Happy Independence Day! How are you spending your time off?

It’s 4th of July, folks, which means Americans (well, most of them, anyway) are off from work celebrating the day that our country fully gained its independence. With that, I know there are a few of you out there who are going to be doing a bit more than just sitting around the grill with a refreshing beverage in hand chatting up the in-laws.


Personally, I’ll be sinking my teeth into some of the new games I just got for mobile and my 3DS XL. I bought Magic 2014 on my Nexus 7, and this would be my first foray into the Magic series. I’m a little disappointed us Android users were left out of the multiplayer party, but I suppose I can wait until I get back to my Xbox 360 for that. As for the 3DS, aside from continuing my daily grind of duties in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, I’ll be embarking on new journeys in both Pokemon Black 2 and Fire Emblem: Awakening for the first time.

That alone is probably going to take up most of my weekend, but I’ll also be trying to squeeze in some time to try out a few new ROMs on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2. I’ve been playing around with Paranoid Android lately, a marvelous experience, but anyone who knows me knows I can’t sit around on one ROM for too long. I’m surprisingly not missing any of the TouchWiz-specific features that have been sacrificed for a ROM based on AOSP, so perhaps AOKP will be my next try before I get back onto my TouchWiz binge.

Aside from all that, though, it’ll be food, fun and family for the rest of the weekend! So what about you? Are you going to be doing anything with all the extra time you are getting as a result of this wonderful holiday? Doing anything interesting to your phone? Or will you just be kicking back and enjoying your time off? Let us know in the comments section below. Happy Independence Day!

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  • JBrowne1012

    I had to work for a canadian company in america we don’t get time off but time and a half is good

    • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

      that sucks ay

      • Gsizzle


        • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

          that’s why I’m not Canadian :) USA USA USA.

          • Dan


          • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

            big talk from the country who unleashed Nickleback and Justin bieber on the world

          • Dan

            haha I’ll give you Bieber, but you guys have a never ending list of jacknapes, you’re fighting a losing battle ;)

          • Cesar Ortiz

            lol made my day

          • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

            lol looks like there are 4 Canadians without a sense of humor.

    • Fahim

      do you get canada day

      • JBrowne1012

        My job doesn’t believe in holidays off

  • MG83


    • Janice S. Roberts

      what Chris answered I am dazzled that any body can make $4769 in four weeks on the computer. have you read this link w­w­w.K­E­P­2.c­o­m

  • Chris Brown

    I’m going to update Jellybeans to v19 for the galaxy note 2 courtesy of @beanstown106

  • Corey Marrier


  • Go Hawkeyes

    Cleaning out my garage. Will probably take the entire 4 day weekend. It’s not that bad, I’m just lazy.

  • macgiobuin

    Burgers on the grill—-when it’s not raining.

    • macgiobuin

      Well, the rain has moved festivities and cooking indoors. But the celebration continues. Currently on my SECOND round of my favorite beverage:

      20 oz. glass filled with crushed ice
      2 jiggers of spiced rum (Captain Jack No. 94 this go around)
      top off glass with Cherry Coke Zero

      after 3 of these, any day is a celebration….


  • Albert Orange

    Isn’t it a bit presumptuous to assume that we all have “time off” for Independence Day? Some people like me work today. And then… some readers of this website are not Americans.

    • guitarist5122

      Duh…and he didn’t say everyone has today off. Everyone knows that not everyone gets today off. It’s actually my first 4th of July off in a long time.

  • Banned_from_Japan

    Like everyone else. Bbq and beer.

  • Greek_Ice

    I started drinking before this article was posted.

    • Sean Royce

      Get some rum in to ya!

  • gloriousnumber1

    Time off? My workplace is open all year so unless a holiday falls on a day I’m not scheduled, I work.

  • JamersonHaddock

    Working. But double time plus 8 the next 2 days helps make up for it.

  • Dia Mortensen

    Day off? I’ll be working.

  • Roaduardo

    F’n sleeping… Ugh…

  • Brandon Watkins

    lol doing the America stuff! Going shooting!

  • Sean Royce

    Not in Australia!

  • Jerel Butler

    Yes I am working

  • Nick

    I’ll be doing some painting for the in-laws today, then hopefully a BBQ and possibly going to watch some fireworks in a nearby town….But ya, I’m on v19 Jellybeans and its probably the best ROM out right now IMO. Cuz altho touchwiz is starting to grow on me. Jellybeans has the stock look and feel, but all the touchwiz features are fully functional. So for anyone who wants the stock look and feel but with a little love from touchwiz then go with Jellybeans ROM v19. Off the HOOK!!!! Happy 4th everyone….try not to get to drunk…..or stoooonnneeeddd =)

  • Dan

    I live in Canada so I’m working, although I got the 24th of june and the 1st of july off so I can’t complain

  • Jordan Caviness

    3 B’s: Beer, BBQ, B!tche$

  • modman

    Hanging out in Canada and Buffalo NY around Niagra Falls’
    Attractions in Ontario and beer are cheaper.
    But food in us in cheaper.

  • pr0xidian

    Try the pacman ROM on your note 2. Its a combination of cyanogenmod, aokp, and paranoid android in one ROM. Its amazing.

  • j

    My company is only closed on Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, so I’ll be working. Get paid double time though, and I’m off before the fireworks, so I don’t mind.

  • cowboy

    Cooln …

  • Adam Heinrich

    No day off for me. I work in a prison, so I’ll be keeping certain people from enjoying the freedom they’ve proven they can’t quite handle.

  • jessez93

    working tonight. NO time and a half. the company only recognizes Christmas and thanksgiving as holidays. and we have those days off. scandalous right?

  • cliff

    Working. Double time and a half makes me happy

  • chargerman165

    Time off? I’m a cop. Already worked shift now at second job but after tomorrow on vacation for a week.

  • ljhughes8


  • anonymously_redacted

    Pssssh? We never close! I’m busy selling Androids! (and by that I mean selling iPhones to old people, sadly). That said, I’m getting paid double time, so I can’t complain much

  • Jordan Caviness

    cant find magic 2014???!!!!

  • tomn1ce

    I was off and enjoyed a nice bbq with the family…we had a great time and tomorrow the bbq’s continues…

  • lolwut


  • 91firebirder

    Time off? It was a 13 hour work day…