Official: Sprint now offering Clearwire $5 a share, valued at around $14 billion


It was only last week Sprint formally issued a lawsuit attempting to block the Dish buyout of Clearwire. With Clearwire still on the brain, it looks like that was just the beginning. Today, Sprint has just announced that they’re now prepared to best Dish’s offer of $4.40 a share for Clearwire with their new offer of $5. Some quick calculations valuate the deal at somewhere around the ballpark of $14 billion dollars. Yeah, that’s a lot of greenbacks. Seems Sprint is not backing down anytime soon and will do whatever it takes to acquire Clearwire’s spectrum. Sprint says they expect to have a majority vote from Clearwire investors backing the merger. Your move, Dish.


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  • Jason Crumbley

    So, that would mean that Softbank will own Sprint AND Clearwire. I don’t see both being allowed.

    • Michael Landauer

      Sprint (and thus Softbank) already owns a majority stake in Clearwire.

    • Justin W

      What Michael said, and in addition, Dish is trying to buy about 49% of the shares, I believe. No clue why, though.

      • BulletTooth_Tony

        25%. The rest are Sprint partners.

    • Mr. Smith

      Your reason is? Vodaphone owns Verzion and they bought alltel this similar

  • BoneCrusher

    Will any of this help bring the sprint data network up to at least dial up speeds?

    • kev2684

      clearwire has a lot of spectrum per market. even bigger than VZW they said… so yeah.

  • Rob Schoenfeld

    Where is Spring getting 14 billion from? The Softbank deal isn’t approved yet.

    • a)

      From all the iPhone’s they’re selling! Ppfffftttt! Haaaaa!