Trouble updating to Instagram with video? We got you covered [DOWNLOAD]

DOWNLOAD Instagram 4.0 Android video

A few of my Android brothers and sisters have voiced a few issues updating their Instagram app to the latest version currently in the Play Store (now with 100% more video!). For whatever reason, the app’s listing on the Play Store says it was updated today, but it’s there’s no way to “update.” No worries, friends. We have a quick an easy solution that starts with “side” and ends with “load.”

Download: Instagram v4.0.0

After that, you’ll not only be able to see Vine-like videos from all your friends, but upload your own masterpieces as well. Have fun! Oh, and if videos auto-playing in your timeline isn’t your cup of tea, you can also turn this “feature” off in the app’s settings. Cheers.

Thanks, @DaveePena!

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  • Thomas

    That chick can wear my Google Glass anytime…Giggity ;)

    • dsqdevtst

      You are a sad man.

      • Thomas

        You missed the point.

  • James_C_L

    Is it me or is the video playback completely fu*ked? Everything plays in slow motion audio. Confirmed by several friends/

    • guitarist5122

      I think you answered your own question

    • Chris Chavez

      Working fine here.

      • izzyt

        thank you chris. it finally worked…

    • TurtLe Onthe Track

      im having the SAME issue

  • Mike Stenger

    Thanks guys! Seems to work. I was wondering why it showed Instagram as being updated hours ago, yet still didn’t show an update.

    • Chris Chavez

      Yeah, was driving me nuts too. Thought another download would help :)

      • Mike Stenger

        After installing this, I was automatically updated to version 4.0.1 – I take it Instagram tried to fix some issues people were having? Unfortunately, recording video right now on my S3 keeps resulting in a reboot. Can’t even get through the whole recording process. Oh well.

        • Chris Chavez

          For some weird reason, mine cause the “volume down” button to activate turning off my ringer, and pulling up my Shush! app. :/

          • Mike Stenger

            Keeps pulling up the Shush! app huh? Maybe Instagram is trying to give you a hint ;-)

          • Chris Chavez


  • Angel De La Riva

    Isn’t 100% of zero still zero? O.o

    • Chris Chavez

      1,000 times more video!

      • Angel De La Riva

        Now you’re talking!

      • Eric Junior

        1000 times zero is also zero. :p

  • steveb944

    OMG thank you for pointing out the OFF setting, glad I opened this article.

  • Renz

    still not working :(

  • Daja

    how do you download it on android device?

  • Edd Edanargu

    THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS!!! I was looking for it during all day and finally I found it!

  • jessez93

    why not just uninstall and reinstall the app? °_•

    • omggirlzandmbfanpage

      hey i tried that

  • adamhuxtable

    I was having this issue last night but seem to be able to download this morning!

  • Ana

    I still can’t update videos :/ I can only see them from other people

  • Masson Liang

    Running JB 4.1.2 and Instagram 4.0.1 and it’s not letting me record videos at all without crashing 100% of the time……..

    Running CM10 on HTC One X (AT&T). Anyone experiencing this?

  • omggirlzandmbfanpage

    hey i have an android and i didnt still get my update for the video on instagram and i really need somebody help like really i do i have got updates but it wasnt the for the video so somebody please help me kik me mindlessbwife143

  • eilegz

    no video record and following news crash…. plus the fact that the appear in app store “incompatible with my device” on the latest miuiv5 mi-one 4.1 (jelly bean)

  • Eric Junior

    Does it still force square pictures?