Sony Xperia Z appears in T-Mobile support docs, all but confirms its US destination


We’ve been following the Sony Xperia Z closely since the device was unveiled back at CES 2013. While it feels like it’s been ages since then, it looks like the device is finally ready to launch on a US carrier, with T-Mobile welcoming the device into its loving arms. The device has shown up in more than a few leaks in the past, and if you needed any further proof that the unannounced T-Mobile device is in fact headed to the Uncarrier, look to none other than these support docs.

Sony Xperia Z T-Mobile Support docs

You can find them right on T-Mobile’s support page, clicking through to learn everything there is to know about your new Sony Xperia Z…. well, once it’s finally released. We’re not sure what the hold up is, but an official announcement is most certainly imminent.

[T-Mobile Support]

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  • ChemicalProject

    Is that a glass back I see there?

    • Chris Chavez


      To be fair, the glass on the Nexus 4 is incredibly thin and according to LG, wasn’t made from Gorillas. :P

      • aeok18109

        I refuse to upgrade to a device with a glass/plastic body. I have had the sensation for so long now its hard to go back to an IMO, inferior material. The htc one is looking nice. i just might ride out the summer tho and see what pops up on the radar in the fall. new nexus maybe?

      • Tony Lai

        Z is supposed to have a stronger glass back… saw a lot of “drop” test for the Z.

  • famished

    At least T-Mobile is getting it together with device offerings.

  • Eyad (formerly CTownOL)

    The OEM who actually bothers to send their changes upstream is coming back to America! I hope more Phandroids find this news fascinating just because how great Sony is when it comes to the community as they give out source when they are NOT required to and making stock builds for a few devices.

  • phoenix_fire

    i’m probably in the minority but i find this device’s design to be really boring, uninspired, and kinda ugly :

  • Jamal Adam

    I clicked the article for Katrina Kaif, where is she. You trickster.

    • Elt31987

      Chavez gets us once again :(

  • shooter50

    I checked this out in the Sony Store. Looks much better in person. Runs smooth. The screen can’t touch the HTC One. More neutral colors than the S4. Overall nice phone, but not up to the One or S4

  • Tony Lai

    Up arrow if you are here to see the lady, not the phone.. yet again tricked by Chris!