Tokyo court rules Samsung infringed on Apple’s ‘rubber-banding’ patent


In a ruling opposite of that coming from the US Patent and Trademark Office in April, a Tokyo court has decided in favor of Apple after claims that Samsung infringed on their “rubber-banding” patent. While a US judge ruled that the patent, which covers the bounce-back effect in iOS that is triggered when a user scrolls to the end of a document, was invalid, Samsung was found guilty of infringement in the Japanese court.

The suit is one of several between Apple and Samsung spanning 10 countries, many targeting the same patents in different regions with varying degrees of success. Differing rulings by region are just another example of a highly flawed software patent system .

While the latest ruling will likely result in injunctions on the sale of older Samsung devices, newer models have already done away with the Apple-like rubber-banding effect, leaving them safe from any legal ramifications (for now). A much bigger case between the two parties set to take place in the US looms for 2014.

[via Reuters]

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  • Dan Fryling

    This is some more Bulls##t.Apple just die die die.

  • modman

    Wow I thought Us courts were the only stupid ones. Proven wrong again.

  • TwinkieFingers

    Apple taking Samsung to court over a line , shocking.

  • BigCiX

    Really…..the Miami Heat won

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    Why would you use that idiotic picture created by Apple that misrepresents the Samsung device?

    • Chris

      Because it’s written by Kevin. No matter how many times we tell him not to use a picture of the app drawer vs the home screen, he still does it.

    • Eric Junior

      If it is a real screenshot, it’s not Touchwiz, it’s a third-party launcher.

  • James Diethrich

    You would think they would have stopped all this by now, especially considering ios7 just screams “look what we borrowed/stole from Android”

    • josh nolan

      Well since the very beginning android stole from apple… So why not let android do a bit of work

    • PhatmanXXL

      You’re just mad Apple completely owned google yet again.

      • James Diethrich

        Lol your trolling won’t work here boy ;)

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    Apple SUCKS

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  • Eric Sanchez

    I think I am going back to “2 cans and a string” to make my calls. But then Apple will say they invented that and sue me for it.

    • TwinkieFingers

      As long as the string doesn’t have an elastic effect you should be ok

  • 4beaches

    And yet, the last reveal with Apple was full to the rim of stuff that they copied off of other operating systems… and the all important, and absolutely necessary rubber banding effect is what Apple is concerned about?

  • simpleas

    dang pervs

  • famished

    T.I. should sue them both. After all, isn’t he the Rubberband man?

  • Diggler

    Thanks for using that bs picture again. U make me want to die.

  • White Pride America

    Butthurt samsung is mad. samsung should stop copying Apple.

  • Eric Junior

    Apple needs to figure out who it is they’re supposed to sue. Isn’t this a feature of the Android OS? What does Samsung have to do with the operating system?