Samsung announces ATIV Q tablet with 3200×1800 resolution display, running Windows and Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean

samsung galaxy nx

Samsung has just officially announced one of their most interesting tablets yet. It’s named the Samsung ATIV Q, and it runs Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean and Windows. It’s a 13.3 inch touchscreen device with a resolution they’re calling qHD+, or 3200 x 1800.

Users will be able to switch between Windows 8 and Android 4.2 seamlessly, with Samsung giving the example of jumping over to the Android side to play Angry Birds, or going back over to Windows for some productivity work. The screen’s size and resolution allows Samsung to employ a multi-window-esque environment for running multiple applications at the same time, making multitasking a breeze.

This dynamic duo is powered by an Intel Core i5 processor with 4GB of RAM, and also comes with a 128GB solid-state drive, a 720p HD camera, and boasts up to 9 hours of battery life. Ports are plentiful, with 1 USB 3.0 port, 1 USB 2.0 port, micro HDMI, an RJ45 port that support dongle accessories, and an SD card slot for all your computing needs.

All this was crammed into a package that was just 14mm thin and weighs just 1.29kg. It’ll come in Ash Black, but that’s about it on the front of color options. We’re patiently awaiting details about pricing and availability from Samsung, and you know we can’t wait to get one of these sweet devices in our hands for ourselves. Be sure to stay tuned for all our live coverage coming out of Samsung’s big Galaxy and ATIV premier!

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  • Dan

    wow, this could be interesting! Lets hope they include enough storage to accomodate both OS’s.

  • Brian Menius

    Oh snap. This could replace my netbook and my tablet if done properly. I’d have already bailed on the netbook if it weren’t for the need to run proprietary software that only works on a Windoze box.

  • izzyt


  • Shailendra Singh

    What is the screen size though?

  • deh2002

    Sounds like it could be the ultimate tablet.


      too bad its gonna be $1200 or more

  • ac

    My next laptop!…Asus intrigued me when they developed their Windows/Android laptop…although, I’m not a big fan of Windows 8, so I’m in no rush.

  • Brian Menius

    As long as it has at least one USB input, I’m good. My wife is kvetching about wanting a “real” computer (which, by her admission, is something with a CD drive). I’m not sure what I need with one of those when I have an external available via USB, but whatever.

    The desktop has gone the way of the dodo for most needs. I don’t intend to ever buy another one of those.

    • Jason Farrell

      Desktops certainly aren’t going extinct, at least for people who do REAL WORK with ’em, instead of just consuming or tapping out a screenplay at starbucks. Stuff like video editing, 3d modeling, game development, etc.

      While I have android phones and tablets, I still use a mini-itx core i7 desktop w/ 25″ monitor as my main PC.

  • Shailendra Singh

    Windows 8 on a tablet is awesome! Might even be better than android on a tablet.

    • impulse101

      lol no

    • TheOtherGuy

      It is x86/x64 (because of i5!), which means it’s secure boot is open! I might get it and replace MS Windows with Ubuntu and keep the Android!

      Double Linux FTW!

      • PhaseBurn

        No promises on that. It’s conceivable that secure boot is in place, and booting into a custom secured bootloader is required, which then chainloads either Android or Windows based on user input. Replacing one or the other might be possible, but, details are way to scarce to say what would be involved.

      • Michael Landauer

        Android is running in a VM. Watch the video Jonathan Hayes linked in his comment. It’s not dual-boot. Both Windows and Android are running simultaneously, with Android in a VM. We can safely assume that secure boot is enabled.

  • simpleas

    This is freakin awesome. Wow.. i just need the price!

  • Brian Menius

    Probably a bit premature sans further details, but…

    … your move, Apple.

  • Jonathan Hayes

    Video of ATIV Q hands on –

    • DavidVarghese

      Good find man! This looks friken amazing now that I saw a hands-on of it… If battery life and price point is good, this will be mine.

  • Keith Russell

    Kinda like Hannah Montana, it’s the best of both worlds :-p It looks pretty cool.

  • Daniel Tiberius

    I’m intrigued. How about multi-window with Android in one and Windows 8 in the other?

    • Jeff C

      it might blow up lol

    • Jonathan Hayes

      They can’t give every feature at once.. lol. They need to give consumers a reason to buy their products in the future, so this feature is yet to come.. Market strategies.. :P it sounds cool though

  • scoter man1

    The resolution is a bit ridiculous but as long as you don’t game or something it should be able to fill all of those pixels without much of a problem.

  • http://AOL.Com Megalovich


  • stucrmnx120fshwf

    So close, 600p more and it would be UD (4k.)

    • Michael Landauer

      When they say 1080p, 720p, etc, that’s referring to the (progressive) vertical resolution. 4k is 2160p. 2160-1800 = 360. So it’s 360 short of 4k.

      • stucrmnx120fshwf

        I think you’re right, vertical is the convention, 360p less V, 600p less H. Though it’s a draft convention, choosing the lowest figure, hence the name 4k UD (3,800.) Thanks for that : ).

  • j

    Boom! That just happened!

  • Ryan5609

    I have put off buying any type of tablet ever since I came away unimpressed with the OG Transformer. I would prefer a 10 inch device, but damn a 3200 x 1800 screen, core i5, 128 GB SSD, USB 3.0, dual booting Win 8/Android tablet! I think I can make this bad boy work. I better start saving cause there is no way in hell this will be under $1000, I am guessing $1400.

    • Nick Mantzoros

      $1099 or less is my guess. I’m sure the Ativ Book 9 will be 1100- 1200 depending on options.

  • Jerel Butler

    this made me go hmm

  • RitishOemraw

    Why no mention whether it is Windows RT or the Full version…
    If it’s RT, they could just remove it entirely as far as I care

    • Tommy Thompson

      It’s the full version, they stated it was.

      • stucrmnx120fshwf

        RT is for ARM chips not x86.

        • Tommy Thompson

          And this isn’t running an ARM chip so….

          • stucrmnx120fshwf

            Ha ha, yes so it can’t be RT.

          • Tommy Thompson

            I think you meant to reply to the OP originally. haha

          • stucrmnx120fshwf

            Yes it’s hilarious, lol.

  • Dan

    Pretty sweet implementation. That said, I don’t think I could go back to using a navigation nub located in the keyboard. No touchpad under the keyboard would be a big frustration.

    (yes I know it has a touchscreen, but touchscreen+keyboard has always felt janky to me.)


  • samster11

    No mention in your write up of whether that’s pure Android or some fugly Samsung overlay. anyone know?

    • rick slick

      Probably touchwiz version. Pure android doesn’t play on larger devices with unique setup like this well. Samsung probably added their own touches to make it run on this device and co-exist with windows. That said I actually like Touchwiz.

    • stucrmnx120fshwf

      The video says stock Android, we can only hope for vanilla.

  • Greg Cardall

    Here – take my money!

    • rick slick


  • lolwut

    I have a chubby

  • rick slick

    This is my next gadget. Take my money!!

  • Max

    looks sweet although a little on the heavy side to use it as a tablet without a keyboard, I’m guessing $800-1300 for price, hope it has a sweet keyboard for a nice little ultrabook layout

  • http://AOL.Com Megalovich


  • http://AOL.Com Bonaire

    Is it just me but does Microsoft OS just seem absolutely terrible? Actually.. get ready for it…….. Worse than apple OS?

    • stucrmnx120fshwf

      It’s not just you, PC sales are way down, MS is making most of its money on upgrades, media center, office, server, handheld devices are selling like hotcakes. Some things need windows, but most of us prefer to spend more of our online time, doing most things android or iOS, once we’re used to it, it’s easier. Hacking on my windows system cost me $300, software $270, Ubuntu works better, Google Android focusing on speed and reliability in project butter for Jelly Bean, rather than feature creep, sheer genius. At 100 times less code, 100 times less places to crash, virus, malware, spyware, more user friendly than the original Pentium MMX, with win 98 or XP. One of my computers is still down, I’ve only just succeed in getting media center, on the other one, win 8 is an owner builders nightmare, we supply them with 512 times the power of a P MMX and it’s as user friendly as a Tasmainian Devil. Compact is fast and reliable or elegant, see Chrome and the apps ecosystem, “Death to bloatware, long live the cloud (HTML 5.)” I think that the new games consoles will be very successful, because they’ll have high end hardware without bloatware, as will Ultra Definition systems.

  • sowhat

    Long live Sam !
    I would love to have it, but I’m afraid I won’t (money issue:) )

  • np6s4x

    they ARE actually doing the android+windows thing mentioned recently? nice, now that’s one i’d get

  • Yellow Snow

    Finally, something really interesting and leading-edge. I’m in.

  • toomuchgame441

    I would replace my iPad with one of these bad boys in a heartbeat

  • earth

    My dream Windroid hybrid convertible would dual boot, have around 11″ screen and trackpad as well, more ports. Android for consumption and Windows for productivity, maybe even triboot to Ubuntu. Instant on, instant switching to either. Intel will eventually own the tablet market.

  • Christopher Houser

    What the crap kind of name for a screen resolution is “qHD+”? qHD is quarter HD, this is way way higher than HD. Someone please clarify for me why name isn’t incredibly stupid.

  • Caloy

    I bet I won’t be able to afford this. Wanted to buy a Windows tablet and they’re already as expensive as more capable laptops, so I don’t even bother.