Facebook opens up new beta testing program for their Android app, invites everyone to join


Facebook wants to show Android users exactly how committed they are to providing them with the best mobile experience possible, and what better way than by gathering feedback directly from users. Today, Facebook is announcing an all new Beta Program for users to join where they can test out new Facebook builds a full 7-10 days before they hit the Play Store.

Screen Shot 2013-06-24 at 10.26.03 AM

Everyone is invited to join, and all it takes is jumping onto the the new Facebook for Android Beta Testers Google group page to get into the program. From there, you’ll be able to download the Facebook beta from the Play Store (but only after you join the group), and feel good about yourself knowing you’re doing your part to make the social network better for Android users.

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  • kev

    it took me to play store, where it said Facebook was already installed….is there supposed to another download?

    • http://twitter.com/gamercore Chris Chavez

      Might wanna uninstall Facebook first…

      • kev

        Suggested noted. Thanks!

      • Eric Junior

        It doesn’t matter, but it also doesn’t hurt.

    • mikeclee

      Just go to your phone and update it from the Play store. That’s what I did.

  • blest

    Going to suck Noooooo matter what.

  • Eric Long

    How can you verify that you are running the beta version? I installed the version after joining the group and accepting the offer. I am unable to tell that the version I am running is any different.

  • scott

    Look at the build number in “about”. 3.4 is beta

  • http://n/a brad

    Mine showed update so I went to update and it won’t download past 61% and my fiances never showed an update we both joined the group and followed the directions to a t.. and mine wont update and her’s never showed an update even after uninstalling and re-installing both on sIII

  • http://n/a brad

    Okay mine finally updated after restarting my device and my fiance’s showed an update available after a minute or two so we shall see how this goes

  • Dan Sabau

    you can skip joining the facebook group on g+ and simply access this link:


    • Brandon Golway


      • Dan Sabau

        no clue why it’s that. it’s working fine on my end :-/

        • Brandon Golway

          probably because you’re logged in and authorized, you probably have a cookie set.

          • Dan Sabau

            most probably that’s the explanation. i’m sorry about that :(

  • Himangshu Ramchiary

    No updates for Facebook on WP8

    • Brandon Golway

      That’s because it’s WP8 lol

      • Himangshu Ramchiary

        What you mean…..