Google Play Music update brings new share and delete options

Google Play Music 5.0.1041J update

Google Play Music has just seen an update in the Play Store and it looks to fix up some issues Google seems to have forgotten to include when it was released a few weeks ago. Today’s update brings the version number up to 5.0.1041J and finally gives users the option to not only remove albums from their libraries, but delete unwanted tracks as well.

There’s also the handy option of sharing tracks with your friends on Google+, so help create some buzz on your favorite artists (the new Vampire Weekend album “Modern Vampires of the City” — get it). And where at first it looked like they fixed the pinning of All Access music to my HTC One, it still hangs about half way through and aborts. Maybe next update, Google?

If you’re like me and were having trouble getting the Play Store to recognize the update, try uninstalling then reinstalling the updated app. Cheers!

[Google Play Music on Google Play]

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  • steveb944

    Thanks! My siblings had played a few tracks I didn’t particularly like and I had radio stations being created for them already.

    Edit: Haven’t been able to update, after uninstalling all updates/disabling

    • z0phi3l

      Same here, not seeing an update, but the Calendar app updated fine earlier today

      • Ryan Paredez

        yup.. same here. Have been checking for the update and nada.. not showing up.

      • ilh

        I couldn’t update the calendar app for a couple of days as it didn’t show as needing an update but the music app was fine. These are the first updates where they’ve actually appeared in the update list at the top, normally I have to go to the installed list to find the update.


    What do you mean Chris?Trying to download(cache?),or,to stream,to your HTC ONE?

    • Chris Chavez

      Pinning. Like caching (permanently) to my phone so I don’t have to stream when I’m out and about. I get about halfway through, and it fails.

      • KOLIO

        The pinning works on mine,but,I did have a d/l (?) in progress that I didn’t prompt & had no way of stopping/deleting the notification,unlike when you abort d/l an app.No biggie,but,I didn’t want to be in a battery-draining situation if it persisted.

        It finally cleared up on its own & a friend of mine had the exact same thing happen on her T-MOBILE GN2.

        Still waiting for the GOOGLE PLAY MUSIC update.

        • Nieves Diaz III

          play store mentions the 104J update changes but actually version number is still 102….dafuxup google??? hurry up n fix the typo, geez, i wanna delete some stuff from my library already…..grrrrrrrrrrr

      • Brady A Berman

        Until they allow me to pin music to my SD card, I am eschewing Google Play’s music store. I buy the MP3’s from Amazon and sideload to the card, which seems to work fine.

        • Jason Farrell

          You can pin to external sd if you root, and bind the external dir to internal.

          • bos

            Does that still work on GS4?

          • Jason Farrell

            Can’t say for sure since I’m on an S3, but there shouldn’t be much diff wrt storage

  • TheHowiie

    I was missing the delete option.

  • nick olaguez

    Let me guess, you’re getting paid for that shameless plug?! Good album…. But still!

    • Chris Chavez

      Vampire Weekend ain’t paying my bills! Lol

      • nick olaguez

        Phoenix pays mine ;)

        • Cesar Ortiz

          I love that Band! :D

  • Aslan Bollin

    What they need to do is add a dark theme option.
    They really need a dark and light theme for all their apps.

    • Jeffrey Evans

      Agreed. I uninstalled the updates hoping to get a push with the new version and for a few minutes the old player was active. Miss the darker backgrounds, was much easier to see the font work.

      I’m also tired of the play list going to the top of the list every time I rotate my phone. It should stay on the song being played.

    • sean carey

      what they need to do is allow you to edit the track info from the app itself. tired of seeing unknown artist folders

  • Sean

    I got the update, there’s still no option to remove or delete anywhere that I can see. Confused.

  • Steven A.
    • KOLIO

      THX Steven A., I appreciate it!

      • Steven A.

        You’re welcome! It was driving me nuts, not getting the update so I found it.

  • Christopher Robert

    Since @Gamercore:disqus started the habit of shamelessly promoting bands I would like to give a shout out to one of my favorites. The Werks. They are still fairly underground, play a wide variety of music and really know how to rock. Listen to their new album for free here

  • uniquename72

    Still no podcast support == still half-baked

    Also, I want to use it to play music that’s on my phone when I don’t have service (Google’s ‘download to device’ feature is for the birds and I have yet to get it to work properly). It’s a shame that the bare-bones MortPlayer is more useful to me than Google Play Music, given that the latter has ALL my music in it.

  • Jeff B.

    I’ve already cancelled my subscription. This app is a toy compared to Slacker Premium access. Needs a total rewrite if you ask me. And no, I don’t work for Slacker.

  • emajem_666i

    Is it possible to make tracks from all access available offline?

  • fengyou841
  • fengyou841