Google Play Music All Access officially announced as music streaming service, rolling out to US today with 30-day trial

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Google has officially announced its new music streaming service. The service will come as part of Google Play Music, and gets a sub tag called All Access. With All Access, you’ll get immediate and instant access to millions of tracks in the Google Play Store. Google uses the power of its search engine (ie, the data they know about you from your searches) to help recommend new tracks.

Users will be able to get in on all the action starting today with a free 30-day trial in the United States. Following the trial, the service will cost just $9.99 per month, but,as an added bonus, it will only be $7.99 ¬†for those who try the service out before June 30th. There’s no reason not to try it out as soon as you can so make sure you get locked into the cheaper price in case you decide All Access is something you’ll want to pay for down the line.

The service is available right now on the web, and as an upgrade to the Google Play Music app in the Google Play Store. Download it, start your trial (it’ll give you a monthly price but it notes that charge won’t take place until 30 days from now) and get all the music you can handle right from Google’s servers.

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  • DavidVarghese

    Hmm… Pandora will suffice… especially since it’s free.

    • Montisaquadeis

      Forget pandora is limiting their service? Slacker on the otherhand has no limits for streaming

      • Quentyn Kennemer

        Not to mention Pandora doesn’t let you create your own playlists or listen to what you want, when you want. And that god awful skip limit. And the ads. And yea.

        • Jon Littell

          Entitled much? It’s only $36 per year!

          • DavidVarghese

            Lol yeah, and it’s cheaper than All Access…

          • Matthew Woehrle


            First off their library of songs on Pandora is very small compared to Slacker….900,000 compared to 13 million songs

            Second Pandora always seemed to freeze randomly on me no matter what device I used

            Third it’s filled with ads, that’s the main reason i made the switch to slacker as i had three ads just from listening to two songs

            Check here for a good comparison:

        • DavidVarghese

          I really like how you can adjust what songs comes next… but I wouldn’t be surprised if Google makes All Access to be free w/ads. I would imagine that they would get more money that way, because Google’s primary source of income is through ads.

        • KOLIO

          I gave up on PANDORA (free version) a few months back.The last few “updates” to the mobile app were placebos @ best.

      • DavidVarghese

        I don’t listen over 40 hours per week on Pandora, maybe 15 at the most. I don’t really skip songs anymore because I got my radio to the way I like it

  • Mr. Smith

    Was hoping for a ad supported free version oh well

    • supremekizzle

      Cheap a$$.

      • gonowhere

        $7.99/month adds up, not to mention the $9.99/month price.

        • supremekizzle

          Remember when you used to have to buy whole CD’s when you only liked one or two songs? This is a great deal for all you can eat music, especially considering you can pick the songs you want to listen to. Although, there was no mention of caching, which I hope is included.

          • Matt Schley

            Remember when you could just download every song you like for free? I use Spotify when I’m at home on my computer to discover new music, and then I download the songs and just put them all on my phone.

          • enomele

            That’s nice.

          • Chimphappyhour

            You mean steal, right?

          • yankeesrule587

            How is it stealing ? its called sharing, something the net was always meant for. If it really makes you feel better and helps you sleep at night, keep dishing out .99 cts a song because its the right thing to do. Ill sleep just as well and have more money in my bank account to boot.

          • Toilet Seat Wipe

            Remember when you would buy an album, then copy it on cassette for a friend? And no one got bent out of shape…….

          • Chimphappyhour

            Called sharing, eh? I don’t think that’s what the legal system calls it. Or the record labels. Or the artists.

            So, tell us, what do you do for a living? How do you make your money? Who is your employer? Because I’m going to call them up and tell them how you’re super ok with not getting paid for your work.

          • yankeesrule587

            Good man, i would never pay for music when its FREE on the internet to just download.

          • Zapren Kostadinov

            Great way to use a smart device?

          • gonowhere

            Yeah, in the 90’s!! I’m sorry but, that price is way too steep and I am a music lover. To me personally that is a low return on investment unless I can download the music to keep. That’s just my opinion, we’ll see how it pans out.

          • Toilet Seat Wipe

            Remember when most music didn’t suck?

        • Chad Cardwell

          Really? I signed in just to downvote this hateful comment.

        • Graesen Arnoff

          We all have to start somewhere. I remember working crappy jobs at minimum wage. I have a good job now, but still feel the price is rather steep – from any of these services. It’s about the same price as hulu+ or netflix

        • Jeremiah

          96$ a year. Yea that’s very

      • Mr. Smith

        Its not about being cheap it’s about my wants as an consumer I am sure others wished for it also troll

  • Big EZ

    I’m hoping this can replace rhapsody for me and my wife.

  • Cmb6091

    This is not available in the play store as of May 15 at 12:36

    • UniBroW

      it’s an update to Google Play music, I’m listening to it now. It seems pretty cool thus far

  • thatcrazyone

    thanks for just forgetting the rest of the world again :( come on MS lauch a Zune app for android… same price just need an app!

    • Chimphappyhour

      Thanks for forgetting that global corporations still have to play by the rules of local countries and music and artist industries. It just isn’t as easy as you want to believe. Unfortunately.

      • Robabobbob

        I totally agree it’s not easy and I didn’t expect a world wide launch. But I do hope they negotiate deals to roll this out quicker than the core google music.

  • blest

    Will try

  • PRHdroid

    yes, I have to agree on the price. 10 dollars is pretty steep for just music.

    • supremekizzle

      So go use Pandora or Spotify radio. This is for people that like to listen to specific songs whenever they want. As a matter of fact you’re not going to find one that let’s you do this without paying for it. Just go buy an FM radio since you’re probably too cheap to pay for mobile data too.

      • PRHdroid

        Wow, some internet boys are really tough. Does it make you feel bigger and better to attack someone’s opinion? First of all, I never said that I wasn’t going to get the service, in fact I most likely will. But streaming music at ten dollars is the same as video? Doesn’t seem equal to me is all I was saying. Now go act tough to someone else and run tell your internet buddies how tough you are.

    • remister

      $7.99 if you obtain the service before June 30th. On Demand music!

  • Milan

    Does this include mobile as well? It wasn’t obvious to me one way or another.

  • blest

    I signed up but I think right now it only on the comp

  • johnnybirdman

    search for music.. works. add music to library (online)… works. listen to added music on device… doesn’t seem to work. don’t have a lot of details on this but are we tied to a PC in order to listen to “all access” music that we add to our library?

    • johnnybirdman

      ahhh.. update the app.. didn’t see an update avail before.. can see music on Gnex but network slowness is a current problem…. must be getting crushed.

    • blest

      That’s what I’m assuming

  • Scott Schopman

    Question… Say i want to stop paying for it after a few months… Would that mean all the music that I have “added to my library” as well as “hard downloaded” when i was subscribed would be taken away?

    • Jason Farrell

      What do you think happens? streaming. service.

  • supremekizzle

    Already using it and it might even replace spotify. It is missing a few key artists of mine, no surprise as ever one else doesn’t have AC/DC, Metallica, etc. either, but overall a pretty nice experience.

    • remister

      Spotify does have Metallica.

  • AGx

    I gotta say, I love love LOVE the UI changes to the Music App. I’m taking advantage of the 30 Day Trial. No reason not to =)

    • Jason Farrell

      So am I, but… I’ll wait until June 30th to maximize savings. :)

  • bblande

    I’m done with Google Play music until they let me store my music on the SD card. Until then, Amazon Cloud it is.

  • venn189

    But I can’t upload existing music already stored on my phone.

    • Zapren Kostadinov

      Um…. Yes, you can… just not through your phone.

  • AlexMWilliams

    I can get any album I want whenever I want for $8 a month. How is this not worth it? I download more than enough albums for this to cover the cost of $8 a month. Hell, I’ve already downloaded 5 albums today and stored them on my phone.