T-Mobile’s new JUMP! commercials are hilarious, check all of them out here [VIDEOS]

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T-Mobile’s press event is just wrapping up, and probably the most disruptive new move for the Un-carrier was their newly announced “JUMP!” program that essentially allows customers to upgrade their devices twice per year. To help advertise this insanely scrum-diddly-umptious new service, T-Mobile is going to be airing a series of new ad-spots that we think will be a huge hit with consumers. Check out our compilation of short JUMP! commercials below.

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  • DanWazz

    Brian Huskey and Bill Hader. Awesome!

    • Jeff Saul

      Bill Hader is awesomely funny. He’s pretty much the only reason I still watch SNL anymore.

      • Thomas

        It sucks he is leaving the show :(

      • bucadonebuvi

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        So t-mo eating the extra cost
        after you trade in exchange for you being on one of their plans for an
        extended period of time is called “financing” huh? Sorry I disagree.

  • Toilet Seat Wipe


  • Cierra Butler


  • Toilet Seat Wipe

    These are hilarious how?

    • averymlewis

      I Know right

    • KosmoCrisis

      You know how a comedian is funny because what he/she says is true? That’s how. I’ve never dropped my phone in the urinal, but I know people who have and I laughed my ass in their face. These events are otherwise not funny because of how serious a matter this typically is, being the victim of carrier’s limitations. Reminds me of the RROD and people wrapping Xbox 360s with a towel.

      • WickedToby741

        Actually, when my Xbox RROD’d (the kind that Microsoft wouldn’t warranty), I used the Q-tip method (taking Q-tips and clipping off the ends and then sticking them in the fan ports in the back to keep the fans from spinning) instead and the penny/electrical tape heat sink supplements (literally wrapping pennies in electrical tape and using heat sink compound to adhere them to the four RAM chips on the underside of the motherboard that are notorious for overheating) to get it to last longer. Seemed slightly more legit than wrapping the Xbox in a blanket and far easier. Kept that sucker going for an extra 6 months before she finally died for good. After that something went awry with the GPU. Screen turned a blue hue and then RROD’d for good. Ah, the good ole days.

  • Dan

    I thought T mobile was the carrier that was championing to get away from carrier subsidized phones just a couple of months ago. Now they are promoting plans that attract customers specifically because you can get a lot of carrier subsidized phones… What gives?

    • malcmilli

      its not a subsidized phone… its a financed phone.

      • Dan

        So t-mo eating the extra cost after you trade in exchange for you being on one of their plans for an extended period of time is called “financing” huh? Sorry I disagree.

        • WickedToby741

          “Subsidizing” and “financing” are more or less one in the same anyways, just with subsidizing, the price of the phone is baked into your monthly cost whether the phone is paid off or not whereas with financing your monthly bill drops once the phone is paid off.

          And yes, it’s still financing because it’s like paying $10 extra per month in financing (the JUMP fee) and then T-Mobile recuperates the amount you still owe by refurbishing and reselling your phone once you upgrade.

          Over a six month period (you can do this twice a year, so it averages out to six months) you have to figure that for your device T-Mobile has the initial purchase price (call it $99), six device payments (say $20 x 6 mo = $120), six JUMP fees ($10 x 6 mo = $60), and whatever your device resells for refurbished (say $299). At that rate, they’ve already got $578 from you. A GS4 costs $579 full retail on T-Mobile. I wouldn’t quite say they’re “eating” the cost.

          • Red Colored Glasses

            Do you want this for free? There is a cost associated with it. T-Mo is the only company even offering something like this, at a time when AT&T and Verizon are forcing customers to wait for 24 months. The $10.00 per month, I believe eliminates the need for an insurance plan. I love the idea.

    • Charles Chambers

      They are providing options. Options are nice. Don’t like it, don’t get it.

  • Tony Lai

    So what if you get upgrades, you still pay for the full price on your monthly bill. Instead of $20 per month, you start to pay $40 per month after 6 months when you “upgrade” to a 2nd phone.

    • TayshaunBoba

      Sounds like you didn’t actually read about it. When you turn in your phone when you upgrade, however much you owe is forgiven and you begin paying off the new phone instead.

      • yankeesrule587

        Some people skim and think they know everything……idiots !

  • PhineasJW

    HAH. Bill Hader was a great choice. Well done.


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  • Socalnathan

    The app doesn’t have links to the videos. :-(

  • Chavez is whiny girl man

    Even Dane Cook is not this unfunny