Sonic the Hedgehog anniversary sales sees all games drop to $1 each (Limited time only)


If you feel like reliving some of that video game nostalgia from your youth, good news for Sega fans. To help celebrate the blue hero’s 23rd birthday, Sega has dropped the price of all Sonic the Hedgehog games in the Google Play Store to just a single, solitary buck. That’s right for $5, you can own the entire Sonic saga for play on your Android device. Have it, folks.

Sonic games 1 buck

Download on Google Play

Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic CD

Sonic 4: Episode I

Sonic 4: Episode II

Sonic 4: Episode II THD (NVIDIA Tegra devices)

[via DroidGamers]

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  • ArmageddonX

    I want to love these games on my Tablet but I just don’t like the touch controls for platformers =(

    • Chris Chavez

      I’m getting them now so that I’ll have ’em in time for my NVIDIA Shield :)

      • ArmageddonX

        Ohh yeah! They’d be totally sweet with that!

      • DDroid45

        I’m getting them for the tegra 4 Toshiba, and get a compatible remote, that should work right. You seem to be more knowledgable when it comes to thay stuff

        • Chris Chavez

          Will work just fine. Just make sure you find a nice case/stand that will prop it up :)

          • DDroid45

            Already got the money to purchase the whole entertainment kit. Haha, good looking out tho man

      • Dr. Azrael Tod

        well… they don’t work well with the hw-controls of my archos gamepad, so i wouldn’t bet on them working well with shield. :-/

    • guitarist5122

      Moga my friend. Moga

      • Chris Chavez

        The MOGA I’ve played with has considerable lag and connection problems all the time :/

        • guitarist5122

          Strange, no lag problems for me on any game. I have the pocket version and use the universal driver from the play store. Play sonic, dark knight rises, ps1 emulator and a whole lot more with out any lag:-)

          • Chris Chavez

            Well, lucky YOU. O_O

            Just kidding. I’m wondering if I got a faulty unit then… :/

        • Shawn_Locke

          No lag problems with my MOGA Pro.

  • simpleas

    Thanks Chris, just bought the original Sonic

  • jgraham49

    Unfortunately it’s ‘All for One’, not ‘One for All’, but it’s still a great deal.

  • Nestor Aparicio

    hell yeah, good timing. just got my htc one 25 dollar google play credit today. time to splurge on some sonic!

  • Crickerman

    Root and use six axis .. never have issues with touch games anymore

  • modman

    The tegra one is horrible. None of the controls work on my nexus 7

  • modman

    In its defense sonic one and sonic CD work great on nexus 7. The tegra 4.1 doesnt work at all it won’t start and the other 4 one won’t stop running in the back ground kills the battery and controls are horrible.

  • modman

    Tried again and they all work great except the tegra 3 one . doesn’t make sense I’m using nexus 7. The tetra 3 one shrinks and the cotrols don’t work all.

  • modman

    Scratch that the tegra 3 will work but make sure you disable rotate app if it is installed. Just figured that out this morning. If you don’t picture will shrink game controls won’t respond.

  • Matthew Edwards

    I wish they’d release Sonic Dash for Android already