Snapchat for Android updated with new Holo UI, sexting never looked so good

Snapchat for Android update

Snapchat has been widely used by the YOLO generation of youngsters to send off quick selfies to their peers. One of the fugliest Android apps I’ve used in recent memory, it’s only today that Snapchat has been spiffed up with a much cleaner user interface, all new for version 3.0.1.

Gone is the “shiny” iOS button UI, replaced now with something more in tune with Android’s design guidelines. The biggest change is in camera mode where the horrible, big, plastic blue bar has been replaced by clear, transparent shutter button and nothing else. You’ll notice conversation view and even the settings have been given some TLC, all welcomed changes for sure. The best part comes with the all new gesture navigation, allowing you to swipe between all the menus pictures above.

Now, if anyone needs me, I’ll be doing 20 pushups before I sending off pics of my man-baby body to barely legal young girls. HOLOYOLO.

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  • REVS

    sexting thing is a myth

    • James

      Speak for yourself.

      • REVS

        lol i get 100 retarted selfies to every tit shot

        • jeff54

          so youre stuck at 99 selfies too eh?

    • Sean Royce

      Maybe for a virgin like yourself.


      LOL you need to make some new friends then. The (legal) younger crowd is more willing to sext

  • Mr. Smith

    Why is this site forever making fun of hipsters they love android too can’t we all just be one big family

    • KosmoCrisis

      Because Chris is one. You will never be comfortable with yourself unless you can make fun of yourself.

      • ari_free

        It’s just that when hipsters see an app like this they think “Wow! Now I
        can send everyone I know a pic of what I had for lunch today!”

  • scoter man1

    Chris, do you even lift?

    • Chris Chavez

      No ._.

      • scoter man1

        It’s alright man, we still love you.

      • MHinvallover4706

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        Because Chris is one. You will never be comfortable with yourself unless you can make fun of yourself.


        If I’m not mistaken, that was a reference to a YouTube prank:

    • chris420o


  • Tyson

    You guys don’t get crazy sexy pics maybe you should all hit the gym

    • chris420o

      do u even lift bro?

  • Mike Wazowski

    Barley legal Sexting?……downloads snapchat

  • socalrailroader

    Yolo is a county in NorCal, what is the Yolo Generation? lol Proud 41 year old Gen X guy here! :D Hipsters? Haha, no thanks, we Gen X people are the coolest baby!

    • Go Hawkeyes


  • Mike Wazowski

    It lags on my sgs4. I hope they fix it soon.

  • Mastermind


  • G1andonly

    Snapchat you say…..barly legal you say…….downloading snapchat I say….ready for some sexting I are great chris