LG to release Xbox One-like device that’s always listening, even while sleeping [RUMOR]

LG Optimus G cocked

When it comes to Android devices, manufacturers are always busy at coming up with new ways to differentiate themselves from the pack, packing their devices with custom UI’s, hardware, and software features. Just take a look at Samsung’s TouchWiz Nature UX custom UI to see what we’re talking about, piled high with more features on top of Android than you can shake a stick at.

Long time rival LG isn’t about to sit back and let Samsung come up with all the good ideas (or not so good ideas). According to GottaBeMobile, LG is planning a new killer feature for their handsets in 2014 — always-on voice commands. That’s right, just like the Xbox One, you might find the next Optimus _ always listening, at your beck and call ready to execute voice commands at a moments notice, even while sleeping.

And we’re not just talking about sending text messages or opening an app, LG’s technology will give users the ability to pan around and zoom in applications like Google Maps all by voice. This means truly hands-free interactions with the device. Intriguing to say the least.

While a processor for this rumored device wasn’t revealed, this “innovative” new feature is already made possible in Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 processor which has the ability to distinguish a user’s voice from others to prevent unauthorized access. Battery life is always a concern when we think of something as “always on,” but Qualcomm promises their feature will have a negligible effect on battery life.

What do you guys think? You think there could be a market for a completely voice controlled Android device, or is it just another gimmick?

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  • ionekoa

    Sony plans to release a phone that outsells it simply by not having this feature.. sorry, couldn’t resist. it isn’t exactly the same thing, in fact “always on” is looking to be a death knell for xbox

    sounds like a gimmick to me though, i don’t want to have to talk to my voice, pinch to zoom is just fine with me.

  • DavidVarghese

    That’ll definitely eat up battery juice and mobile data usage… Plus with the bad publicity of XBone’s “Always On” feature, this will be a no-go.
    However if it does make it to a new LG device, they are digging themselves a grave.

    • http://twitter.com/gamercore Chris Chavez

      Qualcomm says battery life wont be affected. But yeah, simply saying a device is “always listening,” no matter how convenient will cause some people to freak.

      • Thomas

        Well if Qualcomm said it, it must be true. ;)

      • guitarist5122

        Not this guy. I’ve been eagerly awaiting for my phone to have this feature. What took so long?

      • scoter man1

        I call bs on it not killing off the battery.

        • Brandon Watkins

          I don’t see why this really has to drain your battery… if its built into the CPU and you have offline voice recognition, it shouldn’t be much more than running google now? Which is always running on newer phones. The only thing that i could see chipping away at battery life is the mic always being on, but i’m sure if its only listening for a one word command. It can be minimized through software and hardware solutions. Google glass does quite well with only a 570mAh battery, standby time is actually quite good, and its always listening.

      • Manbo

        I would hope this is a feature you can enabled or disable…
        I’m more of a direct physical interaction type of person… I dislike voice commands other than while driving. Even then, those can be a pain.

      • Brandon Watkins

        I don’t really see the big deal…I mean if someone wants to listen to you they will… doesn’t matter if they have to hack your cellphone, or position a satellite people are going to do what they want. The only way you’re going to change this is by going through politics. Which we now know they do whatever the hell they want so…

    • Ryan O’Neill

      What happened to offline voice recognition?

  • Crimsonshadow774

    Didn’t like it on the Xbox, don’t like it on Android.

  • chuckles87

    Will be avoiding this

  • TheBlueF0x

    Would this be the new “Obama” phone that the government will start distributing? Forget flip-phones with 100 minutes. Always listening phones is all the new rage!

  • Tojen1981

    Not real big on voice commands myself. Just feels weird, talking to my phone instead of on it.
    Now I would interested in seeing more air gesture-type features like Samsung has in their software. Just boils down to preference I suppose.

  • Jerel Butler

    like the Moto X…It knows,

  • Michael Landauer

    The NSA will love this phone… consumers not so much.

  • AS

    The LG PRISM?

  • mirage03

    how sick.. i don’t like that, what normal person does anyway?

  • Dan

    I never really got what the big fuss about voice control was about. 99% of the time, it’s just faster to do it manually. I’ll admit that voice dictation is great, but the rest…

  • reznorfan0

    I don’t care much about voice commands, but I never understood the advantage to voice when you had to push a button to initiate it. I mean I can see some coolness here for driving and navigation, and maybe media controls or something….

  • Shawn_Locke

    Verizon loves this idea.

  • reddragon72

    Again people are ill informed and step up to the plate screaming conspiracy LOL

    The phone only listens for one command that allows it to wake up without touching the power button.

    Wow people…..

    • Brandon Watkins

      Thank you

  • Alan Shearer

    Well, there are situations where I do not want to be seen talking to my phone, at least not yet (anytime I am in public and not on a phone call?)

  • Brandon Watkins

    I would love this feature….actually this is the reason why i rooted my phone. i wanted to controll my phone in the car completely hands free and not have to rely on other bs third party apps that does a half ass job…. sadly even rooted it didn’t work as well as i was day dreaming…

  • itmustbejj

    NSA and Xbone jokes aside, this is a super useful feature that needs to happen. “Directions to Best Buy”, “Call Mom”, “Turn Wifi Off”. Just because the phone is listening, doesn’t mean any data has to be outbound. And even if our worst fears were founded and this had nefarious applications, the development community could neuter it.

  • didibus

    Can’t Dragon Voice Assistant for Android do that already?

  • BoSamps

    I don’t want Big Brother in my pocket… no thanks