged with violating Food Disparagement Laws (and I’m not making that up!)

    • Heatfan316


      • vesi4a

        I had iphone for 6yrs. ,,2 months ago I got the GS4 ,never had a better phone in my life , apple is going down, i’m tired of their bullshit

  • Havoc70

    And waiting for the next Crapple lawsuit……….

  • Modman

    The appstore with a free app even every day not the one with no free apps till its anniversary. Chances are the appstore cannot be run on a stupid locked down iphone. Only the crapple app store. No alternatives no no nothing. Horrible

  • louched1

    Smart move by Apple. This case was as trivial and pointless as…..well…..all their other lawsuits have been. Huge waste of money.

  • Dan Fryling

    Wait till they put out their smartwatch and sue everyone claiming they invented it and had it patented back in 1970.

    • scoter man1

      Apple -> “We are going to patent watches that have a battery. We feel like it is only fair.”

  • Chris Cosgrove

    Apple = FAIL!

    • Heatfan316

      your mother fails

      • vesi4a

        get lost

    • Sean Royce

      Such a witty comment.

  • Caffiend

    Apple is rolling over way too easy here…. Something’s not right.

  • Go Hawkeyes

    Yup, I know where I want to get my apps. Neither of those places.

  • rabidhunter

    Owners of apple orchards, beware, Apple will sue you for being an apple market.

  • uniquename72

    “the term “apps” was essentially coined by Apple”

    WTF? The term “apps” has been used since at least the early ’90s* as shorthand for “applications.” It’s a generic term, synonymous with “programs.”

    If you have a source for Apple creating this term 20+ years ago, please share.

    *Here’s a CNN article from 2000:
    Here’s a post from 1996:

    And those were just found by googling “windows apps” followed by a random year.

  • Bradha562

    Amazon should have named they storefront the ‘Amazon Appl.Store’ short for application!

  • Azmon Rougier

    apple did NOT coin the term “apps”…that word is simply a shortened form of “application” which is what a software program is….app has been used that way since i started using computers back in the 90s…

    • DroidDoesnt_2

      Burger King did not create the words “Burger” or “King”….so by your logic if someone opened a fast food joint and called it “BurgerKing” they shouldn’t have anything to say about it, right?

      • Azmon Rougier

        u missed my point…i was not talking about the term App Store…just the term “apps”…the writer made an erroneous claim that Apple coined that term…that is NOT TRUE!

      • dsparil

        App Store is more genetic than Buger King. A Burger Restaurant should not be able to copyright “Burger Restaurant.”