CyanogenMod 10.1.0 stable release is here, but Exynos 4 devices are left out

In case you haven’t been keeping up with the CyanogenMod team (by following their blog or Google+ account), the team has released CyanogenMod 10.1.0 stable for a plethora of devices! Nearly all of the devices which got release candidates and milestone releases have gotten a stable version, so if your device fell under that category you’ll want to check Get.CM for your download.


Unfortunately, one big group of users is being left out of the fun. Specifically, those with phones based on Exynos 4 are being told that builds for that suite of devices will remain at nightly status indefinitely. The reason given by the CyanogenMod team was due to the fact that the platform is proving to be more difficult to work with than others, and that they wouldn’t feel comfortable with even a release candidate at this point.

The team won’t give up on the platform, noting that those with Exynos 4 — namely, Verizon and Sprint users with the Galaxy Note 2, some Galaxy S2 devices, and others — are among their biggest crowd of users. Unfortunately, such determination is not promised to deliver a stable result in the long run.

That said, the team says feel free to continue to download the nightlies as they keep trying to address the issues they have been faced with, but don’t expect any bug reports to be accepted. If you’re fine with that, be sure to find your nightly download at Get.CM. For the rest of you able to get on a stable release: enjoy!

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  • Helgaiden

    where is the T-Mobile One S stable release?

  • faceless128


  • real0325

    That’s why I just use one of the bad-ass tw roms, no need for the others.


    • lolwut

      I’ve never heard anyone describe something with TouchWiz as “bad-ass”

      Your opinion though ;-)

      • real0325

        What! You have beans 18, novella fam, Jedi roms, eclipse roms and numerous others. Check them out and all those roms have great battery life, beans 18 I pulled 2 days + with heavy use.

        • DWAYNE GRAY

          I cldnt agree more JEDI X-Master are amazing touch wiz roms

  • Scott Palmer

    Stable? In reading the d2tmo (Samsung Galaxy S3 for T-Mobile, Wind, Mobilicity, etc) forum at XDA and based on my own experience, they are rushing the release. It’s more of a beta IMO. The features are in place but some known bugs are certainly around, and have been, for a long time.

  • KosmoCrisis

    I’m not tech savvy enough to do this, but I’ve wanted to do bad. GS3. Mac. Fascinate.

    • Jeff C

      now would be the perfect time in all honesty. i started using custom roms when 10.1 was still nightly and having my phone phuck up on me and me not knowing what to do was frightening. but with a stable release no time is better to start than now

  • xploPR

    what about the nexus 4?

  • Jeff72

    Nook Color booting off SD card with 10.1.0 stable (Android 4.2.2) now. Play store Netflix still doesn’t work by default but does after the Workaround fix on the XDA page.

  • James Diethrich

    Who needs CM? My Note2 runs flawlessly with Beans v18! :P


    CM has failed the users. When they threw away permission controls, they sold out to the developers. permission controls is what set CM apart from the sea of boring. Boycott CM, until they bring back Permission controls.