Soundwave is a social network for music lovers, auto-posts your music in real-time

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Seems there’s a social network for all our media these days. We’ve got Vine for video, Instagram for pictures (and now video), and now there’s Soundwave for our music. The beautifully designed app recently hit the Google Play Store and allows users to share and discover music in fun new ways.

First off, Soundwave is able to tag and share the music you’re listening to in real time. No buttons to push, no Android intents, simply play your favorite music on your device and watch as it shows up on your activity feed. Like any other social network, you can follow your friends, celebs or athletes, and keep tabs on what everyone else is listening to. With Rdio and Spotify compatibility, it also works fine at tagging music from your all-you-can-stream music services (even Play Music All Access).

Soundwave for android

Other neat features include being able to see what’s currently topping the charts, what’s the most liked, and even the most disliked (cough, Justin Bieber). Ever wonder what songs are being played in your area? There’s a map view to quickly scan and see what people are listening to in your city, street, or building.

Clicking on a friends song will play a clip, and you can even watch music videos via YouTube, buy directly on Google Play, or jump straight into Rdio to begin playing the full song. We’d love to see this functionality in Google Play All Access (devs, if you’re listening). The best part about Soundwave is it’s completely free and ready to download right now in the Google Play Store. If you’re into indie/alternative/electro/pop, look me up!

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  • Ryan O’Neill


    • Chris Chavez


      • Shawn_Locke

        This guy can’t even make an account but wants to fix spelling errors? Come on dude, get a life.

        • ac

          Come on, it makes complete sense for Chris to edit the headline to say, “…auto-posts you are music in real time.”…ROFLMAO

    • Jordan Caviness

      you’re a dumb ass

      • Paul Taylor

        your* lol, or he won’t understand

  • BoomerJMoore

    How do I find you on there? I looked up Chris Chavez and got nothing lol

    • Chris Chavez

      I think I’m under Christopher Chavez. Let me see if I can change my name to just Chris…

  • BoomerJMoore

    I mean a lot of Chris’ showed up. Not you though lol

  • Malik

    Good app suggestion. Followed you, Chris. Would love to follow more people. Always looking for new music listened to by actual people versus algorithmic suggestions. lol

  • Tony Hannides

    So although Google Music All Access offers their own recommendation engine, this is better? Does it play the music via the app or redirect back to GMAA?

    • Chris Chavez

      This is different. It’s social. More about knowing what you’re friends are listening to (and the people in your city) and discovering through that. More like passive word of mouth.

      The app will play a clip of the music in your Activity Feed, but not the entire song. There’s a link that will take you to a song in Rdio, but no Google Play Music (yet). Right now you’d have to search the artist/song title manually.

  • Jordan Caviness

    already gave it a two star rating…it uploaded two songs that i was listening to..but then it stopped updating…re-installed three times and still did the same thing…once fixed,ill be back on as i am intrigued by the concept..good find Chavez!

  • Larkhillv

    This would be nice if I didn’t hate the music my friends like and vice versa lol.

  • Kritsana Piriyakitpaiboon

    What’s the difference between this and soundtracking?

  • Craig Watson

    Hey guys, Craig here – one of the founders. Delighted to hear that you’re enjoying the app. If you’ve any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me directly at and I’ll do my best to help. Looking forward to seeing you on it!

  • Gibz

    I’m going to start using this with Google account, I wish it had options for Twitter. :)

  • DJ Lawless Oneā„¢

    Needs Twitter integration! Back to soundtracking.

  • Shawn_Locke

    I hope Facebook eventually gets a feature like this. It sucks having different social networks for different things.

    • Paul Taylor

      It does, doesn’t it? Everything I listen to on Spotify automatically shows up in my Facebook feed. Not sure about Rdio as I don’t use it.

  • Independent Artist

    Nice work, can’t wait to get my music on there. Check out my Mint Music at

  • Chris Chavez

    Done and DONE. :D