Apple sticks it to Android: 93% of iOS users on current software vs Android’s 33%


WWDC 2013 is kicking off and Apple’s Tim Cook has taken the stage to talk about…. Android. It’s no surprise that Android has been Apple’s biggest competition, flooding the market with countless hardware designs and configurations to suit just about anyone’s needs or better yet, budget. It’s no wonder Cook couldn’t keep Android out of his charts (or mouth) when bragging about iOS. Tim wasted no time in pointing out the fact that iOS devices were “#1 in customer usage,” with iPhone users clocking in approximately 50% more minutes of smartphone usage vs Android users (we’ve seen similar reports in the past).

He once again brought up the now tired argument that most iOS users — approximately 93% of them — are currently running the latest version of iOS 6 when compared to only 33% of Android users on Jelly Bean. This is true, but it’s also very misleading.


Using a chart like this is almost downright dishonest and not a true “apples to apples” comparison. It’s been said many times but the open nature of Android and the way it was designed was never so that every device from toaster ovens to smartphones would be running the latest version. No, it’s so that devices that would otherwise be “dumb,” can be infused with Android and suddenly do more than just text and make calls — they’d be smart. Because of the functionality found even Gingerbread (it makes calls, surfs the internet, plays games, downloads apps), many of these 2-year old devices from no-name manufacturers haven’t felt the need to update (and really, neither have their users).

I just find it odd that he didn’t attack a specific device or manufacturer. Why not Nexus devices? Heck, even Samsung devices would have yielded much different results. I’d also like to point out that whenever Google takes the stage during Google I/O or whenever they debut a new Nexus device, sure they boast about their current install base and milestones, but Apple and iOS are almost always left out of that equation. Could it be because Android is already so far ahead, Google doesn’t have the time to look behind at iOS? Sounds about right to us.

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  • Awalk

    Who cares dude, it just proves that more people are content with a lower version of android than the latest version of iOS…..something Apple forgot to say.

    • Nessman

      No it just proves that most of the people who use Android are barely able to turn on their phone. With all the trillions of android phones that are so far in their idealistic subatomic stature, there is a very good question to ask, what are they doing with all those phones? Little old past me buy iPhones are kicking the shit out of the trillions of andwoid phone in terms of usage. What’s up with that? I guess we can ignore that stat to because that’s just Apple telling a story again.

      Well no, it’s just the actual reality of what going on in the world today. Mind you, when people buy an android phone and get two free, it’s certainly driving the market share number but actual usage and profits for the phone maker and the developers and companies who sell into those phones is another thing.

    • Kevin

      Oh snap, never thought about that.

    • Wesley

      Because it already has more than what they need or want… Unlike iOS. It’s nice they might be getting more of what they crave, like a person in the desert finding water.

  • marefin386

    “…whenever Google takes the stage during Google I/O or whenever they debut a new Nexus device, sure they boast about their current install base and milestones, but Apple and iOS are almost always left out of that equation. Could it be because Android is already so far ahead, Google doesn’t have the time to look behind at iOS?”


    • marefin386

      and on also, it’s all great and all that apple now has an improved notification center…but they copied it STRAIGHT from android! like wow….talk about originality. it’s so revolutionary that it’s freaking mindblowing.

    • Unorthodox

      Second that! I personally don’t bother anymore disputing with my iPhone friends. Android ideologically is so past and beyond Apple ecosystem, that it’s like explaining subatomic particles to a farmer, who comprehends no further than his farm fence.

      • androidica

        I third that! I have google now why do I have to constantly browse the web. ICS install base struggled initially but Jelly Bean is picking up really fast that Apple has to talk about it. Yes we still have Gingerbread trying to hold on but losing but over the last 10yrs until now how stale has the ios UI been?

        • lion7718

          Apple makes 1 damn phone, how hard is that to keep updated.
          Android for life.

          • ITCanWork

            Seriously, and all my iphone friends have problems with their iphones. All of them. Iphone 4, 4s and even 5. One of them with the 5 is going to trade it for a galaxy 4 he’s so tired of apps crashing. Apple is full of BS.

          • Macdemon

            I think you’re full of bullshit.

            I have an iPhone 5, and PLENTY of my friends and colleagues have iPhones and I don’t know of ANY problems than they have ever had and that’s across the range.

          • That Guy

            Let’s let the iPhone owners speak for themselves!


    • Eric Sanchez

      So far this year alone I have converted 6 friends and family from iPhones to Droid Phones after they played with my Droid Note 2. Even my friend who is also in I.T. and has always had everything MAC. He just bought Note 2 last week. He had to finally admit the iPhone was like old dinosaur next the Droid.

      • nycplayboy78

        Umm Eric are you talking about the Samsung Galaxy Note 2?

      • Canon User

        If your friend was always all Mac, he wasn’t a real IT person. :)

        • Manbo

          I concur.

        • CalypsoArt

          Please define “real IT”. Doesn’t it depend on the industry? I work in an industry that is 20:1 Apple products. Our IT people are versed in other systems, but very rarely have call to address them. I am the sole Win7 machine in my department, because it is part of my kit, and I built the machine myself. (I use software that is not available for MAC.) As I say to the MAC crowd, “I am my own Genius.” I am also 1 of 3 android users in the entire dept. We do still have 1 Blackberry hold out.

      • scoter man1

        Please don’t even refer to Android as Droid again, thank you.

        • supremekizzle

          one of my biggest pet peeves ever. We can thank Verizon for that…

      • Unorthodox

        Eric, please don’t call everything Droid. It shows your Apple roots, and most of the times is offensive within Android community. Droid is a Motorola’s phone, and while Android owes a lot to this name in terms of it’s own popularization, it is just a trademark of Motorola and to some extend HTC (I guess mostly due to VZW), but not a synonym or an acronym for Android.
        And respect for all those converted friends of yours, I couldn’t achieve the same with mine (only one convertee on my list, and that is due to eReader/tablet, not a phone).

        • ClayRogers

          It’s not a Motorola trademark it’s a Verizon trademark.

      • Macdemon

        I doubt that very much.

    • master94

      Its all Good. Google gets free press coverage at Apple’s expense every time the compare to Android. Oh how the mighty have fallen. Google FTW

      • shonangreg

        This is true. Apple is looking a little desperate in even making the comparisons.

        One note about iOS 7’s new scheme. This would not even be news for android. We all the time have numerous skins and UI’s to choose from, ones that phone makers force on us — and ones we can choose to use after purchase. Apple having a self-congratulatory party for changing their UI, in ways that some people might not like but have no choice in, makes them look beyond desperate. It is pathetic.

        Party like its 1984! Woohoo ;-) Some one should throw an android phone through their big screen and free the slaves who have come to enjoy their servitude: The only difference then and now being Apple has color. Again, woohoo ;-)

        • Manbo

          Now now, in all fairness, it was kind of a big deal and Google did bring attention to the ICS overhaul.
          That being said, it wasn’t the main point like Apple made theirs. More like “Hey guys, we made ICS look good. Check it out.” *explosions* *pyrotechnics* *Epic guitar solo*

        • STAT ahmad

          They’re ui is very reminiscent of MIUI i smell a lawsuit

    • Butthurt iSheep Are BUTTHURT!

      an android phansite haha lol, biased to the core. IOS 7 is so far ahead of android that you bõtgøats are angry. Apple just took a big dûmp on goofle

      • Jerel Butler

        lol I know your joking

      • Psykhe

        That flamebait wouldn’t even catch fire if you doused it in oil.

  • Sharky

    Gives some validation to Google keeping the Jelly Bean name for 3 versions in a row (presumably). If they’d kept it as Gingerbread the “latest version” would be on 96% of devices by now. Really, these numbers and names are meaningless as long as the device continues to function as it was set out to.

    • james ortiz

      you know I’ve never thought about it like that before. smart man.

  • Jeff Jansen

    Yuck…Android looks gray and disgusting…their products MUST be bad.

    • aeok18109

      6 people didn’t pick up on the sarcasm.

      • Jeff Jansen

        I guess I need to lay it on a bit thicker next time :) But seriously…they might have well added some toxic sludge dripping from the pie graph.

        • Chris Chavez


        • Jody Schoolcraft

          I was going to +1 on this but it looks like the 6 came back and I didn’t want to alter that…;-)

        • toomuchgame441

          Lol ikr

    • Unorthodox

      LOL. Didn’t 6 people get it?!

    • Cesar Ortiz


    • izzyt

      i was about to down vote you untill i read the other comments and im like ohhhhh!!!! “lightbulb!!!!”

    • Eric Sanchez

      They should show a pie chart showing number of people still using an iPhone vs a Droid Phone. Currently as of May Worldwide Smartphone Stats: 74% Droid vs 18% iPhone current phones being used in the market. iPhone is slowly starting to fade away.

      • Jmaxku

        Android Eric. Android. Droid is a Verizon brand.

      • TrixzD

        Please please for the love of God stop saying Droid :P Please say Android lol

  • Covert_Death

    sounds like SOMEBODY is sore that the competing OS gets more updates more frequently, it doesn’t bother near as much that android users don’t get synchronized updates (don’t get me wrong it be great, maybe one day) but i’d much rather have updates whenever possible than ONLY once a year when the overlord Apple says its time for an upgrade, i say if there is enough content for a new version, release a new version damnit, THIS IS THE SOLE REASON WHY ANDROID HAS PROGRESSED SO QUICKLY AND SURPASSED iOS. if android ONLY did updates once a year we would probably just now be getting to froyo or ginerbread… think about it

  • John Schuman

    Right, just the fact they are evening talking about Android really does say a lot.

    • androidica

      True, last time they spent a good amount of time on Nexus 7 vs the Mini and now its Android….I can smell fear.

  • Sonya A. Willis

    At least whatever version a person is on fully works in Android as opposed to ios. What good is having the newest version if you can’t use all of the features?

  • MK2

    That must be why they redesigned iOS to look a bit much like Holo and added so many android features that they’ve been lacking? That’s OK Tim, Android is open source, go ahead and borrow from it, we don’t mind ;)

    • Zachary Fayer

      I personally think they took a lot of design queues from Windows Phone. Lots of the same coloring schemes and everything. However, the icons now look very Touchwiz-like.

      • Guest

        And that bubble wallpaper, where have I seen that before?

  • Shane Rambo

    too funny that 7% is all jailbroken devices stealing all your apps

  • BigMixxx

    Carriers — All Carriers —

    I’m on verizon…enough said.

  • topgun966

    HAHAHA GO LOOK AT APPLE’S STOCK!! :) looks like investors are not too pleased :)

    • Alec Smith

      They’re pleased with what was presented. What they’re not pleased with is the missing new iPhone and new iPad which everyone was anticipating.

    • Keith

      Yeah -2 right now. Have you looked at their stock history? They had a high of 700 in Sep 2012, it’s gradually going down. Wonder what it will be at the end of the day.


    So what apple still sucks android ftw…

  • dtblair24

    Yeah whatever. it is ok because those 63% still on Gingerbread and ICS have been enjoying many of the features and functionality that iOS 7 is just now adding in June 2013

  • Shawn_Locke

    Apple’s stuck on Android.

  • Brian S.

    Zomg that’s so incredible! I’m switching to iOS straight-o!

  • Phil Reynolds

    I don’t know for sure but I’m guessing that 93% number only includes iPhones that can run the current OS not the older generations that can’t. I believe the Android numbers include all phone models. Also if they are so much better then Android why did they do so much in this latest “upgrade” to add the things Android has been doing for over a year.

    • Supertronic

      I’m not positive but I think there are only 2 iPhone models that cannot run the latest iOS so I can believe this number. There will be a 3rd model added that once iOS 7 comes out as the iPhone 3GS will be stuck on iOS 6.

  • naduh

    apple does this every year for the past three years. make fun of android and then list all new look and/or features that they took from android. apple is just manipulating the weak minded.

  • Alec Smith

    I watched most of the event. I saw apple consistently comparing themselves to windows phone, blackberry and android. Not just Android like this article makes it seem like. Apple was showing themselves compared to everyone, not just one competitor.

  • Supertronic

    Who are we kidding here? All I ever read in these blogs and forums is people complain about their devices not getting the latest version of Android and then the finger pointing at who’s at fault starts. The carriers? No it’s the manufacturer! So now all of sudden it doesn’t matter because it’s one the competitions strengths? Ok.

    • yankeesrule587

      It doesnt matter because we all love Android and hate IOS, and id hardly call it a “strength”

    • Keith Russell

      I don’t complain about not getting the latest update. Root, flash new rom based off of the new update. Done. Can you do that with an iPhone? I have an old Motorola Droid (the original) that can run Jellybean.

  • shooter50

    I agree with others. Who cares about this lame statistic? If a person is happy running a mid level phone with Gingerbread so what? If this is the best Tim Cook can do then Apple really has lost their lead in innovation. Sounds like another Apple snorefest to me.

  • AndroidProfit

    So did all they do was flatten their icons? Is that what all the hullabaloo is about? That says something when they lead so strong slamming Android while Google didn’t seem to slam Apple at all during their I/O convention.

  • Frank TJ

    Apple Entire brand is for: Rich people that buy shit, Simple minded people. Nuff said!

  • Jeff Stewart

    My favorite thing about this is that YES the older iPhones are on the latest software but what features can they use from that? iPhone 4 is on the same version as the 4s but no siri, no Apple Maps(Thank God). So the version is there but the features are not. Anybody can change some icons and a version number but to make features work on older versions are different. Apple should put a comparison of devices that can use siri vs android updates because at least when i get an update on a device i get the new features.

  • Chad D

    Did he mention that 93% of ios users use Google maps?

    • Eric Sanchez

      If he did, he would have to mention the other 7% that still use Apple Maps are lost and no where to be found.

      • XtremeMorph

        Dude.. that’s seriously funny… lol

    • Pain Reaper

      Which still works better on iOS than on Android.. I’ve had iPhone since 2007 and Switched to Android and Note 2 for 2 months ago but I hade Google Maps on my Android phone.. For example; Zooming on an iOS device is smooth and on my Note 2 Therese are fixad zoom level Which I get forced to whenever I zoom somewhere between them.. Annoying as hell!

  • TimTheK

    So, first Tim Cook makes comments like

    “93 percent of iOS users are on iOS 6. “That’s in stark contrast to the world of Android.”


    “More than a third of Android users are using an operating system that was released in 2010″

    Then he went on later to note that iOS 7 will only be supported on iPhone 4S and up, and iPad 2 and up. I guess this fall Apple will have to stop talking about fragmentation. As the millions of owners of iPhone 3’s, 4’s and original iPads will be running an old OS.

    Also, Apple loves to leave out the fact that despite the OS’s ability to run on older devices, it often means that many of the new features are stripped out of the OS (like Siri).

    So what new features of iOS7 are going to be stripped off for owners of the iPhone 4 and original iPad???

    • Treknologist

      It’s called “spewing a half-truth.” It’s convenient to mention the % at the same version number, not the lack of features on older devices. That, in itself, is fragmentation.

    • ilh

      Not only do they strip features out, but for some versions it has significantly affected the performance of the device.

    • kascollet

      Iphone 4 will run iOS7 (3GS stuck with iOS6), certainly without Siri/Panorama (it already doesn’t have those features).

    • Pain Reaper

      IOS 7 will work on iPhone 4 and newer, not from 4s and newer ;)

  • Drew M

    93% would be on the same VERSION NUMBER, not the same version. There’s a difference. Hardware fragmentation and Apple’s unwillingness to support features on older devices has caused each iphone and ipad model to have a separate version of iOS. This is what happens:

    It’s not fundamentally different than Android’s situation.

  • izzyt

    i was actually waiting on the widgets but then i hear willy wonka’s voice in my head saying “oh, you were waiting till it came with widgets did you? tell me how you though your virginity is important.”

  • izzyt

    all i can say is….

  • Avengeme

    All those stats say is that apple forced an upgrade or the fanboys wanted the latest piece of apple hardware. What you should be taking away from that is that the devices that run android are so damn good that 37% are still running GB

  • Banned_from_Japan

    Well all I can say is 1., it doesn’t pertain to me cause I have a N4 on 4.2.2 some I’m current and 2. if iOS 7 doesn’t look like Android…….WOW a true copy cat

  • superbelt

    I want to see his graph on data/power cable fragmentation.

    100% MicroUSB on the Android side.


    • Pain Reaper

      But different MicroUSB on different Android phones still..

  • rhymeforever

    I’d rather be on 4.0 than iOS.

    • P8TRIOT

      I am not so sure about that (for me at least …:-)) I love technology period. I think they had a good showing today despite the magical talk. I have a Nexus 4 running JB I like it but I also like what Apple is doing despite their marketing and well them just talking in general I like their product. I think they need to get out of their own way and let their products speak for themselves.

      Shame on me!!! ;-)

  • Ennis Glendon

    Meanwhile only 35% of Mac users are on Mountain Lion.

    • Pain Reaper

      And 0% on Google PC OS? ;)

  • mirage03

    The new ui looks cute.. Light and easy in the eyes.. How come android doesn’t have a pull up function? Looks simple and cute.. Cool colors and animation transitions. All they need are widgets, file system/folder, bigger screen, blue tooth file transfer ability, drag and drop ability and better video and music format support..

    All I wish for android to have is better ui transition animations.. Just look at ios messaging app when you send a message, your message in the bar moves up to the panel.. Things like that is really nice to look at.. Also how some apps or pages/tabs flips over to navigate to them.. Android is too plain.. Android has the horsepower to achieve that, we need to have that cuteness..

    • Drew M

      I prefer the quick toggles in the notification tray, preferably with the two finger gesture. It’s more elegant. Swiping from the bottom invokes Google Now, or the navigation bar if you’re using a mod or custom rom that auto-hides it.

      Animations are nice, but sometimes they make things feel slower after you’ve seen them enough.

    • yankeesrule587

      Cuteness and prettyness is an IOS thing, it takes away from functionality and hides the fact that IOS is boring, and stale, and behind the times.

  • joefresco

    In truth, it is sad when Jellybean was released a year ago, and it still only has 30% install base. iOS 6 probably got to that mark in a week.

    • Awalk

      If you want android 4.2.2 go visit XDA and 15 minutes of your time.

      • joefresco

        AHAHAHAHA!! I wish! I have a Samsung Snapdragon S4 phone and my wife has an LG Snapdragon S4 phone. Neither have anything other than a stock 4.1.2 option. So now your next idea is going to be to tell me that I have to buy some different phone?

        • Awalk

          Buy some different phones.

          • joefresco

            It would be funny if it weren’t so predictable.

          • Wesley

            With Google Services framework, you won’t really need most Android updates for some time if you are getting new feature updates directly from Google. I think New versions of Android will mostly be for adding in compatibility for new hardware features. You would need a new phone for that anyway.

        • yankeesrule587

          What does the processor have to do with anything ? What kind of phone do you have ? Telling me the processor means nothing and makes me think you know nothing about Android phones at all.

          • joefresco

            To confirm it is a modern phone (rather than say a Droid 2). Yes, both of them are less popular than the Galaxys of the world but the point is that unless you buy based on popularity, you’re screwed.

          • yankeesrule587

            Low end phone = cheap quality = cheap bill = little to no updates. You seem like the cheap kind of guy, so you prob have to spend more money.

          • joefresco

            I wish we had market share numbers. My gut feeling is that the hero phones comprise a very small percentage of users and most are on a wide variety of phones. And I spend more than enough money, thank you (triple digits per month).

  • WadeDogg


  • Renato Pablo

    I enjoy android, whatever they say. But if ios provide a quad cpu, fhd 4.5″ display, stereo speakers, fm radio transmitter, ir blaster,drag and drop feature…eh, this is impossible they do, never mind!

  • blackroseMD1

    Headline for the next article:

    Apple Sticks It To Android: Copies All Their New Features From Gingerbread/ICS/Jelly Bean

  • blest

    Almost thought this was Kevin

  • blest

    What they’re not saying is people upgrade but don’t get all of the features

    • kascollet

      Still better than not upgrading, isn’t it ?

  • Nathan Aker

    Yeah but Android updates are usually major overhauls, iOS updates are extremely minimal plus there’s only one iPhone and one iPad there’s thousands of android phones and tablets.

  • mirage03

    I think apple needs to convince their viewers and users that they are the better company, that the iPhone is the better phone and their doing better that’s why they like to include android in their presentations.. Some people are easily fooled like that.. Lol

  • Jeffrey Evans

    Did they mention older devices don’t get the full iOS upgrade? Probably not. Meanwhile, Google never cuts back on their updates.

    • Albert Orange

      “Google never cuts back on their updates.”

      Nope. The carriers and hardware manufacturers do that.


    Got to Love graphs, they can be so misleading. Google only makes a phone or two, that is all that should count in this graph. Here is the title to another article

    All the New iOS Features Your Old iPhone Won’t Get

  • rageboardr

    It is easy to have everyone on the same version, when nothing much seems to change with each new iteration. Outside of SIRI and another row of icons, it looks just like it did when it first came out. Likewise there are only like six or seven iOS phones period, compared to who knows how many hundreds of android phones. What a silly comparison.

    • yankeesrule587

      It looks the same and mostly has the same exact software.

  • noel

    I’ve seen that iOS 7 bubble wallpaper somewhere before…

  • BaldyPal

    They have 100% control over updates. Of course they have a higher percentage. Also, not to mention, though i guess i am now, Android has a larger percentage of market penetration which obviously means more devices to update. Anyway, the fact that Google leaves Apple and/or iPhone out of their keynotes means they wear the bigger shoes.

  • iwave

    And just how many compromises are there in iOS to ensure it runs on ancient hardware??

  • harold

    Nothing like standing on your own merit

    • Atomizer

      93% is their own merit! I see a lot of blue on the chart. It’s helpful to set the contrast out before people (developers) so they know what the actual situation is.

      I doubt Google likes to parade this chart out for people to see.

  • David Tyler

    I’d also expect better from Apple than using pie charts to show a comparison. From a data visualization perspective, this would have been more effectively communicated using a 100% column chart with two columns.

    I threw together a mock-up of what the chart should have looked like, while mimicking Apple’s presentation scheme. It’s not as pretty as a final product would look like, but it is much easier to compare the relative shares across the two operating systems than one can do via pie charts.

  • BaldyPal

    Is it mandatory for Apple CEOs to wear black turtle necks on stage?

    • harold

      He looks like he’s dying.Must be what happens when you run crapple

  • BobLobLaw

    That’s because the past 4 android OSes have been better than the “new” one apple rolled out today.

  • Anthony Walker

    Well 2.3 Gingerbread is on par with iOS.

  • Nessman

    Just pursued the Phandroid comments below and all the jig fives, and such.

    Got a question for all of you, who was the primary audience for this presentation? Duh it was a room full of developers. So (let me spell this out for you) the stats do matter to developers because they are the ones that have to put up with the fragmentation, and it is a real issue when you have to develop native apps for the myriad of different versions. Unless of course that developer doesn’t care to reach the maximum audience.

    Oh, I’m sure I will be called an fanboy and the such, but save you finger taps – don’t much care about the name calling.

  • DanielMcCarthy

    It helps when a manufacturer is in complete control of the software.

    This is a dumb statistic and is in no way comparable to Android OS.

    • Albert Orange

      It’s comparable because these are PRODUCTS. And Apple is saying that a benefit to buying their PRODUCTS is that they control hardware and software, so you will always get the latest updates.

      • cajunaggie87

        So then shouldn’t the comparison be with Nexus phones like what was mentioned in the article? Compare it with the hardware that is released by the company who created the software. Google does control the hardware and software for the phones that they release, but they also allow their software to be used on other phones as well.

        • JasonSparks

          Exactly, if they really want to compare Apples to Apples, pardon the pun, then compare it to the Nexus devices. Comparing Apple desktops to a Dell desktop but talking about the OS isn’t really doing much but trying to confuse the consumer enough so they stop trying to compare and impulse buy.

          I personally think that Apple phones are for three types of people. 1) Technophobes/techno-illiterate – My mom is bamboozled by Windows and Android because she is terrified of every piece of technology, even her Roku. She thinks she will break it. But Apple devices are so simple that these individuals can usually navigate them. 2) People that feel they are the “cool” or “popular” phone. Let’s be honest, Apple, as a brand, is top dog. There is a reason they are worth a bajillion dollars. Not because they make superior products, but because they know how to market the shit out of their products and create a culture that people want to be a part of. And it works well. 3) The unmotivated – these are individuals that are clearly technologically savvy enough to own an Android phone and in fact capitalize on the ability to customize, root, etc with little confusion, but choose the iPhone “just because.” Sometimes I hear “but the ecosystem is better” (I own a Macbook, use iTunes, etc but use an Android phone with zero integration/transfer/sync problems, music and all). Sometimes I hear, “It just works.” A hollow statement that means nothing. My HTC One works…amazingly in fact.

          I’m not knocking any of these people, and I am sure that Android has similar segments, but I see the real difference in that Android offers multiple “tiers” of phones, including the OS’ which correlate to the guts of the phones. I have friends that HAVE to have a slider for whatever reason, bam Android works perfectly there. Point being, fragmentation is a hot button word that Apple has created a negative connotation with. Google has stated that fragmentation has inherent downsides, aka app conformance and performance, hardware specs. But they don’t feel that these drawbacks outweigh the flexibility of the system they created, not even close. Ok, I should get back to studying instead of playing on phandroid!

        • Atomizer

          OK …. then what is the market share of Nexus? Do you really want that comparison?

          • cajunaggie87

            In that case, you would use the market share of Android phones. It is difficult to compare iOS to Android in the exact same way. They are different OS’s, run by different companies, and they are used in different ways. iOS is only used on one product, and Android is used on dozens of different products.

            It’s the same with OSX and Windows. It’s hard to compare the two because there are so many types of hardware that Windows runs on, and only limited types that OSX runs on.

            And even if Android is “fragmented,” it’s not at the fault of Google. It’s because of the other companies who make weak hardware, and because of the consumers that purchase it. With Apple, you don’t have a choice. But with Android, you do.

            To me, the comparison that Apple made only shows that
            1. People on Android keep their phones longer
            2. Consumers have MUCH more choice when it comes to Android


    It’s funny how the best thing about Android, is being spun to look like a bad thing: choice

    • Atomizer

      It’s funny how the worst thing about Android is being spun by you to be the best. Google has admitted publicly that fragmentation is NOT GOOD for a whole host of reasons.

      You guys who are saying it is a good thing or are saying it doesn’t matter, don’t even know what the maker of the Android operating system says about it. I watched the Google I/O conference and I can’t recall hearing even once a Google presenter touting the joys and benefits of fragmentation.

      Did I miss that presentation?

      • yankeesrule587

        crApple puts out 1 phone per year, even if you are getting actual updates, its still 1 phone. Android puts out dozens and dozens of phones each year, some low end and affordable, some high end and expensive. The low end phones have limited memory and update ability. The high end phones can be updated with at least 2 major updates, and i mean major , not the blink and you miss it updates im sure you get on IOS. Its not fragmentation, most users dont even know what theyre missing and dont care.

        • Albert Orange

          So… as an Android user, you probably own 1 phone. So why do you care if there are dozens of others. Also… high end phones can be updated with “2 major updates”?

          Ok… iPhone 4 launched with iOS 4, then got iOS 5, then got iOS 6, and will now get iOS 7.

          3 Major updates for a 3 year old phone. Not bad.

          • yankeesrule587

            Cmon those updates werent really updates, what changed ? Nothing …exactly !

      • W.Schildkamp

        I normally don’t post on forums, (and sorry for my bad English), but could not help wanting your comment on this article (and this was posted well before yesterdays happening): Then, since you saw the Google IO… comment on the fact that while Google admits there is a challenge with fragmentation, they also did something about it – amongst other things they released an Developement platform that takes MOST of the hassle out of it. Apple, on the other hand, seems to do everything they can to gloss over their own fragmentation issues, and it seems to get worse. So please, without reaching for strong words, what is your thoughts about this?

        • Atomizer

          Well when you say that Google has fixed the fragmentation issues …. I’m not sure I can agree with that. They may have made it easier, but it still remains. As a developer, and one who directs the development of a team, I can tell you that having multiple OS on any devices, IS ALWAYS a hassle which costs time and money and headache.

          The point is it is not a benefit, it is a detriment, that is what I was responding to in my first post.

  • AndroidDev123

    The stats part was ridiculous, pretending there was only one way those stats could be read. People could easily spend less time on Android per day because they get in and out quickly, and upgrading isn’t as necessary when Google provides developers with frequently updated support libraries which bring new features and improvements to apps back to Android v1.6, instead of releasing new OS versions and ignoring the fact that older devices are always excluded from some of the features like Siri. And did anyone else notice how he said Windows was their “closest competitor” in customer satisfaction, trying to make it seem like it’s somehow on par with Android, but proceeded to compare Apple to Android in every other slide?

    To their credit, iOS 7 looks very pretty, and they’ve always been tops when it comes to screen transitions and UI sugar. Unfortunately, I couldn’t help but think about how much this is going to hurt speed and battery life. Maybe they’ll solve the speed issue by simply disabling these on older devices, but an always on accelerator to slightly move around the background when you tilt the device sounds VERY wasteful, oh and we could easily have this in a day (if we don’t already) with a live wallpaper, assuming Apple doesn’t sue any developer who makes it. Maybe the next iPhone will happen to have a much bigger battery, so anyone wanting to go a full day with iOS 7 will be forced to upgrade. Oh Apple, we love the hamster wheel you set us running on.

    • Luis

      Have you used iOS 7 to that’s true?

      Let’s see how it gets when it is released

  • Liquifire3D

    So apple just admitted that all versions of android are so good that upgrading is unnecessary? Well that’s mighty generous. ;)

    • Atomizer

      Well that’s one way to spin it LOL

    • smithj33

      Or that manufacturers don’t provide long-term support for their devices or there are millions of Android phones with sub-par hardware….your choice.

  • yankeesrule587

    Of course 93% of Apple users have the most updated software, Apple puts out 1 update per year. Android software versions are constantly getting updated even if it isnt named like the major updates. A person can go from Android 4.0 to and so on and so forth, all being under, say Ice Cream Sandwich. Funny, I was checking the software version on my HTC ONE and I have a software update, screw you Apple ! lol

    • Atomizer

      This is not a true statement,

      Apple has multiple updates every year. I have downloaded 4 since iOS 6. Of course you wouldn’t know that unless you have an iOS device.

      • yankeesrule587

        Updates with what ? they barely improve upon the software with the main announced updates. Keep telling yourself its an “update”. But your comment puts your prior comments in perspective. Being an iCrap user are you sure youre not the one that needs “reassuring” ?? or that youre “still there” ? Trolling on an Android fan website is really quite SAD ! I wouldnt know about IOS updates because I would never own an IOS device because i make it a habit not to buy outdated, overpriced, overhyped, crap !

        • Atomizer

          “Trolling on an Android fan website is really quite SAD !” you are completely right about this, it is quite sad that I am here, “trolling”.

          I actually drop in from time to time just for sport.

          It’s kind of like dropping into bar full of bikers, clean shaven wearing nice clothes and walking up to one of the bikers chics and asking her for a dance. I know I can count on some virulent reactions and a fight.

          I have to admit it, it is quite sad and I think I need to get some help, you know “see someone”:)

          • yankeesrule587

            Lol biker chicks are hot !

        • Guest

          Oh yea, if you didn’t mean this,

          “Apple puts out 1 update per year.”

          just take it back, that’s all. You make this emphatic declaration that iOS only updates their SW once a year – without qualification what you said is not true.

  • Atomizer

    Reading through these posts … it appears that Apple has struck a chord with many of the Android faithful. If what Apple has to say doesn’t matter and it is just silliness, why waste all the time in posting these self congratulating, genuflecting, spin control-type posts?

    And you guys are doing this on a site that is predominately android fans – it’s almost like you are seeking to reassure one another that “it’s all right” … “we’re all still here” … “lets not get to excited here” … “etc.”

    It’s an odd observation of human behavior.

    • Anthony Walker

      I’m not sure why you’re here. There’s plenty of Apple sites where you can post. This is an Android site. Bashing iOS is what we do.

      And to Cook’s point I don’t think iOS has anything that Gingerbread doesn’t so his statistics are meaningless.

      • yankeesrule587

        Exactly we dont need reassuring. Android is winning the war, clearly and confidently.

        • Atomizer

          I have to hand it to you, you are very confident, no doubt about that.

      • Atomizer

        “This is an Android site. Bashing iOS is what we do.” This is awesome! I love the honesty here and the frankness – it is quite refreshing.


    Once again I see NO innovation.. Apple/IPhone are way, way behind!

    • smithj33

      Where is the Andorid innovation? I have 2 Andorid tablets and an S4 and they are all, meh.

      • JonANDROID

        Read the next article, (iOS 7 Vs. Jelly Bean 4.2) there should be an answer for you!

  • Dan

    Too many reasons the counter that stupid statement made by Apple’s part. I’ll stick with Jelly Bean, Apple fans can keep their ugly IOS 7.

    • Atomizer

      Spoken like a true Android User.

      • Dan

        I have an ipad too but i really don’t like the new look, the features are nice but still not equal to android

  • Anthony Walker

    I’m surprised Kevin didn’t write this article. This seems right up his alley.

  • Ajmcnicol

    And how many Ios and android owners actually know what version they are running and if it is the latest version or care.

  • Kennon

    I’m not sure I agree that this is “Sticking it” to anyone. Then again I still run Fedora 16 and OpenSUSE 12.0 on two of my productions machines. The right OS for the job is the one that gets the job done right. Sure I could install Fedora Rawhide on my main computer but to what end? So I can say I have the latest and greatest? Pretty much all versions of Android from Gingerbread on up send and receive email, sms, mms, phone calls, web content etc. Sure there are some bells or whistles in one or the other may have or not but especially since ICS it seems like performance issues have pretty much been ironed out. What is the facination with being on the latest version? I have a Galaxy Note 2 with 4.2.2 on it and a SGS3 with 4.1.1 on it, and an SGS2 with 4.04 on it and they are all basically identical in performance and practical features.

  • Ernest Patterson

    Well that means a lot of the first 3 generation iphones are in the garbage then, my g will still boot up in a dire emergency

  • MG83

    What the hell is this? If I want kool aid, I’ll visit an Apple fan page.

  • JaysonF

    At least with android, I can install most apps with whatever version of the operating system I’m on. With ios, I now have a worthless ipod because all the newer apps require 5.0+ and there’s no update for my ipod so I’m stuck on ios 4, pretty much forcing me to buy a new one.

  • nick

    I have a theory.. They began the presentation like that so no one would point out how holo it looks and how much their multitasking resembles HTC Sense.

    • Albert Orange


      • JasonSparks

        LOLWUT, Yup, it sure does.

        • Luis

          I don’t see the app icon and it is not in front so is not copying

          • JBrowne1012

            Its right under “screenshot saved to camera”

  • Major_Pita

    Apple sticks it to Android: 93% of iOS users on current software vs Android’s 33%
    That said, 92% of Apple IOS users are stuck with iTunes regardless of the version of IOS they’re on. Poor bastards.

    • Albert Orange

      LOLWUT?!?! iPhone hasn’t required iTunes since iOS 5 released.

      • Major_Pita

        Hmm, OK my bad, but unless you jailbreak your iPhone isn’t iTunes/the App Store and an iTunes account the only way to get apps & content since stock iPhones can’t side-load? Figuring maybe 1% jailbreak, hence 92% stuck with iTunes. Is this incorrect?

        • Albert Orange

          Hell… if we are pulling numbers out of our ass… I’ll say that maybe 1% of Android users venture far enough into the settings and enable sideloading on their device. So I guess those people are “Stuck with Google Play.”

          • Major_Pita

            I’d agree with you on that except the first time you try to install an app from say Amazon for example the OS takes you right into settings and offers to allow apps from other sources. Without that feature many would never find the setting. You don’t need root to do it. With IOS however from what I’ve read you can’t install an app on a stock IOS (and they all start that way)device without the app store and an iTunes account. The one percent I mentioned comes from articles read on the installed Cydia user base percentage and without Cydia you don’t have other choices except slim and none. I don’t have anything against IOS devices I just really don’t need to buy into another ecosystem. Unfortunately with IOS there’s really no other choice.

  • Anthony McKay

    They should show The Android chart of how many shits given.

  • phinn

    The fact that Android updates are slow to impossible no any device but a Nexus is the #1 thing I have against the platform. (the only other thing that comes to mind is lack of iMessage equivalent).

    Sadly, Apple is simply pointing out Androids biggest flaw.

  • Sodequis

    Funny how Apple wont point out that most Iphone users are quite happy to use their iOS device to run google software, such as gmail, gmaps, google search. How many Apple branded pieces of software do Android users use?

    • Luis

      Apple doesn’t need to make apps for Android, I see that Google does

      • Sodequis

        Need has nothing to do with it. It’s a question of ability. Apple’s software is sh*t, hence the reason iOS users go to the google software over that of their own phone os creator’s. Look at Apple Maps… Complete flop on it’s face. The best software Apple has for it’s users is Siri and they didn’t even create that, they bought it from someone else.

        Speaking of Maps… How about that phone os that the moment it has it’s own map software, rather than releasing it and standing on it’s own merits against the competition, apple instead forced it’s users to use it. Denied them the ability to download google maps at first. It wasn’t until users were getting lost in the wilderness and complete cities weren’t showing up before they decided to give their own users a break. And what kind of break did they give? They told them to use google maps or another alternative.

      • Sodequis

        It’s not a question of Need. It’s a question of ability. Apple has alternative software to google’s on their platform but the users don’t use it. Apple’s software is sh*t in comparison. Take a look at Apple maps for example. Complete Flop of a release. Hell apple even knew it was crap cause they denied people the ability to download google maps when they released it. Rather than letting it stand on it’s own merits and win people over. The best piece of software apple has for it’s users is Siri, a piece of software they didn’t even create.

        I would refuse to purchase anything from a company that is so worried about the competition being better that they deny their users to make their own choices of which software to use. And the Apple Maps debacle is proof that It’s not a matter of compatibility and making sure things run smoothly either because google maps had been on iOS for quite some time before it was released. Apple is just a one trick pony that can’t stand competition.

  • rabidhunter

    Another misleading fact is custom ROMs. I ran a version of Jellybean on my OG Droid. That wasn’t included in their stats.

  • AtomicCEO

    Wait a sec here… my wife’s phone upgraded to iOS6… against her conscious will. She was trying not to do it because of the performance hit and was pissed that somehow it happened due to Apple pestering her about it every time she backed up her phone and she clicked the wrong button once.

    We figured out how to keep it from happening again, so now she’s on, what… 6.1 instead of 6.2? And… she can’t run a bunch of apps because they aren’t backward compatible… one tenth of a version.

    Pestering, scamming, and penalizing your users for not upgrading is not exactly a proud point to hang your hat on, Apple.

    • AtomicCEO

      Also, if they are grouping all of iOS6 together even though they aren’t fully compatible… shouldn’t they group ICS and JB together since they are both 4.x versions too?

  • Christopher Houser

    AKA, you have no control over your upgrades. That’s not really any better, Apple. Forced upgrades aren’t necessarily a great thing.

  • tizzyzz

    That’s because apple takes the choice out of it they force the update. Android let you choose to update or not I’m on a custom rom 4.1.2 yes 4.2.2 roms are out there but why if I’m happy were I am. Apple doesn’t care about their customers just shove crap on them and they take it

    • Luis

      If an iPhone customer doesn’t want an update, he ca choose if doing it or not

  • Dan Fryling

    Ok I give up Apple is the best. Tim Cook is a genuis. My excellent Jelly Bean 4.2.2 phone is a pos because Tim Cook says so. F him and F Apple.

  • Winner

    They also forgot to mention that Android Froyo has more features than iOS7. Awkward.

    • rick slick

      LOL!!! so true!!!

  • Sean Daniel

    When I saw the “50% more minutes of smartphone usage” statement my first thought was yeah… I get my stuff done much more quickly on Android. I have a life outside of my device.

  • No_Nickname90

    Now. Let’s see how many iOS devices have the full update.

  • mpw

    I wonder how those percentages would look if you compared like-with-like; where OS and handset both come from same manufacturer, ie Nexus users versus iPhone/iPad users

    • rick slick

      Exactly. Apple’s greatest weakness is they don’t have the diverse line-up of devices like Android OEMs.

  • Pain Reaper

    Still wait in for my Note 2 to receive the latest version of Android but that day will be a long time from now it feels like..

    • Butthurt iSheep are BUTTHURT!

      I’m running Avatar ROM (4.2.2) on my Note2, you should check it out.

      • Pain Reaper

        Isn’t that like Jailbreaking (Root) and will my Note 2 be the same as now (but with the latest version of Android (with Samsung Touch Whizz)..?

    • Atomizer

      Why are you waiting? This forum would have you believe that it is just not true that you are waiting, or they say, that you could care less to get all the latest updates that Google has put out. You better delete your post or your Fandroid friends are going to turn on you!

      • Pain Reaper

        That sentence makes no real sense to me.. I am waiting for Samsung to send out an update so I can get the latest version of Android on my Note 2 (without Jailbreaking/Rooting it)..

  • selonmoi

    Apple sure is putting its insecurities on display by inventing and highlighting stats that most people don’t care about.

    What? Most people don’t really care about getting the latest updates, I claim? Absolutely. People who do care buy iPhones and Nexus devices. Most people don’t.

    (Disclaimer: I do. I buy Nexus devices.)

    Please, Apple, tell us some more mobile Web stats measured at

  • Josh Eck

    I too love Android, and my Nexus 4 is an amazing phone, and is leagues ahead of my old iPhone 5, but seriously, reading through these comments, I’m ashamed to be an Android fan. All of you are hating on iOS like it’s a personal vendetta. Who cares? I like Android, you like Android, let all the people who like iOS like iOS and let them be. It’s all marketing. I don’t care how Apple presents their software, it’s what works for them, and Android works for me, so no matter what Apple does, I’m going with whatever I like. All of you who hate on iPhone fanboys are now just as bad, if not worse than those same fanboys. Such a shame…

    • Cesar Ortiz

      You’re taking this way too seriously.

      • Josh Eck

        Really? I’m the one taking it too seriously. Ok then.

        • ratnok

          Josh, I understand where you are coming from, but it doesn’t apply in this particular instance. What Tim Cook and his cronies do each WWDC is attack Android, attack the OHA, and attack Android users. Why is Apple so worried about how much time I use with my device? If an iphone user spends 2 hour playing with their phone and and I spend only 1, what difference does it make? What I do with my phone is my business and no concern of Apples. Obviously within the Android marketplace, most people are not concerned with updates (Nexus market share is proof of that), but Apple keeps harping on what version users are on. Why does Apple care about how much I use the web on my device? I could go on and on, and on (like Apple does).

          If Apple didn’t insult Android users and attack what they invest time and money into, there would be no return of the hate. Yes, you are correct- it’s all Marketing- but it’s hateful marketing designed to inspire fanboyism and tribalism.

          Instead of complaining about Android users reacting to an insult, why not ask why Apple can’t just market their platform on it’s own merits and leave the negativity behind?

          • rameshkarthickk

            I go with Josh.
            We are better than that. Let us for God’s sake stop it

          • Josh Eck

            Because I don’t care how Apple chooses to market their product. It works for them, and this is a free country, and we live in a capitalist market. I have a choice and being that I have a choice, I choose Android, while most of my neighbors choose iOS. Apple isn’t the first company to direct attacks at their biggest competitors, and they won’t be the last.

            It really doesn’t matter. This pointless online arguing will go on for all eternity as long as there is competition in the marketplace. Nothing anyone says, least of all me, will change that.

          • Cesar Ortiz

            People will always want to argue over something even If you don’t see it that way. No matter how hard you try to reach to people(specially here in the internet) , won’t change the fact It will always be this way. Eventhough you have to admit it does looks weird how Android chart is all greyed out and iOS is full of colours xD

        • Cesar Ortiz

          Yep. I Don’t hate apple and I’m and android fan, why would you be ashamed? you know android fans don’t take this seriously. Everyone will have different choices, and as an Android fan, The new iOS has changed a whole lot(maybe icons and whole UI) . Maybe one day I would like to try to see the difference between Jelly bean .

    • Rdfry

      Most of us wouldn’t care about Apple at all if they would quit trying to sue Android into oblivion.

      • DontFeedTheTroll

        But why do you care though? Larry Page isnt cutting you a check

  • Alan M

    Who cares if your phone is up to date with the latest “out of date” software. Another example of the defensive nature at Apple now. They KNOW they are now behind in the game…. They know it.

  • Shawn Dobbs

    People spend 50% more time on their iphones because it takes 50% longer to get anything done with that POS

  • DannyB2

    TO: Whoever prefers an iPhone . . .

    Please just go buy one! And I hope you enjoy it and it improves your life. Stop hanging out here and go hang out with your iPhone friends and exchange tips and useful information with each other.

  • Wesley

    Also, with Google services, the version of Android running on your device becomes less of an issue. I’m guessing we’ll see Google update the version of Android far less often now post Jelly Bean. That would mean eventually, more devices will be on nearly the same version of Android no matter who made it or what skin you have, yet will get new feature updates directly from Google. It will be interesting to see how Apple spins that if 93% of all Android devices are running the same Version of Android and most of those are running the same feature set (hardware permitting).

  • lordofthereef

    They do this every year. And every year the statistic is just as pointless as the last.

  • Bogeybum

    I must admit I do find all the Android v iOS argument a little bit pathetic. I’m an Android fan, and have been ever since first getting an HTC Hero about 4 years ago, but if people choose Apple, then fine, leave them be.

  • fourthletter

    It is complete semantics – many older iOS devices do not have all the features of the newer phones.

  • TalkingMoose

    Apple “sticks it” to no one. Yes, Apple gets to put it’s latest release on all it’s deployed devices. And the trade-off? You have virtually no choice with Apple hardware. You have one platform, one price point, limited carrier options. Your feature options are likewise limited.

    Android has variety, and with variety comes the trade off that not every device will support everything. This is by design, not by accident. If you pay for a top tier phone, you’ll be running the latest Android version. If you buy a budget phone, you might get updated, you might not, and if you do it’ll be later.

    Of course, there are plenty of people buying the $25 phone who want $400 service: good luck with that.

  • ziplock9000

    How is that sticking it to Android exactly? You know Android is outselling iOS almost 4:1

  • Macdemon

    You wrote “……….. I’d also like to point out that whenever Google takes the stage during Google I/O or whenever they debut a new Nexus device, sure they boast about their current install base and milestones, but Apple and iOS are almost always left out of that equation. Could it be because Android is already so far ahead, Google doesn’t have the time to look behind at iOS? Sounds about right to us………….”

    Sounds to me like, they don’t mention iOS because it will take the shine of their figures,

    Try and ‘dress that one up’.

  • eromrab

    Their latest OS stats are misleading too, because I have an iPhone 4 for work, and while it’s running the “latest OS,” it sure as hell doesn’t have Siri. So, latest OS, minus key features, doesn’t mean jack.