AT&T’s aggressive 4G LTE rollout continues with over a dozen more launches and expansions


Some carriers’ rollout pace is too slow, some are just right, but for AT&T, they’d rather be as quick about it as the 4G LTE signal is. The carrier has announced new launches and expansions for its 4G LTE network, bringing that sweet high-speed data signal to even more folks across America. The sizable list has a couple of standouts so peruse this quick list to see if you’ll finally be getting 4G in your area:

  • Berwick, PA.
  • Cortland, NY.
  • Seneca Falls, NY.
  • Auburn, NY.]
  • El Dorado, AR.
  • Prescott, AZ.
  • Flagstaff, AZ.
  • Astoria, OR.
  • Camden, AR.
  • Watertown, SD.
  • Rock Island, IL.
  • Dayton, OH.
  • Duluth, MN.
  • Kinston, NC.
  • Ocean City, NJ.

You know the drill by now: fire up your phone and see if that 4G LTE icon starts lighting up. If it does, do a few speed tests and enjoy the fruits of AT&T’s labor (and the money you gave them to help fund it).

[via AT&T]

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    still blazing fast EDGE in big sandy, tn.

  • Craig Becker

    How do they claim they have the fastest largest 4g network yet they hardly have any citys lit up on 4g compared to big red? LIES I TELL U LIES

    • Tojen1981

      They also throw in their hspa+ which is considered 4g the same way t-mo can claim hspa+ is 4g. Their hspa+ is still very fast though. Unless I’m on a congested tower, I see 5-7down and 2-3up on a regular basis. That is on par with Sprint’s lte speeds. I’ve seen speeds around 30down and 5-7up on lte where I live.

      • John Wentworth

        In NJ, all of AT&T’s towers are congested lol I rarely get more than 2mbps on HSPA+, though LTE recently opened up here so speeds even on hspa+ should improve.

  • AdrianP513

    And yet, sprint isn’t turning on any. I can’t wait until my etf hits 100. I’m gonna be out!

  • Mark2468

    I live in Metro Atlanta and AT&T has sorry coverage Imo, and I say that because Sprint has 4G in my area and AT&T doesn’t, when Sprint offers coverage somewhere that the big 2 doesn’t something is SERIOUSLY wrong.

    • Mark2468

      Let me restate my comment, AT&T has hspa+ in my area but not LTE, It still sucks though that Sprint beat them in covering my area first.