T-Mobile teasing waterproof phone on YouTube — Sony Xperia Z? [VIDEO]

T-Mobile posted a rather strange video to YouTube of a guy diving underwater while taking video, seemingly with a smartphone (as evidenced by the silly vertical camera angle which we wish would just die already). The video is titled “What if your smartphone could do this?” T-Mobile doesn’t actively advertise any devices they carry as having waterproof capabilities, so we can only imagine this is an upcoming smartphone we haven’t heard about yet.

It’s possible T-Mobile could be gearing up to launch the Sony Xperia Z. It’s not the only rugged, waterproof smartphone in the world, but Sony is the only manufacturer who emphasizes the ability to take photos and video underwater in their advertising.

Or maybe T-Mobile’s just trolling us and they really have no plans to carry the Xperia Z at all — who knows? We’re obviously paying attention, though, so whatever this turns out to be we’ll be right on top of it. Would you give the Xperia Z a shot if it made its way to Magenta?

[thanks Noel!]

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  • Shawn_Locke

    He’s holding it wrong.

  • Abstract

    Is there distortion or does he go crossed eyed a bit when under? o.O

  • DavidVarghese

    Guys. give that guy a break! He suffers from a common disease called Vertical Video Syndrome. Unfortunately, there is no known cure…

  • jstew182

    I hope its the Z and not a Tmobile version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active…even though I am not a Tmobile customer I want to see more Sony phones promoted stateside.

    • simpleas

      You dont even have to cover up all the holes in the phone like the sony one to use underwater. ps – video was awesome. can’t wait to film underwater.

  • CryptoNoel

    You’re welcome Quentin! :)

  • JBrowne1012

    My only question is if the warranty will still be voided for water damage…

    • chuckles87

      Well if they advertise it as waterproof I would expect them to if not I can see lawsuits in the future

  • simpleas

    One day, we’ll look back and be like.. what? electronics were not water proof?

  • Crimsonshadow774

    S4 Active?

    • MSmith79

      Nope…Active was announced as an AT&T exclusive

  • Jacob Woolf

    Notice how the frame itself bounces back and forth, as opposed to the video within the frame? That implies it was cropped and animated, which doesn’t necessarily mean it’s fake, but it was intentional

    • serotheo

      It was probably edited to make it a bit easier to look at instead of a painfully shaky video with just the frame moving instead.

  • CWeb

    hurry up already and release the wonderful Sony Xperia Z!


    LMAO! Hella camera shake…..