Moto X’s 10MP camera sample leaked

Moto X - Xt912a Tinhte

It was only a few days ago our friend at @evleaks tipped the specs of the upcoming Motorola Moto X, the first smartphone made in the good ‘ol US of A. Unsurprisingly, the specs didn’t do much to wow Android audiences. Perhaps we should have expected as much, Motorola’s CEO did mention the device would an affordable option to more costly high-end smartphones currently available.


Today we’re getting a look at a picture sample from the Moto X’s 10MP camera (above) courtesy of @evleaks and once again — you’re probably not going to be too impressed. The picture quality isn’t bad by any means, in fact, it seems more than adequate. With a rumored dual-core processor, 720p display, 10MP shooter and more, the X may not compete with the ever growing number of high-end superphones hitting the market, but then again it wont break the bank either.

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  • collin ferreira

    Kinda hoping there are 2 versions of the supposed “xphone” the latter with higher end specs and top of the line design. But if not i guess some crazy intuitive software will be the real selling point for these devices not to mention the price. My gnex is slowing down to a crawl.

    • Chris Chavez

      Seriously. I’d kill for a rock solid Motorola RAZR MAXX with a 1080p screen, 2GB of RAM, near-stock Android, and gigantic 3,300mAh battery…

      • collin ferreira

        No diggity

        • FlamingoAttack

          I got to bag it up

      • Jonathan

        I mean, aside from the screen, it sounds like that’s what we’re getting?

        • Chris Chavez

          Forgot to mention Snapdragon 800 processor :P

      • a)

        Chris, 3300mAh simply won’t do! You want a 4500mAh instead!

      • LiterofCola

        and a slightly bigger screen

      • Justice Dean

        I own and am modestly satisfied with the original Razr Maxx. Good battery life decent phone kinda slow. HD Razr Maxx with a slighly larger screen and a better camera would imedieately get my money. I am a Moto man to the end but I have to say I don’t like they cameras at all.

        They have needed a game changer in this with all the HTC Ones, Lumina 920 (I almost jumped ship for a lumina), Galaxy s3,s4’s out there and theirs being a kinda just okay camera can’t compete.

      • nvitone23

        its coming…Motorola “Nova”…spec list is sitting right in front of me


          And what are the specs? (that are right in front of you)

          • nvitone23

            snapdragon 800, lcd3 1080p screen (5.2 edge-to-edge), 3 GB RAM, 3200 mAh removable battery, VoLTE, 95% stock as future moto devices will be will be with only very few moto addons, IP57 dust and water resistant…etc

            EDIT: Oh and a way better camera than previous moto phones

          • Bizzle9

            I want to believe.

          • nvitone23

            Well you honestly should. I’m telling you those will be the specs.

          • Bizzle9

            I will look forward to it then. If you’re telling a fib, I’ll remember this exchange and vigorously express my displeasure. ;)

            I’d be interested to know how you know this information and if it’s a 2013 device.

          • nvitone23

            haha. I don’t fib about this stuff. Looking forward to it just as much as you. This WILL be my next phone.

            I know someone who has personally played with it, believe it or not. He says it is currently slated for a Q1 2014 launch.

    • Jason

      Yeah, the Galaxy Nexus is starting to show its age. From the sound of it, I won’t be interested in the X phone though. I’ll probably try and wait a bit longer to hear more about Key Lime Pie.

      • H4xit

        Try lagfree fstrim on the gnex, makes a huge difference

        • Greyhame


    • Unorthodox

      Knowing Motorola, this may be the first version. And they’ll announce 3 more and much better ones in two weeks after the 1gen sales start.

  • thebeeobee

    I mean, zoom in on that fake wood grain on the desk. Looks terrible. All sorts of noise and banding.

    • David Osborn

      Looks terrible… The ladies face is all blurry too. Horrible haha. I’ll buy it.

    • Jeremy Sheehan

      Hate to say it, but you can’t judge a camera on a phone from the image that you’re seeing on the internet. The pic is less than 100 KB and that is “web page quality” – Looks good in a browser but that’s about it. With a 10mp camera, you’d expect to see a file size of at least 3-4 MB.

    • tyguy829
      • Neil Fujiwara

        Interesting enough how the journal indicates that it is 2012, while the calendar indicates that it is 2013.

        • Angus Marshall

          Maybe the shot is taken inside the Motorola design department responsible for this phone then. It would explain a lot….

      • John Zampier

        That’s an 8.1 megapixel shot. Looks like they forgot to go into settings and uncheck the match to screen option….that’s normal though, I find that end-users know more about companies products than the employees that work for the companies.

  • Anthony McKay

    Solid mid-ranger I guess.. I hope that’s what they were going for.

  • ben7337

    If they plan to make this more affordable, I hope they plan to offer it at under $300 so it can compete with the Nexus, or give it something to hold over the Nexus 4, as it clearly doesn’t have any specs going for it to beat that phone.

  • Mindchatter13

    Well this is the last of Motorolas crap line up, then hopefully the Google inspired production line will take shape soon.

    • AmneonX

      This is the start of Google-Inspired actually.

  • a)

    The image appears to be blurry…

    • RockMarz

      Uhh.duh..covering persons face..blur out

      • a)

        Are you familiar with sarcasm??

        • RockMarz

          Msybe delivery got me who knows.Anyway im just too tired ..thats it

  • agl82

    Motorola sucks.

  • cruzctrl

    Camera sucks look how blurry her face looks!!

    • RockMarz

      Seriously?hopefully youre trying to be funny.

  • Keith Russell

    There appears to be a big problem with the camera, it blurs faces :-p

  • Keith Russell

    Why so much hate for Motorola though? Yes, it’s a midrange device. HTC One and Galaxy S4 are going for a smaller customer base due to the high price. Yes, both devices are awesome, and I would get one, if I could afford it. But I’m not going to charge it to my credit card or take out a small loan just to get it. The Motorola X Phone appeals to a broader customer base, those who want a solid Android device but can’t afford or don’t need the best phone on the market.

  • DethBySnooSnoo

    anyone try and enter that code on the dry erase board in to ingress to see if it works?

  • BaldyPal

    What can we learn about this phone from the objects in the photo itself? The percentages on the board don’t add up to 100% (The top 90% is obvious so you’d expect the bottom to say 10%. but in my opinion that bottom one looks to have 3 digits and not just 2.)

    Also, there is an open schedule/calendar or notepad on the desk. lots of info could be in that PowerPoint on the screen.

    Chris, is this the full res photo or a smaller version. it doesn’t seem to blow up very well to be a 10MP shot.

    • Paul_Werner

      I was reading the comments to look for someone wondering this just like I was

  • alex

    the first smart phone to bring GM like quality to a market dominated by Honda like design, efficiency and value – way to give another round to the rising sun….

  • Renato Pablo


  • Dan
  • Nick Mantzoros

    I need a Lumia quality camera. Really don’t want to switch to WP8 to get it.

  • No_Nickname90

    Do they consider that blurring out? LoL!!