Google Glass gets Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, CNN and more

Google Glass Twitter app

Google has just made a couple of key announcements in its Developing for Glass session at Google IO. For starters, developers will be happy to know that the Glass Developer Kit — otherwise known as the GDK — has been officially announced. The GDK will come with an updated Mirror API set. Currently, developers are only able to develop apps with online access. All of that is changing.

Google Glass apps Tumblr

Developers will soon be able to develop apps that can function completely independent of an internet connection, and they’ll be able to get direct access to the device’s various hardware features. This will open up many more possibilities for developers, some of which they’ll be sure to learn about in more detailed Glass sessions taking place today and tomorrow.

With that, it’s also been revealed that some new apps (or Glassware) for Google Glass are coming. A couple of those apps, CNN and Twitter, are already available — Glass users can head here to give them a shot. Facebook, Evernote, CNN, Elle, and Tumblr have also just gone live for Glass during the past few minutes.

Google Glass apps CNN setup

It’s hard to imagine exactly how these apps work without Glass sitting on your own nose, but perhaps these screenshots will give you a better idea of what to expect. Stay tuned to Phandroid as we continue to comb the Google IO trail for more exciting updates and announcements.

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  • toomuchgame441

    Maybe Facebook will get their damn act together and update their app to meet Googles app guidelines. I’m sick of seeing that stupid legacy menu bar at the bottom of the app on my HTC One

    • Mimsyborogove923

      hmm, that’s weird. Mine definitely does not have a menu bar at the bottom. It has the holo style sidebar menu.

      • toomuchgame441

        On your HTC One? The FB doesn’t have the holo style menu buttons so the menu bar shows down below. I’m not the only either. Did u change a setting or something?

        • Psylocke0834

          I have the menu bar as well. Hmmm…

  • Chris Chavez

    With Tumblr now on my Glass….. I probably shouldn’t drive with these. O_o

    • KOLIO

      Good call Chris,the glasses would clash w/the wig you’re sporting in the 1st pic….. ;-)

      • Chris Chavez

        THAT’S NOT ME! That’s my hair dresser.

        • KOLIO

          Glad to see you have a healthy sense of humor,I couldn’t resist.

          Enjoy the GOOLGE GLASS. :-)

    • Anthony McKay

      When you tweet from Glass does twitter say “via Glass” ? Cause that would be cool… For you at least *death stare*

  • kurichan

    Love seeing the MIMP tumblr! :D

  • matt

    Presumably in the form of a voice app update