Alleged Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (GT-N7200) shows up in benchmark running Android 4.3


I know many of our readers out there are foaming at the mouth, waiting for any bit of news on a Galaxy Note II sequel. Well, today we might have found a little something for you. A device going by theĀ GT-N7200 may have appeared in an Antutu benchmark and guess what? It’s already running Android 4.3.

If true — it’s easy to fake device info in benchmarks — this means Samsung could be first out the gate with a non-stock Android device running the upcoming 4.3 Jelly Bean update. Guess working closely with Google has its benefits.


The benchmark spotted by GSMInsider also shows the device powered by an unspecified 1.6GHz processor. We’re assuming it’s the same Exynos 5 Octa 5410 chipset already found in the international Galaxy S4, although there’s also the off chance it could be running off Intel’s new Atom processor (like the rumored Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 we just told you guys about).

Like just about every Samsung device before it, there are still rumors that it could be the first Samsung device to feature their unbreakable flexible OLED technology. We expect to learn more about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 when it debuts sometime in September at IFA 2013 in Berlin.

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  • scoter man1

    Whoa! Now THAT is a pretty phone. Too bad the button isn’t black (or better yet, capacitive). It’s still pretty though.

    • Jamille Browne

      Its just a render that actual phone looks like the LG L9

      • scoter man1

        Yeah, the LG phones are looking like the Samsung phones now… or is it that the Samsung phones are looking like LG phones? Still a good looking phone though.

        • Jamille Browne

          I’m pretty sure Samsung had the form factors first and LG is doing what everyone accused Samsung of doing copying another company in which

  • Thomas

    Where do I go to pre-order ;)

  • Toasted_Cracker

    Hopefully there will be a Google Edition! :-)

    • Chris Chavez

      Holy crap. I totally didn’t even think of that. With Samsung already releasing a “Google Edition” Galaxy S4, a Galaxy Note 3 version sounds a little more plausible but would almost be…… TOO epic :O

      • Dan

        If I’m not mistaken, didn’t touchwiz add a lot of functions to the Note 2? Such as splitscreen and pagebuddy (and other s-pen functions). I wouldn’t want to get rid of those by going stock imo.

        • Chris Chavez

          Literally don’t care about a single one of those “features” including the S Pen. Wouldn’t mind losing all of that for stock Android :)

          • guitarist5122

            If you weren’t Chris Chavez, you’d probably be trolled to death or down voted like crazy for that statement.

          • Big EZ

            The only feature I really like is multi window, but I would give that up if AOSP roms didn’t have gps issues.

          • Dan

            I don’t get all th Touchwiz hate. I agree it was annoying on the GS3, but I find they actually did a good job on the Note 2. It’s the first android device that I chose to keep on stock ROM. Obviously I rooted and removed all the garbage apps though.

          • Balansi Kherwyn

            I’m with Dan.. Seems like touchwiz did something wrong unforgivable. This is how people are sounding like. “I Hate Touchwiz coz It killed my parents and now I’m an orphan.. blah blah blah”..

            At first, I thought touchwiz was really really that bad because of these statements then I got my S3 then.. well the experience is the same if not better. Now I learned that people’s comment here on the internet even if it’s 99% of them are saying the same doesn’t really mean anything because we have our own taste.

          • Max

            Thats what Ive been running for years on my note 1 :)

        • Ben Edwards

          This is nothing more than pure speculation but; wouldn’t you think Google would utilise something similar in future builds of Android, given the success of Samsung’s implementations of such features?

          • Chris Chavez

            Would be nice. And it’s possible we could see some kind of support for it in Key Lime Pie, but unlikely.

          • Dan

            If they did, then I’d be on the stock android bandwagon :)

        • Aron Tripp

          Can’t you side load the .apk later? Or do you have to have touch wiz also?

          • Chris Chavez

            From my understanding, TouchWiz pulls it all together. It’s software working together with the hardware (the S Pen isn’t a simple capacitive pen, it’s a Wacom EMR digitizer pen)

          • Big EZ

            You have to have touchwiz. The apks won’t work without the touchwiz framework.

    • Shailendra Singh

      The google edition note will render the s-pen useless :(

      • Toasted_Cracker

        S-pen will still be perfectly functional. You just won’t have the Samsung apps. I’m running liquid smooth 2.3 and use it all the time for photo editing especially.

        Besides who knows 4.3 or KLP could very well have stylus support baked right in.

        • Eyad (formerly CTownOL)

          So, your “S-pen” is just a capacitive stylus with stock Android firmware or is there still more to it?

          • Toasted_Cracker

            Its still pressure sensitive.

          • Toasted_Cracker

            Also still recognizes the hover feature on apps that support it.

          • Daniel Tiberius

            S-Pens aren’t capacitive, they use a wacom digitizer, which is way more accurate and fun to namedrop.

          • Eyad (formerly CTownOL)

            I seriously didn’t know that, thanks. I just assumed it was a capactivie stylus and the Note came with special apps that make better use of it.

        • Darrien Glasser

          Heads up, there’s a Liquidsmooth 2.4 out.

      • Jamille Browne

        Surely though you could still utilize a stylus

        • Nick Mantzoros

          You can utilize a stylus. And don’t call me Shirley.

    • Guest

      If they do, then you can take the “S-Pen” and shove it … in the garbage. IMO no S-Pen support will gimp the phone too much for most users and therefore will not be a viable option for Sammy. But I’ve been wrong before…more than once…

  • kev2684

    sexy POS.

  • simpleas

    it’s clearly fake…

    • Chris Chavez

      The concept image used for illustration, or the benchmark? O_o

      • simpleas

        Sup Chris, I’m talking about the concept image. I don’t really care too much for benchmarks as they are all kick ass these days. I mean talk about a 180 change from the current model. Unless Samsung is planning some huge design change, (nothing leads me to belive they are) this one is fake. Doesn’t look too bad tho, except it also looks too much like the sony.

  • Matt

    Looks fake to the extreme

    • Chris Chavez

      The concept image used for illustration, or the benchmark?

  • ElectroGadget

    The Note 3 will look like the S4, only a little bigger, like the S3 and Note 2, and the S2 and the Note. It’s not science! About the benchmark score? Who knows, probably fake.

  • blue720

    What would be truly beneficial is instead of having a standard Note 3 and s Google experience Note 3, release a Note 3 unlocked, stock Android with the ability to upload touchwiz elements to enhance the stock Android. Give the customer the choice to receive updates from Google or Samsung. This way, you take back control from the carriers, the real villians in this never ending story. Touchwiz elements wouldn’t exactly be full fledge touchwiz but more of an enhanced launcher that includes the features like multi window and s notes.

  • Aron Tripp

    Where do I throw my MONEY!!!!

  • Andr3ww

    Why is there is a Note 3 running ICS in the benchmarks?

  • Fred Marshall

    Your roommate’s aunt is a prostitute.

    • VersedNJ

      In Kazakhstan?

  • indio7777

    I like that picture…I wish they’d do something like that.

  • Roaduardo

    Note 3 with the S2 design would be neat.

  • nianji49

  • Timothy

    I hope it will have a more powerful GPU than the ARM 450.