Chrome Beta for Android updated with Google Translate

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Chrome Beta for Android has been bumped up to version 28, bringing along several new features for users of the browser on smartphones and tablets. The most notable addition to Chrome for Android 28.0.1500.21 is the Google Translate translation bar. Just as is the case with the desktop version of Chrome, when you navigate to a foreign language page on your phone or tablet you will now be given the option to translate the page to your native tongue.

Additionally, Chrome 28 brings fullscreen mode to tablets and support for fullscreen API. It also comes with a nifty new graph to showcase bandwidth savings when using the browser’s experimental data compression mode. This, of course, is on top of the usual bug fixes and tweaks you would expect in a Chrome update. The full changelog can be found at the Chromium project site.

[via Chrome Releases]

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  • lunchboxdc

    Good improvements. They need to make fullscreen on phones optional though. Until then, I’m back to using Dolphin.

    • Jordan Caviness

      Dolphin seems to have all the right stuff…Google should just buy it! Lol

    • Bobby Phoenix

      You don’t like full screen? Everybody’s been begging
      for it, and now that we have it, people are saying they don’t want it? LOL

      • uniquename72

        Gee, it’s almost as if not “everyone” has been “begging for it”?

      • Trysta

        The way that the implement full screen, where the navigation bar is constantly appearing and disappearing is flawed. I agree. I would love a way to turn that off. What I wanted was a check box that toggles full screen on and off (I believe this is what most people were expecting when they requested the feature).

  • ac

    Can anybody explain the main differences between using the regular chrome browser and the beta? Is the beta mainly for peeps that want to try all the newer functions that will eventually reach the regular chrome browser?

    • FortTech101

      The beta version does get features faster, but it is buggier, because it s beta. The normal version releases updates slower because Google tests them on the beta version, and it is more reliable.

      • ac

        Awesome. Thanks so much. Been trying to get a basic explanation for a while.

  • shonangreg

    Does the new version use less RAM than the current one? Chrome on my Galaxy Note topped 90MB after just a few minutes of use. I had to uninstall it as I was unable to do Play updates for other apps due to insufficient memory — and the fact that I had three or four other browsers (Opera, Firefox, Dolphin, stock browser) that were all using less than half or a third of what Chrome was. And 2/3 of Chrome RAM use was data outside the apk.

  • Robabobbob

    They keep adding nice features but I’ve stopped using it on my gnex as it’s just to slow. I assume it runs nicely on the nexus et al but on the gnex it sucks donkey balls :(